Walking Around A City As A Female Alien?

Ben Browder and Virginia Hey in Farscape (1999)
Source: IMDb

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was in a fictional city with some of my family like my brother GC and some other people, and I was possibly not myself during the dream or during the end of the dream but it is unclear.

If I was someone else then I was a female or female-looking alien with one or more unknown special abilities/powers/superpowers, I was possibly a blue and/or green color and I probably had no hair/was bald, and I was probably like a Delvian from the television show Farscape and/or an Asari from the video game franchise Mass Effect.

I remember us walking around back areas of this city through quieter areas away from the main parts of the city like back roads, alleys, sidewalks, et cetera.

At the end of the dream we were walking through a rough-looking area where the people probably did not like aliens, which I assume that I was in this dream, and they had dogs; and so I remember us trying to avoid them and their dogs.

At some point I remember us running et cetera to avoid them and their dogs, and at some point a dog or person or something got attacked by a dog; and I remember my brother GC and I running to stop this dog attack or dog fight.

I possibly grabbed and picked up one dog and my brother GC possibly grabbed and picked up another dog to stop this dog attack, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Getting Drugged By Delvians And Manipulated By An Intelligence Agent?

Source: Wikipedia

I did not record my only dream that I remember part of from last night when I woke up and I spent most of the day not even thinking about the dream, I barely could remember part of the dream because in the dream I got drugged/went unconscious/got manipulated several times in the dream, but somehow I barely remember part of the dream; but my memory is very unclear, and so the dream does not make much sense.

The dream took place during the day and I probably had some powers from the Saints Row IV video game again but this time my powers were more realistic and not as powerful and I did not use them very much, but I can not remember the beginning of the dream except for the end of the beginning of the dream (if that made any sense?) and I only remember part of the middle of the dream to the end of the dream.

I remember walking with another unknown person who was probably a man but I am not sure, he was probably in the beginning of the dream as well, and we were walking on a street that looked like the street that my grandfather lives on and we were walking toward what looked like my grandfather’s house maybe but I am not sure.

I think that there was a strange small/narrow multi-story building/structure next to where my grandfather’s house should be or where my grandfather’s house should be, I think that a strange small spiral stairway went up to the top of the strange structure but there probably seemed to be no windows/entrances into the strange structure, and we saw a man walking not far from the strange structure; and he greeted us, and maybe the unknown person/man with me knew him but I can not remember.

I remember the man telling us that he used to go inside the strange structure sometimes through a secret entrance but it had been a long time since he went inside the strange structure, and so he wanted us to go with him to see if things had changed inside the strange structure; and so we followed him up the spiral stairway, and he opened a secret/hidden circular entrance on the strange structure at the top and we climbed through it.

We climbed on a small dark ledge that was over a hole/drop that went down the strange structure and everything was pretty dark, so the entire strange structure that we saw from the outside was hollow/empty and dark in the inside, and across the hole/drop was another ledge with a male probably blueish colored humanoid who was bald with tattoo-like patterns on his head who looked like he was from the plant humanoid alien species called Delvians from the TV show Farscape (maybe he was human but it did not seem like it to me, and so I will refer to him and others like him in the dream as Delvians) ; and his ledge was circular and it could float, and he floated his ledge toward us.

The man told us that the male humanoid / Delvian would take us inside so things seemed to be the same as they used to be when he used to visit the strange structure sometimes, we stood on the circular ledge that the male Delvian was on, and he floated us to the other side; and he opened an entrance and/or portal that took us inside a dimly lit small rectangular-shaped room that had mostly other male Delvians in it, maybe a few other humans, and maybe a few other non-humans.

Most of the male Delvians (I do not remember seeing any female Delvians, but I could be wrong) seemed/acted/dressed somewhat like alien Buddhist monks (I think that they wore futuristic/alien fabric/whatever robe-like clothing that was sparkly like glitter with colors like blue, purple, gold, silver, and maybe a few other colors) and some of them seemed to be doing religious-like rituals while other Delvians/humans/non-humans were talking and doing various other things, and there were other rooms connected to this room without doors separating the rooms; and the man told us that things seemed to be the same as usual, and he left to do something in the building leaving the other unknown person with me and I alone.

We did not know what was going on or what to do next, the man knew but he left us alone and he was going to meet up with us later, and so we stood there looking around; and a male Delvian who was acting like a monk walked up to us with two cups of an unknown plant sap-like drink, and he wanted us to drink some it seemed (but I can not remember if he could talk or if he spoke English or an unknown alien language).

