Welcome To The Gutenberg Editor

Of Mountains & Printing Presses

Most of this post was a premade demo-like post that WordPress.com made for our blogs back when we had the option to test the new Gutenberg Editor before it was fully released, I was going to publish this post back then, but this new editor was so confusing and lacking in the options that I needed that I got so frustrated that I gave up on it and I felt like almost giving up on blogging here at WordPress.com if this new editor was to replace the old editor one day without at least equaling it or being usable for me.

The Gutenberg Editor is still lacking options that I need to blog like I normally do and it is still confusing, but it has improved enough to at least be somewhat usable now fortunately; but they seriously need to release some video, images, text, a guide, a course, et cetera on how to use this new editor.

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Google Duplex: We Need To Talk About The Ethics

Source: YouTube

The CNET YouTube channel had an interesting video called Google Duplex: We Need To Talk About The Ethics:

The Google Duplex demo was amazing and I hope to see this technology in use one day, but I agree with the concerns of ethical issues mentioned by Bridget Carey in this video so I hope that those are addressed now and not later.

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-John Jr

Default WordPress Theme Twenty Seventeen Demo Has Been Released

Some of you may know that for several years in a row now I have tried to keep up with news on the default themes for WordPress each year, throughout each year I do random web (internet) searches, and I search through various official and unofficial Automattic/WordPress blogs and websites including some that belong to some staff members (employees) trying to get early news about the default themes for WordPress each year.

This is usually not easy and finding this information is usually hard because most of those blogs/websites do not talk about this usually, except some of the WordPress.org blogs/websites, which I usually do not look at or follow because I am only a WordPress.com user with a free account so that led to the Twenty Thirteen theme slipping under my radar even when I had tried to find information about it so I was surprised when it was released suddenly years ago without my knowledge of it even being worked on yet or discussed yet.

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