Saints Row Inspired Dreams And Dating Fun

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Dream 1

I barely remember part of three dreams from last night, with the first and last dreams being inspired by the video game Saints Row, but not the second dream.

The only thing that I remember about the first dream is that the 3rd Street Saints were fighting over territory against the Los Carnales.

Dream 2

The second dream was my favorite but I forgot most of it unfortunately so a lot of the details are missing, but I know that I came across a woman somewhere & we ended up going on a date and the date went well so we started dating; but I can not remember most of the details.

My wild guess is that I was in public somewhere at maybe a museum-like place or something, and the woman & her friend were there too; and maybe we started talking, and maybe her friend encouraged us to go out on a date or something but I am not sure.

I can not even remember what the woman looked like exactly, she might have had short-medium length brown colored hair with whitish/light brownish/yellowish skin color, she might have looked slightly like Shannyn Sossamon but I am not sure.

I know that we got along very well and we liked to joke around with these inside jokes that only we knew, and I think that I let my family meet her after our first date; we seemed to bring out the joyful/comedic parts of each other, parts hidden/lost from our childhood and/or not publicly shared usually, and so we had a lot of fun during the dream just goofing around being funny.

At some point we came across another couple in public and we invited them to eat with us, I remember introducing the woman as my girlfriend even though I was not sure if we were officially dating or not at first, but the woman confirmed that we were dating in a loud/funny way.

The other couple acted middle-upper class/up-tight/cold/adult-like/unhappy while we acted the opposite, and the other couple seemed to look down on us & they complained a lot; and so we decided to joke around to annoy them more, and have fun. 😀

We did our little inside jokes and various small things that we knew would annoy them, since they liked everything to be done in a certain so-called proper/adult-like/boring way; and at some point they probably left in annoyance, and the woman & I continued having fun without them.

Unfortunately I can not remember the rest of the this dream.

Dream 3

The last dream involved all the Saints Row gangs fighting this time, and there was a new mode where you could target a stronghold & still do other missions or something like that, and there was some new rules that I can not remember; and the various gangs were trying different strategies to adjust to the new rules, but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

My Former Classmate MW / Nora Sergeant ?

I remember part of one dream from last night but it is confusing, so I do not remember some of the important parts of the dream, and my memory of the dream is unclear.

The dream took place during the day in a fictional city at a cafeteria-like place at a college-like campus, and I met a woman who might have been my former female classmate MW but she might have changed into Nora Sergeant from the TV series Being Human (North American) as the dream went on or the woman became a combination of MW & Nora, but I am not sure since the dream is a bit confusing & unclear.

Sometimes dream characters will change in appearance / personality and/or change into another person without me noticing in the dream, rarely, but it happens sometimes; and in this dream it might have happened and/or MW & Nora blended into one person.

I think that the woman was MW-like at first and then Nora-like later and/or MW/Nora-like then or near the end of the dream.

I remember talking with the woman like we knew each other and had not seen each other in a while, maybe, and I remember wondering if she was pregnant because she looked pregnant to me; and I remember wondering if she was pregnant, who was the father, and I wondered if I was the father for some reason.

I did not want to ask her those questions too soon, and so I decided to take more time to slowly bring some of those questions to our conversation; and at some point we walked outside to talk.

My memory is unclear but I remember thinking in my mind about the situation, and I was concerned about the wellness/health/et cetera of the woman/the possible baby/the father regardless of who it was; and I felt like doing what I could to help, regardless of the what the real situation was.

At some point I remember my brother GC and maybe one other person joining us, and maybe I found out that my brother GC was dating or had dated the woman; and maybe I had dated the woman in the past, but I am not sure.

I just remember that we decided to go eat at a Chinese style restaurant, and I remember trying to encourage/coach/advise GC that he should slowly bring up the pregnancy issue with the woman; but GC was probably being quiet & was probably not going to bring it up.

I still wanted to personally bring up the issue with the woman slowly but if GC was dating her, I did not feel like I should be the one to bring it up first, and I wanted to talk with the woman alone about the issue.

I felt responsible/like I needed to help GC, the woman, the possible baby, and whoever was involved in the situation; I wanted to help all of those involved, especially the possible baby, because I just think that the possible baby deserved an overall good life if possible or at least someone who cared enough for the possible baby to help make the baby’s life better & I was willing to help regardless of who the father was.

Our current world/culture(s) is hard/rough/unbalanced/negative/et cetera enough as it is, and so I think that those being born in this world/culture(s) deserve better or at least someone trying to help them on this tough journey of life until they are able to make the journey themselves; because it is not easy, and the early years are especially important in a Human’s development & this rough world/culture(s) can leave you messed up in various ways conscious & unconscious so we need as much help/training/protection/knowledge/et cetera as we can get.

We had a nice meal and normal conversation(s) at the Chinese style restaurant, and I think that the woman seemed more Nora-like during this part of the dream but I am not sure.

At some point after we ate at the Chinese style restaurant, I decided to go walking and talking alone with the woman, hoping to slowly bring the issue up; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

Walking In The City Of L | The Alliance Française And Chris Brown

Source: Wikipedia

Dream 1

Last night I remember part of two dreams, with the first dream taking place in the city of L during the day, and I remember walking on a road with my parent’s and maybe some of my brothers.

It seems that I was in the process of considering moving to L, and I was telling my parent’s about some of the things that I wanted to do & about some of my past experiences in L; and I was in the process of showing me several places.

We were walking to the Alliance Française where I wanted to take French lessons, and so I was going to show my parents the building and talk to the people there about beginners French lessons; and I remember my dad complaining about how expensive it probably was.

I remember feeling at home in L and I could even feel the temperature & the moisture in the air, it was nice, and I remember telling my parents how I felt & how I thought that moving to L was probably a good idea; but I woke up during our walk.

Dream 2

The next dream took place on an island, I think, at a large house made from local materials; where a somewhat wealthy family lived and they shared the house with the other people on the island, so there was always a lot of people at the house.

A man who looked like Chris Brown came to live there with his sister who lived at the house, and he was a solider who had gotten injured & he was now temporarily in a wheelchair recovering.

Behind the house was a body of water and the island was like a small tropical resort, with a variety of people on the small island.

Mr. Brown eventually started a relationship with a woman on the island as he recovered, and eventually he was able to walk; but his relationship with the woman turned into a lot of fighting at some point.

Eventually the woman’s brother or a new man who she was interested in, started to get into fights with Mr. Brown as well, the man was bigger & stronger with dark-brown color skin & black colored hair in a box fade-like haircut.

Their relationship ended and an angry Mr. Brown was ready to leave the island, but his sister got sick or had an accident, so a helicopter had to land on a helipad connected to stairs in the yard; and a woman with the hospital & another hospital worker had to transport his sister to the hospital by helicopter.

Mr. Brown packed his stuff and took a bus to the hospital, his sister was in stable condition & she was going to be okay, so he decided to stay until she was released from the hospital; and then he was going to leave the island, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