My Baby Gets Killed And Vacationing With My Family And Urinating At A School And The United States Of America Declares War On Moriarty?

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I am not sure how to make sense of this so I am combining it all as one dream and I am not sure what order this all took place in so I will do my best to arrange the details, it is possible that this was several dreams with most or all of them being connected, but I am not sure.

Part 1

I am not sure when this part took place but all that I can remember of my dream/dreams from last night is that I remember riding on the back of the open bed/whatever of a transport-like truck during the day in maybe a fictional place/country with other people in a convoy of similar trucks, and at the front of the convoy was a man or male entity who was the leader or new leader who possibly had powers/special abilities because the people seemed to treat him like a demigod/god and/or like a religious figure and/or pharaoh maybe with fear/reverence/respect/devotion/et cetera.

There was a woman who was possibly my wife or someone I knew who had a baby who was possibly our baby/child or just her baby but I am assuming that she was my wife and that the baby was our baby, my wife and our baby were on the back of another truck closer to the leader’s truck than the truck that I was on for some reason so I could not see them because the truck that I was on was in the middle of the convoy, and I have no idea where we were going.

It seemed that we were part of a very tiny country/kingdom and/or group/cult/whatever and that maybe leadership had just changed to this new man/male entity, it seemed that the leader could do whatever he wanted and it seemed that no one knew how to defeat him and he had soldiers/bodyguards, but I can not remember most of the dream to understand any of these details to make sense of it all.

I just know that I heard our baby crying and my wife trying to calm our baby, I heard the leader yelling for someone to shut up that baby as my wife continued trying to calm our baby, and I could not see what was going on but I heard my wife scream a terrible scream like something terrible happened and the convoy stopped.

I climbed/ran to the front of the convoy to find my wife screaming and crying holding our dead baby in her arms who had been killed either by the leader himself or by one of his soldiers/bodyguards under his orders, I was shocked/horrified, and I became super angry and sad and ready to attack the leader and his soldiers/bodyguards (who had assault rifles).

I tried to calm myself because there was no chance that I could defeat them and I do not think that anyone knew how to stop the leader who possibly had powers/special abilities, I did argue with them a bit as some of the people from the truck that I was on tried to calm me down and move me away before I get killed as well, and I vowed to get revenge and stop the leader from hurting other people one day.

I started trying to comfort my wife as we both held our murdered baby and cried, the convoy continued moving, and I started to make plans in my mind for my family and I to escape this country/place/group/cult/whatever to move to another country (probably The United States Of America) as soon as the convoy reached its destination and I started plotting my revenge/a way to stop the leader; but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream or this dream.

Part 2

All that I can remember of the next part of the dream or dream is that I went to a tiny fictional country/place (beach resort) that had a nice beach with one hotel and one multi-purpose store/business that the entire country/village used and it had one bridge that connected to a fictional version of the city of LC, I went to this tiny beach resort/country with my family (I can not remember if my wife from the first part of the dream or first dream was with us or not) on vacation, and it was a very nice/relaxing/fun/friendly/et cetera place.

We had a very good time and the few people who lived there were friendly (one of the people who lived there was either my former female classmate AV or a woman who looked like her), the view was nice with the sounds of the waves and the wind were nice, and there was probably good food and music; and so this was a popular tourist spot, but only a few people could visit it at a time because it was so tiny (about the size of a neighborhood on one street) but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream or this dream, and we left happy.

Part 3

All that I can remember of this last part of the dream or this last dream is that it took place during the day and I was a student at a school, I remember being inside a one-story school building with many halls that curved (not really a curve but straight angles) and went around, and I remember needing to urinate so I walked around trying to find a men’s bathroom with a bit of privacy because most of them had open doors with open group urinals so anyone outside the bathroom or inside the bathroom could see you using the bathroom.

I could find no men’s bathroom with privacy so I started urinating in one of the group urinals as people walked in the hall outside the bathroom glancing my way because they could see me urinating, at some point I finished or stopped urinating and washed my hands and I returned to my class and some male classmates/friends of mine, and either we signed up for the military or we got drafted to the military.

