Taking A Family Member To A Store / Clinic

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I got in bed too late so I did not get enough sleep and I only voice recorded part of the end of my last dream which is an unclear and confusing dream with a changing dream character, and so all of my other dreams are forgotten now except for the end of this dream.

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that it took place during the day in the city of D, my mom was taking care of a fictional old family member who was sick, and this fictional old family member’s condition got worse to where they were unconscious / sleep and would not wake up so my mom had me take this fictional old family member to a fictional low-cost clinic (urgent care walk-in clinic I assume) that was inside a fictional store in the shopping center by W Park near where maybe the Goodwill should be.

My male cousin DE was with us and we had the fictional old family member in a hospital-like bed / stretcher with wheels so you could push the bed, like the bed my grandfather CE used to have near the end of his life, and I drove us to the store / clinic.

I remember parking in the parking lot and we pushed the bed as we rushed to the store / clinic because we were not sure how much time our fictional old family member had left to live or what was wrong with them, getting through the doors was a struggle, and so I had to open both doors and we had to tilt and lift the bed to get it through as some customers stared at us like something was wrong with us.

I remember yelling for some help and letting the employees know that we had an emergency, the employees looked and acted very unprofessional and unsympathetic / unempathetic and lazy and like they did not care about their jobs or customers, and one or two of them maybe put on a vest or some equipment switching from their job in the store to their job in the clinic.

A female employee who acted like she did not care at all led us to the middle of the store which was an open area that was used as the clinic, and she asked me some questions about the fictional old family member as part of the sign-in process et cetera.

I did not have much information at all and my mom was the one who knew some things about their symptoms, and so I was not able to answer some of the questions and I asked her to please run some tests and check their vitals et cetera; but she just wanted to ask questions instead of actually doing something.

I remember trying to answer the questions the best that I could while constantly asking them to please do something, I remember another female employee watching us who looked somewhat like my coworker Mrs. ML, and maybe eventually I got them to get a nurse or doctor or another employee who slightly glanced at our fictional old family member.

This fictional old family member was possibly a man at first but I can not remember, then at the clinic they probably changed into a woman, and at first they were possibly just a distant cousin or some kind of other distant relative but later they changed into maybe a grandfather and then a grandmother without me noticing these possible changes.

I remember my cousin DE and me continuing to struggle to try to get the employees to run some tests or something, and then I remember something strange that was almost like a dream within a dream or something where I was there but I was somehow seeing something that was like a monologue in a movie or maybe I was seeing inside the mind of our old family member who was still unconscious but I have no idea what this was or what was going on exactly.

I just remember seeing a woman who I thought had light-color skin that I thought was whitish-color skin at first with short-to-medium curly maybe brown hair, her hairstyle and clothing and the colors in this scene looked like something from an older time period like maybe the 1920s – 1960s but who knows, and so it was like seeing something in the past or seeing someone who is imaging / dreaming of themselves in the past like this part of the dream was from someone else’s mind or memory (almost like ancestral memory or another dreamer or something).

The woman was sitting on or next to a bed alone in a room and maybe she stood up and walked around sometimes during her monologue, and she gave this long angry negative bitter hate-filled monologue where she was talking down on people in the past who used to be slaves and their descendants who did not resist being enslaved or who stopped resisting and who started trying to adapt and survive to their new lives as slaves and post-old style slavery.

She felt that these ancestors and descendants were a disgrace, she said many negative things about them, and why she felt the way that she did and what she thought that they should have done and what they should be doing now.

She felt that those ancestors should have never stopped resisting being slaves and that their descendants should still be resisting the descendants of the slave masters et cetera and resisting the various cultural and societal et cetera systems that still negatively impact them today.

She was so bitter and angry and hate-filled and passionate about this, it was like if someone’s dead ancestor was somehow able to see their living descendants from another dimension or plane of existence (like since their death they have been in a place that allowed them to still see the living world over the years since their death), and then be disappointed in them and in some of their other ancestors.

I remember her specifically saying that maybe the ancestors of the family or some of the families who started the Nestlé company possibly used to own slaves, and she felt that the current descendants of slaves should still be resisting that family or those families even now.

