Some Women Using A Building For Psychological Experiments?

I remembered several dreams but unfortunately I did not record them before going back to sleep, and so now I can only barely remember part of the end of one dream.

This dream was probably inspired by the movie Dark City that I watched maybe yesterday.

This dream took place at a fictional maybe small one-story college dorm or apartment that was near where the laundry mat on T Street in the city of D is or used to be, and I seemed to be just moving into this building or something.

The entrance was on the front right side of the building and it seemed to always be open to the outside oddly, the entrance had a lobby and you had to make a left to enter the rest of the building that had a shared study / hangout area and dinning room and laundry room et cetera, and then there was a hallway to the left that led to the rooms.

I did not think that having the main entrance always open was a good idea because of security, privacy, insects, weather, et cetera but it helped that it was at an angle where you had to walk straight and make a left to enter the rest of the building; and it made the building feel welcoming and open to all to come relax, study, eat, drink, et cetera.

My memory is too unclear but I did not usually see many people, especially women in the building, and I thought that was strange.

I also somehow sometimes saw some women or female entities who looked human, they were probably not physically where I could see them, but maybe I was somehow remote viewing them or seeing visions or something strange like that.

These women or female entities seemed to be using this building to do psychological experiments on us, and so they were observing us and even manipulating us in various ways including somehow being able to block us from sometimes seeing and hearing other people in the building (especially women, in my case, and in the case of the men at least).

It seemed that they had some ideas on how to help us as a group and individually, and so they were testing their hypotheses on us.

They also seemed to be experimenting with some mind control and mind manipulation et cetera, and they seemed to be experimenting with our reactions to things and studying our behaviors et cetera.

I was not sure how I was able to somehow see this in my mind, and I was not sure if they were aware that I was starting to learn what they were up to or if they were the ones allowing me to see this to test my reactions.

I assumed that they were blocking me from seeing and hearing some of the other people who were there, especially women, and they seemed to think that isolating us at times would help us become more independent and less reliant on other people but I felt that it could hurt some of us socially / mentally / emotionally and increase anxiety and depression et cetera in some of us so I disagreed with their assumed hypothesis and that part of their experiment.

I wondered how they were blocking us from seeing and hearing something things, and I wondered how else were they manipulating our minds.

I wondered who these women were, where they really were, why were they really doing this, and if they were really human or were they aliens or some other kind of entities in disguise.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr