Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Film Idea

I only remember part of the end of this dream because I was suddenly scared awake by accident when my body jumped like it did in the dream; which caused me to forget almost all my dreams and I only remember some of the end of this dream.

I remember being in a windowless board/meeting-like room that was possibly a bit restaurant-like, like a private room.

I was there with various people like: Grace Randolph from YouTube, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Antonio Banderas, an old man with metal dentures designed to look dangerous/tough/cool who was probably an old James Bond villain or henchman, and several other people.

There was probably a television screen on the wall on the right side of the room that probably played some film trailers/et cetera as we talked, ate, drank, et cetera.

One of the film trailers was for a new James Bond film, and I remember us talking about it and Grace seemed to be the organizer/whatever.


Inside A Spaceship

I did not feel like typing my dreams this morning, probably because I had so many dreams last night that I could barely remember any of them again, but while eating some watermelon & looking at free antivirus reviews, I suddenly felt like typing my dream fragments from last night. 🙂

I had so many dreams last night again and the dreams were so different from each other, that I can not remember most of them, and I can not remember the exact order that some of the dream fragments go in; and so I will type the random dream fragments that I remember.

Dream 1

One dream involved normal everyday stuff and my dad kept popping his false teeth (dentures) out of his mouth in public, a nasty & annoying bad habit that my dad has in real life & I hate the sound of him popping his false teeth, and at some point my dad even took out his false teeth in public; I was disgusted & annoyed as usual, and I asked him to put his false teeth back into his mouth & I asked him to please stop popping his false teeth out of his mouth! Hahaha 🙂

Dream 2

Another dream involved my brothers, some of their fictional classmates, and I as we ran & hid in & around a fictional building with many floors & stairs, from various people & beings & creatures who were fighting each other; and we where trying to avoid the conflict.

I remember running afraid at one point because I heard a creäture chasing me, but I told myself to not be afraid, and then I jumped very high into an opening in the wall to avoid the creäture & I used my dream powers to prevent it from reaching me; and then the creäture started to chase someone else.

Some of the beings & people fighting had powers, and I sometimes I would hear their various powers blasting in the distance; but they spent most of their time trying to find each other in the large & confusing building that we were in, instead of fighting.

At some point my brothers, some of their fictional classmates, and I all hid in my hiding spot & we watched below as the occasional person or creäture or being would pass the area below looking for someone to fight; and we did not have to worry because they could not reach us.

We spent most of our time talking and we had fun, and we were no longer worried about the conflict really; but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 3

I think that I had another dream that had something to do with music by Pauline Croze, maybe, and/or Ms. Croze was in the dream and/or there was a new Pauline Croze album out or something; and maybe I was at a store, but I can not remember.

Dream 4

I had another dream where I was driving a car on a fictional version of the street that my grandfather lives on, and I noticed a small fire in my parent’s yard by the fence; I stopped the car & I got out of the car near a group of rough-looking people who were hanging out, as the fire trucks & police drove by us toward the fire.

I saw that the firefighters quickly put out the small fire, and then I drove to my parent’s house to check the other side of the yard, to make sure that there was not a fire there too; and to find out how did another fire start in the yard by the fence.

I suspected that someone threw a cigarette or something into the yard, especially as I over-heard some of the rough-looking people talking as they watch the fire being put out too, and I suspected that maybe one of them was possibly involved with the fire; they were hanging out drinking & smoking & just being annoying trying to act rough & tough.

I started to search the outside of my parent’s yard, but I woke up.

Dream 5

I had another dream that took place at a fictional school and I went to several classes, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 6

The last dream that I can remember, there were more dreams but I forgot them, involved me & a woman who I think had whitish colored skin & light brownish and/or orangish colored hair.

The woman had a large strange-looking futuristic rifle-like weapon and I am not sure what weapon that I had or if I had a weapon at all, but I think that we had to fight some people and/or beings (entities or aliens) outside of a spaceship that was on the ground.

We fought our way into the spaceship and we might have had to fight a bit on/in the spaceship, but I can not remember, and something strange happened that I am not sure if this happened in this dream or another dream; but I remember a woman with short blond hair, whitish colored skin, and maybe blue colored eyes and she was playing mind games with us.

I am guessing that she might have been a hologram of the spaceship’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) or something, maybe, but she was playing mind games with/on us & she was leading us around the spaceship as we tried to chase her; but she kept disappearing.

She seemed to be enjoying playing mind games on us and she would laugh & smile at times, as we chased her around the spaceship, but I am not sure why we went to the spaceship or what we were searching for or what we were trying to do; I just know that the fighting and the mind games wore the woman and I out, and at some point we found an apartment-like room on the spaceship.

We were injured from the fighting and from whatever mind games that the woman/AI/alien/being/whatever kept playing on us, but I can not remember what any of the mind games included/involved, but I do know that they tired us out & that they annoyed us.

I guess the woman and I had cleared the outside and the inside of the spaceship from all threats, except the woman/AI/alien/being/whatever, if she was even a threat but she was definitely an annoyance.

In the futuristic apartment-like room there was a strange-looking bed, a strange-looking kitchen, a strange-looking bathroom, a strange-looking living room, et cetera; everything was clean, futuristic, strange, and pretty practical.

We seemed to feel safe in this area and we stopped to take a shower, I think, and then we went to lay on the bed to rest still naked or mostly naked, oddly.

I then noticed that one of the woman’s arm seemed to be missing, I am not sure if she lost it during the fighting and/or mind games or if her arm was already missing or not before then, and then we both lay/laid there in bed resting our sore/tired bodies & minds; and we seemed to be connecting with each other.

We just lay there looking at each other communicating without talking (telepathy?) mostly, we had survived so far by working together as a team, but I can not remember all that we communicated with each other; we just enjoyed the moment, but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