My Mom Gets Decapitated

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Source: Wikimedia Commons

I only remember part of my last dream because it was a dream that repeated several times and during several of these repeats of the dream these parts of the dream were documented during the dream by me and/or someone else, and so my mind/brain did not try to remember those parts of the dream thinking that those parts of the dream had already been documented in the real world; and so now I can not remember most of this interesting dream unfortunately, and so it will not make much sense without those missing parts of the dream.

The dream took place in a fictional place during the day and I remember two strange men who were dressed up in maybe suits (there was something strange about them, and I could not read their facial expressions/minds really because they were very neutral/hard to read like maybe they were not really human or they lacked normal emotions/empathy), both with whitish colored skin with short hair with one of them having dark-colored hair and the other had blondish colored hair, and I think that the two men (and whoever was/were helping them) were trying to take over something (maybe a government, group, organization, country, company, the world, and/or something like that maybe).

During the dream I would have random short visions of the two men as they tried to carry out their plans, and so during the dream I kept trying to find them so that I could stop them; but I also continued going along with what else was happening in the dream as well.

Part of the dream took place at a one-story public housing-like area in a field that was like the fairground field across from PW Elementary School in the city of D, I probably talked with one or more people inside and outside of the public housing-like area, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Eventually I went to a fictional probably windowless multi-story building that possibly had a mall-like area on the first floor, maybe a hospital-like are on one floor, maybe business-like offices on another floor, and I remember being in a classroom with maybe brownish colored carpet on another upper floor with some of my former classmates like my former female classmate EB and fictional classmates.

While I was sitting in class at my desk I eventually noticed that somehow I was naked now so I asked my classmates if someone had some shorts that I could borrow until Monday (I guess the dream took place during a Friday which was the last day of school for the week), my former classmate EB told me that I could use her blueish colored PE (Physical Education) gym shorts, and so I thanked her and I put them on; and I told her that I would wash them and return them to her on Monday.

After class I was going to go look for my clothes but I had another vision of the two men who were trying to take over something the entire dream, the two men possibly were in the final/last stages of their plan (maybe the clean up and cover up stage or the take over stage), and the man with the dark-colored hair sent the man with the blondish colored hair to continue his part of the plan.

It seemed that maybe the two men were possibly in the same multi-story building where I was but I maybe they were on the floor with the business-like offices, but I am not sure; and then to my surprise my mom entered the hallway/lobby/area where the man with the dark-colored hair was standing, and she greeted him like she knew him.

My mom did not exactly look like my mom in real life and she wore maybe a grayish colored business skirt with a business suit top/whatever with a white dress shirt but somehow I knew that it was supposed to be my mom even though she looked a bit different, and the man with the dark-colored hair and my mom went to talk privately in a small room that maybe looked somewhat like an outdoor-like area even though it was inside a windowless room.

My mom leaned against a wooden pole/tree-like structure that was in the room like she was very relaxed and like she knew the man with the dark-colored hair very well, and maybe she was directly or indirectly helping them with their take over but I am not sure; and they started to talk, maybe about the take over, but I am not sure.

The man with the dark-colored hair was still unreadable to me even though it seemed that things were positive between them, but suddenly the man with the dark-colored hair swung his arm in a semi-open-hand hook like motion chopping my mom across the neck with his fingers/hand or something hidden in his hand like maybe a blade as my mom was still leaning against the wooden pole/tree-like structure; and my mom’s head was decapitated/chopped off in that one swing and her head fell to/on the probably brownish colored carpet.

The man with the dark-colored hair seemed to be killing certain people who knew about their take over plans probably and so he killed my mom, and then he walked out of the room and he closed the door; and the vision ended, and I was back in the classroom.

I was shocked about what happened to my mom and that my mom seemed to know one of the men like maybe she was helping them, and so I wanted to try to save her and to try to figure out if she was involved or not and I wanted to stop the two men; and so I either accidentally or directly restarted the dream so that I could try to save my mom this time.

In the repeat of the dream I came across my dad and I told him about my visions and I went to try to save my mom (but I am not sure if my dad joined me or not), but I failed to save my mom again the second time; and so the dream repeated again, but I failed again.

I am not sure how many times the dream repeated but I know that it repeated several times with me failing to save my mom in time several times (so I had to keep seeing her get decapitated, while failing to find her in time, because I had to try to figure out where they were), I am not sure if I ever saved my mom or not, but I think that I confronted the man with the dark-colored hair and maybe the man with the blondish colored hair during a few of the repeats after my mom was decapitated probably; but I think that they killed me several times during the repeats as I tried to stop their take over plans, and I probably was never able to save my mom or myself in any of the repeats of the dream.

I decided that I would at least keep repeating the dream until I could at least stop the two men from finishing their take over plans, even if it meant that my mom and I would die, but I woke up eventually after many failed repeats of the dream.

The end,

-John Jr

The Alligator

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I only remembered a small part of my last dream, which took place at my grandfather’s house.

It was late in the evening and I had went to my grandfather’s house to do something, I just remember talking to him, and we went outside; there one of my uncles, one of my cousins, and my mom joined us in our conversation.

At some point I remember seeing a baby creäture, which I think I recognized as a known animal, but oddly I think that the creäture looked like a small very skinny reptile-like baby humanoid; but I could be wrong, because I remember knowing what it was and I picked it up, but my uncle told me to put it down & so I did.

Then we saw a small medium-sized alligator walking toward us, which I have never seen in my birth town before, and we started to back away from it in shock/surprise.

