Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone Gets Suspended

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Last night and this morning I was tired and I kept briefly going to sleep and waking up between commercial breaks and sometimes during television episodes when watching the Toonami anime lineup, and afterward I went to sleep and I woke up and went back to sleep various times with a sore back et cetera and I had some dreams but I can not remember them except for part of the end of my last dream.

An earlier forgotten part of this dream possibly involved some of my family like my mom and maybe my dad and maybe my brother GC, but I can not remember.

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that I was watching television and I remember seeing part of a television program that looked like it was a Christian television broadcast like The Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) or something like that, and a performance was just starting on a stage involving several middle age to older men and the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) mixed martial artist Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone was the special guest who was performing with them.

Mr. Cerrone possibly entered the stage from the far right side with a middle age or older man with dark-color skin with black hair with maybe an American themed top hat, and for some unknown reason Mr. Cerrone grabbed the older man and pinned him against the wall on the right side of the stage overpowering him and roughing him up a bit without striking him and then it looked like he poked the man in the eye with a pen after saying something to him before finally letting him go.

This surprised and angered me, and then I learned through the news that the UFC had suspended Mr. Cerrone for doing that and that he was not going to be able to fight in the next UFC event so the UFC was replacing him with another mixed martial artist for that fight at the next UFC event.

I was so angered by Mr. Cerrone roughing up an old man like that, that I wanted to fight Mr. Cerrone in a mixed martial arts fight even though I am in a higher weight class than him, and I was even willing to try to drop weight again so that I could fight him.

I remember that it was day and I was across the street from the Walmart in the city of D at a small shopping center, but I am not sure if I was driving or about to drive away or what I was doing.

I just know that I wanted to use clinch fighting against Mr. Cerrone and to just embarrass him throughout the entire fight by constantly overpowering him with clinches and clinch strikes et cetera, and I daydreamed about how the fight might go several times.

These daydreams were so realistic that it is possible that one of them was of us really fighting, I possibly called out Mr. Cerrone and I possibly got a probably unofficial mixed martial arts fight set up, and maybe we really fought.

I remember clinching Mr. Cerrone and slamming him against the cage keeping him in the clinch constantly and occasionally punching, elbowing, kneeing, et cetera him while talking to him about why I was doing this and somewhat taunting him as punishment and to teach him a lesson.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


My Mind Responding To Thoughts | Talking To My Former Classmate JC

Last night I got about 3 hours of sleep after staying up very late trying to catch up with things from yesterday like trying to prepare my post for my genealogical DNA test results, and so my mind mostly thought and had some semi-daydreams and some short dreams.

I think that my mind was thinking about things that I did during yesterday and some things that I had to do today, like work and preparing that post et cetera, and sometimes my mind would respond to those thoughts verbally and / or through short dreams and semi-daydreams.


Back Pain Impacting My Dreams

I did not get much sleep because I had to wake up early and my sleep got disturbed several times by my slight upper-mid back pain/soreness that has bothered me slightly for about a week or more, and so I do not remember much of what I dreamed about.

I do know that I had some dreams, semi-dreams, daydreams, semi-daydreams, and thoughts as I woke up several times changing positions trying to get more comfortable because of my back pain/soreness.


Ascension Leaders And Safety Officers

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for barely part of my last dream which was inspired by the Syfy television mini-series that I watched the finale of last night called Ascension, and it probably took place on several different planets that looked a bit dark all the time (colors like dark bluish, dark purplish, and more).

It was like daydreaming in a dream where I kept daydreaming and/or having dreams within dreams on different planets involving various scenarios involving leaders and safety officers from Ascension, and each scenario was like a what-if situation trying to predict/test what each leader and safety officer might do if they were in charge.

Some television shows and films and more that I can not remember were partial inspirations for this dream as well, and I remember watching videos on a computer during various parts of the dream (and it is possible that some of those videos were a bit sexual and/or pornographic, but I can not remember).

The dream also covered the struggle between people trying to get and keep leadership positions and jobs, the politics and more involved in those things, and so I got to see some of the back room/background/secret deals and conversations and alliances and conflicts and more.

I also got to see and possibly take part in some of the scenarios as the leaders and safety officers did their jobs in various emergency situations, so most of the scenarios focused on emergency situations trying to determine/find/decide which leader and safety officer would best handle the emergencies, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Walking Through A Mall And Looking For A Place To Eat And Getting Special Abilities From An Alien / Entity?

Source: Wikipedia

I seriously did not feel like typing my dream from last night and I was in a depressive mood for most of the day until I did my almost daily jog/exercise routine, and so now I will try to quickly type this dream before my mood changes again or something like that.

I only remember three parts of my last dream from last night with the first part of the dream taking place inside a somewhat familiar fictional mall during the day, this mall was designed where the workers could move walls and shelves to remove/add/reorganize/change the layout of the inside of the mall and/or businesses inside the mall, and I was walking around this mall as other people shopped/et cetera.