The United States Of America had declared war on a man named Moriarty and his small group, possibly the group from the first part of the dream or the first dream with maybe Moriarty being the leader who killed my wife’s and my baby, and so my male classmates/friends and I started training with the military.

We actually got almost no training, they gave some us dark-colored pistols (maybe 9mm) made by the automobile company Kia Motors who the military had just made a contract with for their new pistols (which I thought was strange and unexpected, but interesting), and then they shipped us off in automobiles to the war which was starting in a fictional version of the city of LC; and this part of the dream felt depressing and realistic.

We rode in a convoy as some people cheered us on as we passed through different cities showing their support for us soldiers/the military, but most of the young men were afraid (especially because we did not really get trained or equipped yet and we had no experience with war); and I felt gloomy even though this was possibly my chance to get revenge and stop Moriarty (if he was the same person from the first part of the dream or the first dream), and I remember looking around and thinking and feeling the moment.

Watching the mostly empty patriotism, the US war machine in action ready to fight another war, the young men afraid as the propaganda/excitement/pep-talks/hope/et cetera started to ware-off as I knew some of them would die and/or would never be the same after the war, and many other thoughts came to my mind as I watched/listened/felt what was going on around me/us.

We drove through the tiny country/beach resort from the second part of the dream or the second dream, I remember hoping to see my former female classmate AV there among the crowd of people cheering us on, for some positive memories because I was trying to prepare myself for the death and horrors of war; and I saw her in the crowd, which made me feel better, and I waved to her but I can not remember if she saw me or not.

We crossed the bridge into the city of LC driving toward a fictional area that was like a combination of R Street by M College combined with the four-way near the mall, many soldiers were already there setting up defenses and preparing/training, and they had many dark-colored mounds with whitish colored chalk or paint symbols on them in the street to slow/stop vehicles.

The convoy had to stop because there was a line and as we waited I saw some older and experienced soldiers giving out orders, training us new recruits, making plans, et cetera and they looked ready compared to us new recruits but a bit stressed because they had a lot to deal with because most of us were not trained or equipped yet.

I remember thinking that Moriarty and his small group would use guerrilla warfare and terrorist attacks mostly and that they would probably have a hard time trying to find Moriarty, suddenly while I was thinking about this I heard and saw a van driving around the line behind us on the sidewalk like it was in a rush to skip the line, and one of the soldiers in charge of this area ordered the man driving the van to stop.

I worried that maybe the van was full of explosions (so I told the others that we should be ready to help and/or escape the automobile if necessary, but I was probably the only person with a weapon (a pistol made by Kia)) and probably so did the one of the soldiers in charge of this area because he ordered the other soldiers to prepare to defend the area, and then he fired his assault rifle and I thought that he shot the man driving the van but he really only fire warning shots; and the man driving the van stopped the van next to our convoy truck, and he ran.

I feared that the van might explode so we told the driver to try to drive away but we were stuck in line, we tried to get out of the convoy truck but our doors were locked or stuck, and then we started to panic a bit wondering if the van would explode; but it did not, and we got out of the automobile to talk to the soldier who seemed to be in charge of this area.

He had light brownish colored skin with short dark-colored hair, I told him that I knew Moriarty, and I started to explain what tactics/strategies that he and his group might use against them like guerrilla warfare and terrorist attacks targeting supply lines/populated areas/infrastructure/training areas/et cetera and reminding him that the US Military has a hard time defending against these tactics/strategies because it is one of their weaknesses; and I explained that it was going to be almost impossible to find him and/or kill him, but that I was going to try anyway even if I died trying (I probably explained that he killed my wife’s and my baby, and that he was very dangerous and that he would not stop if we did not stop/kill him somehow).

I told him that he should pass on my information to his/our leadership so that we could immediately start training and preparing for the types of tactics/strategies that Moriarty and his group might use, and that we needed to find a way to find and kill him because so far no one has been able to kill/defeat him probably because he had powers/special abilities.

I woke up as the soldier in charged stopped to decide if he should contact his/our leadership with my information or not, and that is all that I can remember of this dream or dreams.

The end,

-John Jr