My uncle grabbed his machete and chopped its head off with one chop, and I asked him & my grandfather had they ever seen an alligator in their neighborhood before; and they said no, and they were surprised as well.

Oddly I do not remember what happened to the baby creäture.

Something weird happened inside my grandfather’s house later in the dream, but all that I remember is an unknown man being inside the house with us and something (plural) was in the house spreading & we could not defeat it (them) so we had to exit the house & someone was going to destroy the house if necessary to stop it (them); maybe it is somehow connected to the baby creäture, I do not know.

There was a panic and I think someone turned on the gas on the oven in the kitchen & the gas on the heaters, and they were going to attempt to blow up the house to kill what ever it(they) was (were) in the house; so it must have been pretty bad.
I remember trying to get everyone safely away from the house, and I was wondering how they (who ever it was going to try to blow up the house) would blow up the house without getting themselves killed; I just remember running with my mom away from the house, as we expected it to blow up.

I think the unknown man and my uncle ran out of the house, I think that my grandfather was already out of the house & my cousin as well, but the house did not blow up; but we could smell the gas.

Then there was a pause as we wondered what to do about what ever (plural) was still in the house, since it had not blown up, and I think we started trying to decide if we should go back inside to fight.

I think that my uncle, the unknown man, and I told my mom, grandfather, and my cousin to go to my parent’s house for their own safety; while the three of us would possibly go back in the house to fight, but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

A Possessed Goat And Unknown Communication?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I only remembered part of two or more dreams but they are unclear, mixed together, and major parts or missing; so they sound crazy.

Dream 1

I have no idea how any of these dream fragments began but I do remember something about a possessed goat, I am not sure what it was possessed by, a spirit/demon/alien/deity?

I was outside in an alleyway similar to the one at my parent’s house and I was looking at a male goat that looked like one of my brothers pet goats, and I guess the goat had just been possessed by something; so I decided to try to stop whatever it was that possessed him from being able to control the goat and/or possess something else.

I did not have time to really think much so I had to make a hard decision fast, I decided to kill the goat in hopes that whatever had possessed it would not be able to escape from its body in time, and would hopefully be trapped from possessing something else.

So I grabbed the goat by its hind legs and swung the goat like a baseball bat so its head would hit a big rock on the ground, my hope was to knock it unconscious first, and keep hitting its head against the rocks until it died; I felt bad about doing it but I could not think of anything else in the short amount of time that I had.

When the goat’s head first hit the rock you could hear it and I could feel the impact in my hands since I was holding it by the legs, this knocked it unconscious like I had hoped, and then I continued to swing the goat so its head would hit the rock.

I could hear and feel its skull cracking and eventually the goat’s head came off, so I stopped, feeling disgusted and bad; but I hoped that my plan had worked so that whatever had possessed it would not possess anything else.

I waited looking around wondering if what ever had possessed it was either dead or trapped, but I could not see or hear anything, so I started to worry that maybe it escaped and/or had possessed me or something else; but that is all I remember on this part.

The next thing I remember is being at some house I think, with a few other people, and I think it seemed that we were preparing for something; like there was going to be a battle soon, oddly I do not remember weapons or armor, it was like we were an underground group (resistance group) or something.

It was like we were one of many small underground groups waiting for something and when that times comes we would defend and/or attack something, maybe, or we were just going to try to survive a battle and/or disaster; I am not sure.

I remember several times having a strange thing happen in the dream, I would somehow be in a room with no windows alone, and something or someone was trying to talk to me but I could not see them.

They were trying to give me orders or something, I think, it was like they could not be where I was so they were using me to pass on orders to others; it was like I was a general or something that would pass on their commands to the troops, but I had no weapons or armor.

I felt that I was supposed to be in charge of passing their orders own to others, but I could not see these others and I could not see who was trying to give me the orders.

The voice or voices were weak at times and it was like a signal or spirit trying to talk or maybe I was possessed like the goat had been, I have no idea.

As the voice or voices tried to communicate with me sometimes I would get interrupted, and I would be back in the other room with the people I had mentioned, they would wonder what was wrong with me; they would ask me if I was listening to them or they would ask what were they supposed to do next, I would be confused wondering how I was magically appearing in that room, but would jump back the other room once someone there tried to talk to me.

I tried to tell the people about the room and the voices, but even in the dream it was unclear and did not make sense, so they would walk off to do something, and then I would appear back in the room.

The voice or voices were trying to explain something and I would feel like I am supposed to pass the information on, and I may have even passed on some of it to people or things that I could not see; it was confusing and even unclear in the dream, it was like some type of interference was making it hard for them to communicate with me and for me to understand them.

Then I would be back in the other room with the people as they tried to talk to me again, wondering why I kept daydreaming or whatever, and I would start listening to them as they talked about something.

After this confusing jumping back and forth between the two places, I remember finally being told by one of the people in the other room that we had to move soon, and that something was going to happen soon.

I felt that I was supposed to pass on some of the information given to me and help led some of the others in some mission or whatever, it was confusing, and I think we were actually underground in a subway.

It was like above ground something big was about to happen and we were going to try to help fight something, but I do not know what.

Were we going to fight a government or governments, aliens, angels, deities, spirits, etc.?

I have no idea, even in the dream it was confusing and I still do not remember seeing any weapons.

Dream 2

Also, there was another dream fragment that involved me being at the junior high school, not attending, but I went there for some reason.

I can not remember why or what happened, then I woke up, actually this fragment was after the confusing one so I woke up after the confusing dream not this one.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

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