What Happened To My Clothes?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I did not record my dreams except for recording barely part of one dream that I had, but I did not record part of it until after going back to sleep and waking up several times so most of it is forgotten now.

The dream took place at maybe a college in one or more windowless college buildings that possibly had some non-college areas too, and I was possibly a teacher there.

At the end of the dream after doing something that I can not remember, maybe after teaching or something, I walked down a hallway until I reached a room on the right side of the hallway where I saw a barely clothed man with light-color skin who looked like an athletic version of my former male schoolmate BB and he was talking to my former male classmate MB and several other people.

This area seemed to be a multi-purpose area with maybe a sauna, hangout area, relaxation area, maybe some fitness areas, maybe locker rooms, and more.

I am not sure why I was there or what I did besides walk around briefly, then talk to BB and MB, and then I left back down the hallway.

As I was walking down the hallway a woman with light-color skin with short black hair was walking on the left side of the hallway in the direction that I had just come from while I was on the right side, and she stopped and she gasped while staring at me so I stopped to see what was wrong.

The woman seemed to be looking at my groin and smiling, I looked down to see that I was naked now oddly and so she was looking at my penis which I also saw when I looked down, and so I covered myself and I apologized to her telling her that I had no idea what happened to my clothes and that I just had them on a moment ago.

I was confused and I wondered what happened to my clothes, how long had they been missing, and I could not remember taking them off and I remembered having them on when I was in the previous room at some point.

The woman was still smiling and looking at me and she told me that I did not need to cover anything, and she gave me a compliment about my penis that I can not remember.

I thanked the woman while feeling awkward and embarrassed, but I also felt a bit better about the situation thanks to her positive reaction and I apologized again as I turned around to return to the room to find my clothes while still covering myself feeling stupid and embarrassed and confused and wondering what to do if I could not find my clothes.

In the room I walked around the different areas but I did not see my clothes, I possibly asked around but I still did not find them, and an older male employee with dark-color skin with maybe graying hair wearing an African style robe or a very long Dashiki with unique African style designs walked over to help me.

I told him about my situation, we looked around but we did not find my clothes, and so he offered to let me wear an African style robe or long Dashiki like he was wearing.

He walked me over to an area where he had several of them in different sizes, and then he said that he would try to find one in my size and he walked to find one and I thanked him.

I wanted to offer to buy it from him for his kindness, and I did not think that he would want it back after a random naked man had worn it but I had to wait for him to return first.

While waiting a student walked over to me and started talking to me, I remembered what we talked about, but I did not record this so now I have forgotten it after going back to sleep without recording that part of the dream.

I still was confused about where my clothes went and how, did someone steal them, and how did they get off my body to begin with without me noticing or remembering?

There were a few more things that happened, but that is all that I can remember of the end of this dream now.

The end,

-John Jr