A Depressive Possible Last Vacation | Trying To Escape A Building

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I barely remember part of two dreams with the first dream being inspired by some things that I have been thinking about recently, and in the dream I left on a possible last vacation to an LC-like city; and I took this possible last vacation because I was almost out of money in the dream & in real life, and so in the dream & in real life I felt that I should do this before it is too late.

I had not given up completely in the dream or in real life, so during my vacation I was still looking/asking about possible job/housing/food/education/et cetera opportunities almost everywhere I went even at the hotel that I was staying at, but this vacation was only going to last one or two days or so.

The hotel that I was staying at had a lot of whitish/grayish colored carpet/floor/walls/ceiling, and it was a nice & clean small hotel.

I forgot most of the dream but I remember it being depressive with me thinking a lot but still trying to find ways to improve my situation before it was too late because if I failed then this would possibly be the end for me, but I did go around the city to eat/drink/probably watch a movie/job search/explore/walk/think/do & see some things that I might not have done/seen before/et cetera.

During my vacation I asked people almost everywhere I went about job/housing/food/education/et cetera possibilities, I looked out for signs on businesses hiring, I looked at newspapers/classifieds, I listened to people talking about jobs, et cetera as I did other things.

At some point it was very late at night (probably early morning) and I went back to my hotel without finding any job/housing/food/education/et cetera opportunities, so I was feeling even more depressive & ready to give up, and so I planned on leaving once I woke up & either go back home to keep trying or go back home to give up or just die/finally accept death instead of continuing to try.

I woke up early the next morning and there was a woman in bed next to me sleeping, I am not sure who she was or where she came from but I do not remember being surprised to see her there, and I took a moment to think about what I was going to do; and I remember seeing the woman sleeping peacefully with a smile on her face, and I started thinking about wanting a better life for her & this inspired me to not give up.

I felt like going to L next to continue my vacation & job/housing/food/education/et cetera search, and I wanted to get a job & a house or apartment & to be able to buy the things needed to support the woman & I where we could live/survive and at least have a somewhat happy life; and I wanted to at least do this for her, because I had mostly given up on myself, and so this gave me some reason/purpose/inspiration.

I then went back to sleep and I woke up again later, and the woman woke up; and I excitingly/happily told her about my plans, we got out of bed, we got dressed, we packed up our stuff, we checked out of the hotel, and we started driving to L; and I remember thinking about some of the things that I wanted to do L and I felt hope & inspired & not depressive anymore, but I woke up.

Dream 2

The second dream is very unclear but I remember being in a complex building that might have been underground or partly underground, and it might have belonged to a corporation or was a secret location for a group; and my brother GC & several other people were there with me, but I am not sure why we were there but I think that we were trying to expose some illegal things being done there and/or save someone/something and/or stop what was going on there and/or something like that.

At some point security found out about us and started trying to catch us, I remember someone with us getting wounded, and so we had to carry/drag this person; and I remember hiding in an office area with the wounded person while my brother GC & someone else left to distract the security & find an exit to the building.

At some point my brother & the other person came back saying that they found a possible exit & the security did not know where we were exactly, and so we started carrying/dragging the wounded person with us again; and I remember someone (a man who looked like a scientist wearing a white lab coat) who worked in the building thanking us for what we were doing, and maybe he had helped us avoid the security.

I remember something being mentioned about a plant with thorns, and the man saying that he wanted people to take parts of it to grow their own plants or something like that; and we left to escape to the exit with maybe part of the plant but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


My Aunt JE Is Sick?

Source: Wikipedia

I am too busy and interrupted to think about or remember most of my dreams from last night, so I will not be able to type or remember most of them.

I remember part of one dream, which was a pretty long dream, but most of it will be lost thanks to today’s annoyances.

Near the end of the dream my aunt JE seemed to be sick and/or very depressed and/or dying, and my mom and one or more of my aunts were taking care of her.

I remember my aunt JE spending most of the time on a couch, and I wondered if she was dying.

We were at a house/place that was partly like my grandfather’s house or was my grandfather’s house, during some parts of the dream.

I can not remember or think about the rest of the dream, too much noise and interruptions, I imagine that this will start stressing me out if this continues the next few days; I am a bit grumpy/angry now about it, I hate having my mornings interrupted before I can clear my mind/think/wake up properly/do my morning routine & having so many interruptions that it takes several days to finish simple things like watching one TV show episode. Hehehe

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


A Midsummer Depressive Turned Comedic Night’s Daydream / Play

Source: Wikipedia

I just found a yellow sticky note (As they call them, they call it sticky because there is glue on the back) by my computer that is months old, on it were a few words I had written one night after work to remind myself of a daydream/play I made.

Months ago while I was at work, I remember being in a depressive-like mood, but at some point during work as I listened to some music, I started to daydream about myself making/staring in a play, then I started to feel better.

I can not remember much of it now, but on the yellow sticky note I wrote:

To be or not to be

Émilie Simon performance and scene

Cardboard replacements (standees)

Job Scene

Ending: Ask DNA (song) during the ending credits with dancing

I do remember one scene with two people walking out on stage, one of them looks at the other one and says: “To be or not to be, that is the question.”

And the other one looks at the crowd with a funny straight face, pauses, and says: “But what is the answer?”.

Then the crowd laughs, and the two people run back stage; end of scene.

I probably also imagined that between scenes, there would be performances by music artists like: Pauline Croze, Emilie Simon, and probably a few other music artists that I was listening to while I was daydreaming all of this.

I do know that one scene was to take place right after a Pauline Croze performance and Pauline Croze would be part of that scene, but I can not remember it.

I do remember part of a similar scene that had a Emilie Simon performance and then a scene with her right after her performance, and I was in that scene as well.

It had something to do with cardboard replacements (standees) of a person, maybe myself and/or her, I can not remember exactly.

The cardboard replacements were probably used by me to avoid getting attacked, by using them as a distraction while I hide or something; I do not remember, but I do know that it was something funny/wacky/goofy.

I think that and/or the Pauline Croze performance was to be / would be interrupted by me trying to join the band during the song, and Ms. Simon or Ms. Croze would get annoyed & they would start chasing me, trying to hit me with probably a guitar or something; but I can not remember.

There were probably some scenes making fun of my job, and some scenes that would get the audience involved in / with the play.

The whole play was mostly a comedy with some music, and there would be / was a dance at the end of the play.

I think the play was supposed to take place at my job and many of my co-workers were to be in it, and everyone would be in the dance at the end with the song Ask DNA from the Cowboy Bebop: The Movie playing.

The ending song would be played by the band while everyone joins / joined in with the performance and dance, and they would just have fun.

The play was about having fun instead of taking things so seriously, even the scenes were set up where the actors/actresses would not have to memorize lines, they would just be given a subject for the scene and they would do whatever they felt like for that scene.

So everyone would relax and they would just go out there to have fun, and they would try to get the audience involved.

That is about all that I can remember, it was so long ago and all I have is a few words on a yellow sticky note to help me remember.

-John Jr 🙂