At first it seemed like an all-out attack on slaves and former slaves and their descendants, like someone from the outside, but then it started to seem that maybe she was actually possibly a descendant of slaves too and she was just extra harsh and bitter on them and about this and about how things went down back then and how they are still going today.

It seemed that she possibly hated most of her family and was probably a very negative person so her family probably avoided her too and she probably avoided them because she probably looked down on most of them in disappointment because she expected better from them, and so she probably died alone or was dying alone.

She was a stubborn strong independent bitter angry mean person it seemed, but eventually I started to feel that deep down she really cared about her family and ancestors and descendants and was just very disappointed and bitter and angry et cetera.

Near the end of this monologue it started to seem that maybe her skin color was actually a very light-brown, her overall skin color was light and could seem whitish, but it was possibly a bit darker than it seemed but it was hard to tell because of the old style colors and the distance that she was at as she gave her monologue like a bitter dead person or dying person trapped in another plane of existence or as a memory passed on to a descendant or something.

I got the impression that the woman had married into a wealthier family than her own with whitish-color skin, I got the impression that her skin color and appearance made this possible because she did not look how most people would expect a descendant of those slaves she had talked about to look, and this raised her to a higher social standing but she was still bitter and not happy about the state of things and her ancestors and descendants.

After that dream scene or whatever it was ended my attention was returned back to the store / clinic, maybe we got the employees to finally do something or almost do something, and I remember maybe the employee who somewhat reminded me of my coworker Mrs. ML commenting about the dream scene or whatever that I just saw where she said something like: “No wonder most of her family avoid her, she was a terrible person, and she was probably treated them terribly.” or something like that.

Then the employees left to either get the results or they wanting to just wait and observe our old family member or they just left us hanging, I just remember my cousin DE and me sitting and waiting with our unconscious old family member, who eventually possibly changed to one or both of my dead grandparent’s (my grandfather CE and my grandmother DE) or fictional version of them or I just started to sense or see this old family member as one or more of them at various points.

At the end I saw this old family member in a positive way and I was worried about their condition because, and I probably saw them as my dead grandmother DE or a fictional version of her at the end without any of the negative stuff from the possible previous version of this dream character.

But that is all that I can remember of this confusing dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Trying To Get Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson To Be Friends Again

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the night outside in a field that looked similar to the field behind the D Junior High School, and I was in this field with some people (adults and children) with medium-color and dark-color skin who probably all had some ancestors who were from Africa (African).

These assumed descendants of people from Africa were probably marginalized and discriminated against et cetera, and it seemed that we were left in this field at night with no tents or anything except for a few wooden platform-like things scattered around some parts of the field.


A Land Dispute

I went to bed too late and when I woke up remembering one or more dreams I went back to sleep because I did not feel like getting out of bed, and so I ended up forgetting all of my dreams except for barely part of one possible dream.

All that I can remember of this possible dreams is that it possibly involved a person or group who were trying to buy some land in maybe the countryside from a family who were possibly members of a Native American tribe but I can not remember.

I can not remember but maybe the area slightly reminded me of the Navajo section of the video game Beyond: Two Souls:

The land had belonged to the ancestors of the family but it now belonged to their descendants, the family, and the family did not want to sell the land even though they may have not been living on it or using it but I can not remember.

The person or group kept trying to get the family to sell the land without luck, and so the person or group then started trying to figure out how to force the sell or take the land from the family.

A land dispute began and the person or group were doing all that they could to win, this person or group had the money and the lawyers and connections et cetera, and so the family were at a disadvantage.

Eminent domain was possibly one way that the person or group would try to get the land.

The family was going to resist no matter what it seemed, they were angry and determined, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


My Former Classmate JC Becomes A Viking Traditionalist

Unfortunately I can not remember most of this dream, I had another dream after it that was related to this dream but I got out of bed too fast so I forgot the second dream, but I still remember some of the end of the first dream.

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that the dream possibly took place near a college, I was possibly in the dream during some or all of it but I am not sure, and most of the end of the dream took place at and near some tennis courts that were near some one-story house-like apartment buildings that had house-like buildings that were divided into several separate apartments.


A Lucid Dream On An Island

Unfortunately I can not remember a lot of details about this dream (I think that it is all just one dream, but I could be wrong), and I almost forgot that the dream became a lucid dream at some point because the dream probably eventually returned to being a normal dream at some point.

