A Default Video Sound Problem In VLC Media Player

All that I can remember of this dream is that part of it took place during the day at The BP Library, and I was there working.

I was working on an issue in the VLC Media Player where a default video was having some sound problems where the sound did not work in most areas or some areas, I tested this on my computer and on a patron computer, and I remember trying to troubleshoot the issue.

I wondered if it was a missing codec or a corrupted codec or something like that that might be causing the problem.

Eventually my coworker Mr. JM fixed the issue somehow when I was in a different room still trying to troubleshoot the issue so I did not get to see how he fixed it, and then I remember driving through the downtown area of the city of D and my notes of this dream on my mobile phone said: Tv behind me.

Tv is possibly a typo so I am not sure what I meant to put there or what happened during this part of the dream.

The next thing that I remember is being back at work, and I saw my female coworker JB walk to a back employee area to talk to one of our coworkers but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Hiding From Wild Non-Human Animals & Emailing Information About Google & WordPress Default Themes & Talking With ME

I forgot all of my dreams last night except for barely part of my last dream which took place during a gray day in the city of D at a fictional version of my parent’s house that was a 1 1/2 story or semi-two story house, and I was there with some of my family and several people I knew and several unknown people.

The 1/2  floor or semi-second floor over-looked the first floor of the house, and the first floor was a mostly open area with doors to various rooms; and the open area curved around a stairway that led to the 1/2 floor, and around this curved area there was an area that was somewhat hidden from the rest of the first floor.