We did not know what kind of drink it was or what it was for and so we were cautious at first, we looked around noticing the mostly quiet (there was noise but not very loud, mostly peaceful) religious-like ritual (maybe mediation/prayer, chants, moving in certain patterns/dance, et cetera) going on and we assumed that it was connected with/to that, and so we each accepted a cup of the unknown drink; and we stood there still not wanting to drink it, but the monk-like male Delvian stood there waiting for us to drink some.

After a while we finally drunk some of the unknown drink, the monk-like male Delvian smiled and he went back to the religious-like ritual, and we walked closer toward it as well; and the drink probably tasted good, and so we continued to drink it until we either drank most of it or all of it, but then we started to feel strange like we had been drugged.

We started to stumble and have a hard time walking, our vision blurred and we probably saw different colors, we started to feel like we were going to lose consciousness, and everything looked/felt differently like this drink was used in the religious-like ritual for that purpose but we drank too much of it maybe but I am not sure; and I remember us both falling to the ground, and we lost consciousness.

At some point I woke up probably still feeling some of the effects/affects of the drink and I remember some of the monk-like male Delvians looking at us, I remember trying to talk to them as they tried to tell me something that I could not understand, and either they gave me something else that made me go unconscious again or I lost consciousness again from the drink; and later I woke up again, but this time I felt normal again probably.

I remember trying to find the man who brought us here but I can not remember if the other unknown person was with me at this point or not, I just remember the man finding me/us or I/we found him, and told me about a situation that he needed help with; and he wanted me to help him because he knew that I had powers, and I agreed to help him.

He either told me that he was an intelligence agent (probably a CIA agent) or I found out later from someone else, either way the situation involved another man I think, and the intelligence agent/the man sent me to deal with him/the situation; and so in the dream I used my powers on several missions that the intelligence agent sent me on, I always went alone but I can not remember the details of each mission unfortunately, and I think that the missions took place in other areas in the building.

After each mission I would return to the intelligence agent who would always be waiting for me in a bar-like area/room, each mission got me closer to completing the overall goal that involved another man who was the main target, and some of the missions took place inside indoor/outdoor-like areas that probably were still in the building because this building was a strange alien-like building/whatever it seemed.

At some point I reached the last mission which involved the man who was the main target, we knew where he was and I was supposed to go after him and/or kill him in an indoor/outdoor-like area, but I questioned the intelligence agent about the mission because I had concerns about it; but he convinced me that I was doing the right thing, I still felt uncomfortable with the mission, but he assured me that it was the last mission.

I remember going to an indoor/outdoor area where the man/target was, it was somewhat futuristic with a tall glass ceiling with natural-like light and plants and maybe a blueish-like sky on the other side of the glass ceiling that might have been a fake sky, and whitish colored modular/rectangular/squared/et cetera shaped furniture/architecture; and there were sunken areas with steps leading to taller areas, and I confronted the man/target.

Something happened and we started fighting around the area (maybe he had powers too, but I can not remember), oddly no one else was around, and maybe during the fight he tried to tell me that the intelligence agent had been lying to me and that he was using me to kill him; but I probably did not believe him, and at some point I defeated him.

The man/target was probably dying and he explained to me that the intelligence agent was really the one who was wrong/the villain, he explained the situation to me and maybe he mentioned evidence to prove it, and he said that the intelligence agent had used me/manipulated me the entire time to do his dirty work because he knew that I had powers that he could use to his advantage to get rid of the other man and that he was probably going to kill me once I returned with news of his/the target’s death; and I believed him this time or I at least felt that he might be telling the truth, I felt bad/terrible/betrayed/manipulated/et cetera, but it was too late to save the man/target and he probably died.

I was annoyed/angry/sadden/et cetera and I went to confront the intelligence agent about what the man/target had told me, the intelligence agent congratulated me and thanked me for completing his mission(s) for him, and he probably continued to say that the man/target had lied to me; but I continued to bring up the various things that the dying man/target had told me, and maybe the intelligence agent finally stopped lying to me/acting/pretending.

Maybe he said that for a moment he considered not killing me but now he was going to kill for sure, he smiled confidently, and I prepared to defend myself; and I wondered how could he be so confident when he knew that I had powers, and I wondered if he was behind the possible drugging of our drinks earlier in the dream but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr