Ivar The Boneless’s Strange Invasion Of Kattegat

Dream 1

This dream was inspired by episode 6 (The Message) of the television show Vikings (Season 5) that I watched before going to sleep.

Vikings: Who Will Rise? Teaser Trailer | Season 5 Premieres Nov. 29 | History

The dream involved Ivar The Boneless and his brother Hvitserk and their army and King Harald Finehair and his army sailing by ships to invade Kattegat to defeat Queen Lagertha and Ubbe and their armies.


Riding A Sport (Street) Bike (Motorcycle)

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I remember my mind thinking about what/which anti-viruses should I test out next, some of the/my thoughts were: “Should I test out AVG AntiVirus Free? | When should I test out Comodo Internet Security again? | Should I keep testing Avast Antivirus Free for now? | When should I test out Microsoft Security Essentials again?”.

Then I had a dream or several dreams but I can not remember much of them, and I just remember being in a classroom that had lockers in the room & there were no windows; and my class was watching a film, and I remember going to my locker looking for some deodorant but I thought that I did not have any.

I asked my former classmate WG for some deodorant and he was going to let me use his un-opened deodorant, but then I found my deodorant in a bag; I found the bag because I suddenly remembered a past dream and/or vacation where I left that bag in a certain place, and I remembered that I still had my vacation stuff/things packed in it.

I thanked WG and I gave him his un-opened deodorant back, and I started changing clothes and/or I started freshening up, while my class was watching the/a film; but that is all that I can remember.

Next, I remember traveling to a fictional version of LC and then back to D, and at some point I was driving a slow sport (street) bike (motorcycle) in D on my way back to the fictional LC; but the road was very muddy in some areas and some parts of the road were horribly messed up, and so the other people driving & I had to be careful on the road.

I remember jumping over mud, going through mud, jumping over large uneven parts of the road that looked like an earthquake had broken up the road & raised some parts of the road higher than the rest, et cetera with my sport/street bike; and some of the other drivers on the road were getting stuck and/or having traffic accidents and/or getting slowed down a lot more than I was.

I remember having fun driving through and around the various challenges in the road, but then I noticed some other bike/motorcycle riders on sport/street bikes that were also getting around the challenges well, and they had helmets on; and then I realized that I did not have a helmet on, which is illegal, and so I decided to turn around to find a store that sold motorcycle helmets.

I saw a former classmate of mine from my former Spanish Class on the side of the road, and so I stopped to ask him where the nearest store that sold motorcycle helmets was located; and he pointed to a store nearby and he told me that they had motorcycle helmets, and so I thanked him, but I woke up as I was riding my sports bike to the store.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