At some point I wanted to walk to another part of the mall and so I tried to take a shortcut through a store inside the mall that was being added or removed or reorganized by workers who were moving the walls/shelves/et cetera, I had memories of visiting this mall before as I took this shortcut, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The second part of the dream took place late in the afternoon or early in the evening in a fictional city or a fictional version of the city of LC near where the Oriental Market (that is what it is really called) on R Street should be, I think there were parts of a school or college there and maybe I was a student but I am not sure, and I remember exploring a small almost shopping center-like place with various businesses.

Some of the businesses were inside one building, some could be accessed from the outside, and some were under a catwalk/tunnel-like walkway; and maybe some school/college classrooms were in some of these buildings but I am not sure.

I remember wanting to get something to eat but I was not quite hungry enough yet and so I walked around trying to figure where I would eat soon, there were several different Chinese-style restaurants in this area (a wok, a buffet, restaurant, et cetera), and this area was somewhat familiar to me because I had memories of it.

The probably family owned (the family seemed to be from China (Chinese)) Chinese-style wok was the smallest of the restaurants and the building was a mostly reddish color with some goldish / yellowish colors and it was located on the left side of the catwalk/tunnel, it was pretty popular and many students would get their food there, and I remember glancing inside the Chinese-style buffet which was larger and dimly lit with nice looking food; and the Chinese-style restaurant was the fanciest and most expensive of the three.

Across the street where Mr. G’s Pizza should be was a small mostly neutral greenish colored building that looked like a Chinese-style wok and so I walked across the street to go inside to see their menu, but when I walked inside on the left side of the building I saw a class of students wearing Karate gis/uniforms and in front of me in the middle of the building standing behind a desk was a somewhat older somewhat man with medium-dark brownish colored skin with grayish/blackish colored hair wearing a blueish colored Karate gi.

I greeted the man and I told asked him if this was a martial arts dojo and I told him that it looked like a wok from the outside, he said that it was a martial arts dojo and that it used to be a wok, and he told me that he owned the dojo and he was a master of several martial arts that I never heard of (they sounded fake and/or not very effective to me, and he did not seem tough or skilled at all).

I think that his classes were a bit expensive and I was not interested so I said goodbye and I walked to the wok, but it was closed now and so I walked around trying to decide where I should eat; but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The third/last part of the dream took place during the day at my parents house at some point, my memory is unclear but I think that my brother GC and I found/helped a male alien or entity who had special abilities, and so maybe he gave us special abilities or we got them somehow but I can not remember how we got the special abilities or what happened exactly.

There was another male alien or entity who was the villain of the dream who the alien/entity we helped/found was trying to stop, and so my brother GC and I joined the alien/entity to stop the villain alien/entity.

Some of my special abilities included maybe the ability to read minds and maybe see things that happened in the past, the ability to predict certain possible futures, and the ability to manipulate minds to trap people in dreams within dream and/or daydreams within daydreams and/or thoughts within thoughts.

Some of my brother GC’s special abilities included the ability to turn his skin and/or himself into an armored blackish metallic colored metal superman who could fly/jump super high/was super strong/was super tough/et cetera, and could survive and fly in space without food/water/et cetera.

Something happened where we confronted or got attacked by the villain alien/entity and I saw a possible future of his evil plan(s), I told the good alien/entity what I saw and we came up with a plan where my brother GC and I would keep the villain alien/entity disabled/distracted, and he would go and try to stop his plan(s).

We disabled the villain alien/entity and we put him on a couch inside our parents house, our mom was there and she came to see the villain alien/entity, and I continued disabling him by trapping him in a thought within a thought; and I could see what he was thinking, I could see him trapped inside a rectangle inside his thought, and connected to this rectangle was the second thought that would trap him if he escaped the first thought.

I would stop reading his mind sometimes to talk with my mom and my brother GC, my mom wanted to make a dessert or something like that but she was missing a certain ingredient, and so she sent my brother GC to get it; and he left by walking outside the gate by the fig tree at E Manor and he turned into his metal form and he jumped super high into the sky so fast that I could not see where he went other than a brief blur, I remember the villain/alien being trapped in the first thought until he realized something was wrong and he escaped the first thought, but then he became trapped in the second thought.

In the second thought he assumed that he had been daydreaming not realizing that the first thought was a trap that I had him in, I connected a daydream to the second thought so that could trap him if he escaped the second thought, and eventually he escaped the second thought and got trapped in the daydream; and then I connected a dream to the daydream.

I would take breaks sometimes and them start reading his mind again to make sure that he was still trapped and that I always had at least one extra thought/daydream/dream connected to trap him if he escape the one before it; and I remember getting worried about my brother GC because it was taking long for him to return, and eventually he returned.

The ingredient was two or more cinnamon rolls wrapped in clear plastic and it/they was/were Hy-Top / HyTop brand with a reddish colored background that was a shape like two connected triangles with one pointed at the top and one pointed at the bottom (I am not sure what this shape is called), and I asked my brother GC what took him so long.

My brother GC said that he jumped/flew into space and that he traveled/flew in space trying to find the cinnamon roll(s) and that the trip took him 9 months, I was surprised/shocked to hear this and I wondered how could it take 9 months and how did he survive, and I wondered why did he not buy it/them on Earth. 😀

He gave our mom the cinnamon roll(s) and she started cooking the dessert/whatever while my brother GC and I talked about his trip as we made sure that the villain alien/entity stayed disabled, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr