9-18-2012 | Dream Journal | Victims Of Corporatized Housing | Looking For Grace

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*I woke up from these dreams with a variety of feelings/thoughts/insights/meanings that I will not share for a variety of reasons since these dreams involved heavy inspiration from some of my real life experiences and even if I tried I would not express them in words properly, and some of my descriptions of the dreams below do not properly express the dreams in some places so expect some jibber jabber since I could not properly express things in writing clearly/my head hurts/I am tired/I have been at the dentist for most of the day/et cetera et cetera & so what I wrote below does not properly express some of what I felt/thought/saw/et cetera in the dreams*

I remember part of two dreams from last night that seemed to be inspired and based on some of my personal experiences in the real world, some things that I have seen, some things that I have heard, some things that I have dreamed in the past, and by two videos on Democracy Now! with a Chris Hedges interview that I watched before going to bed:

Chris Hedges: Dems Owe Chicago Public Teachers Support for “Most Important Labor Action in Decades”

Chris Hedges on 9/11, Touring U.S. Economic Disaster Zones in “Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt”

I only remember the end of the first dream which took place during the day in a fictional dream world that I have dreamed of several times before in the past, the dream world & situation were pretty much the same as the last one or more times that I have dreamed of it/them, and a corporatized college housing department was the focus of the dream/those dreams.

Like the last dream that I had of this dream world the corporatized college housing department had some over-priced, poorly made, poorly maintained/not maintained at all, et cetera apartments/dorms on several dock areas & several dorm/apartment boat houses & several apartments/dorms near the dock areas & several apartments/dorms further on land.