Fallout 4 & The Real World

Fallout 4 – Settlement Essential Guide & Basics

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was clearly inspired by me playing a little bit of the video game Fallout 4 again & watching Fallout 4 videos on YouTube recently.

Fallout 4 – Launch Trailer

This dream combined the video game Fallout 4 & the real world / live action, in the dream I was working on my Fallout 4 settlements, my female coworker KE was there as well, and we talked & even had a debate during the dream; and the dream basically combined what looked like the real world combined with the video game Fallout 4 where both worlds were one.


Short 2021 Storming Of The United States Capitol Dreams

I had several short low level dreams that were not too serious that involved me thinking about & dreaming about The 2021 Storming Of The United States Capitol.

Chaos in Washington as Trump supporters storm Capitol and force lockdown of Congress – BBC News

In the dreams there was probably news about it, people talking about it, people & politicians debating it, comparisons between the security response there compared to previous more peaceful protests by other groups, what-if scenarios, et cetera.


Dreaming About The George Floyd Protests / Riots

File:George Floyd protest in Downtown Los Angeles, passing National Guard.jpg
Deutsch: Georg-Floyd-Demonstranten an einem Posten der kalifornischen Nationalgarde.
Date	2 June 2020, 13:59:47
Source	Own work
Author	Kriddl
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

This dream was inspired by the ongoing George Floyd protests / riots and a YouTube video that I saw about them called THE RIOTS | WHAT PEOPLE DON’T UNDERSTAND | Double Toasted by the YouTube channel Double Toasted:


Preparing To Fight Frieza (Freeza)

File:Frieza Forms 1-3.PNG

An litho depicting the three forms of the Dragon Ball character Frieza.

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Last night I remembered to set my intention to lucid dream again thanks to Lost Truth (thank you again Lost Truth), I got almost 5 hours of sleep, and at some point I woke up and I was going to voice record my dreams but I felt so comfortable in bed (sometimes your bed and / or body just feel more comfortable than normal) that I went back to sleep before I could voice record my dreams.

I then had a dream and during the dream I probably still remembered my previous dreams and I was probably trying to save them during the dream so that I could record them later but I did not realize that I was still dreaming, but eventually I got distracted by other things in the dream and slowly my previous dreams faded away until they were forgotten and replaced by the current dream.


Being Teleported To Different Dream Worlds & A New Gown For Hillary Clinton

Dream 1

Unfortunately I can no longer remember most of this interesting dream from last night so many details are missing, and so it will not make much sense.

I think that most of the dream took place during the day, I remember being inside a maybe Walmart-like store when I saw my former male schoolmate/classmate GR, and I remember him complaining to me about a local political election and political debate that was coming up and maybe my former little league baseball coach Mr. MS was one of the candidates but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.