Learning The Fundamentals | Day Eight: Introduce Yourself To The Neighbors! (Day Eight: Say Hello To Your WordPress.com Neighbors)

Day Eight: Introduce Yourself to the Neighbors!

Leaving thoughtful comments puts you in conversation with other bloggers — and entices them to visit you!

Today, leave comments on four different blogs.

Here’s how:

Click the button below to head to the Reader and browse the blogs and topics you already follow.

Next, check the Recommendations and Discover tabs to find great posts we think you’ll love, or browse the bloggingfundamentals tag to see posts from other new bloggers.

Finally, leave comments on four of the posts you read.

You can leave comments right from the Reader, but if you love a post, why not visit the blog to explore more?

Visit the Reader

Unsure what to say?

We’ve got plenty of guidance on how to write great comments.

Learn more in the tools and tips for this assignment.

Michelle W. and the WordPress.com Team