I am not sure if this happened in another dream or this dream, but I think that I remember hearing part of a parody comedy rap song that I once saw and heard in a video called IceJJFish | I Just Bought a Bugatti (I’m Happy) | Loiter Squad | Adult Swim 🙄:

I have no idea when or how or why I remember hearing part of that song in a dream, I possibly even heard part of another song as well (possibly a newer Pauline Croze song like La Rua Madureira and / or a Micachu song like Curly Teeth), but I can not remember.

All that I can remember of this dream now is that it took place during the day, I think that I was on a small island that either was an ancient Roman island or an island that was taken over by ancient Roman soldiers (ancient Rome) in the past, but I am not sure if it was an island in Italy or an island in Greece or somewhere else.

The island was now under the control of descendants of those ancient Roman soldiers (ancient Romans), the descendants had their own armed security forces and businesses and port and it was a tourist destination et cetera like they were the government and this was their territory or something, and this island was probably on the sea but I could be wrong.

The island was raised with a natural rocky port being possibly the only easy entrance to the island, the trade and tourist boats and ships would use this port, and I assume that I was a tourist.

At some point I remember being inside a building, possibly windowless, and the island got attacked so I remember hiding in what looked like the breakfast room of The E House.

I heard and saw tourists running around and screaming, and I saw the descendants who controlled the island running around getting their weapons (assault rifles, et cetera) and probably body armor and fighting to defend the island.

Oddly no one else hid where I was hiding, the breakfast room had an open storage closest that I was going to hide in if necessary, and so I did not get to see most of the action.

My hiding spot was working well as I walked around waiting for the situation to end until I heard some noise like several people were walking toward the kitchen, and so I stopped to listen closely.

I should have hidden in the open closet like I had planned but for some unknown reason I wanted to see who it was, maybe I assumed that the descendants had won because they had their own security force, and I remember seeing several short people walking outside the opening to the kitchen and they probably saw me.

The short people who I saw were possibly not human but they were wearing clothes, maybe they somewhat reminded me of the alien Jaco Teirimentenpibosshi from the television show Dragon Ball Super, but I can not remember because I remember going to hide in the open closet because they ran into the kitchen and then the breakfast room looking for me.

I remember them looking around the breakfast room as I hid in the open closet, I remember climbing up and holding myself in the air by holding both sides of the wall, and I remember them looking in the open closet but I can not remember if they found me or not or what happened.

I just remember that after whatever happened, I somehow realized that I was dreaming because of something unusual that I can not remember that I saw, and so the dream became a lucid dream.

I then remembered the second thing that I wanted to try in a lucid dream, for some reason I did not think of the first thing which is to communicate with the dream world itself or the third thing which is to try to meet up with Lost Truth and Walkthesacredearth at the Eiffel Tower, and so I remembered that the second thing that I wanted to try was to try to have sex in a lucid dream so I went to try that because that came to my mind first oddly.

I remember seeing a woman with light-color skin entering the breakfast room, probably a fellow tourist, and so I asked her if she wanted to have sex with me but she said no to my surprise 😀 so I walked outside to find another woman to ask.

The descendants had lost the battle to my surprise and they were gone from the island now, but I am not sure what happened to them.

I saw other tourists outside and I remember seeing a very thin sickly looking woman with light-color skin so I asked her if she wanted to have sex with me and she said yes, I am not sure if her shirt was already off or not but I remember her shirt being off, and we started trying to have sex outside as other people walked by which did not bother me oddly.

I started to notice that the dream was starting to destabilize (maybe I saw the dream literally start tearing in a small area where some colors were starting to spin like a portal opening or a black hole or like a vortex or whatever like water going down a drain that was pulling the dream world with it) so I rubbed my hands together to stabilize the dream which helped but I was not sure if that was enough, and so I spun around in a circle briefly with my eyes open (because I remembered how Lost Truth had mentioned that doing this with her eyes closed seemed to possibly cause her to wake up accidentally) and that helped even more so the dream was successfully stabilized and it was still a lucid dream at this point.

I went back to trying to have sex with the thin sickly woman and I remember the woman’s skin feeling a bit strange and slippery and / or slimy oddly, I also noticed a bunch of large maybe red circles on her back that looked like either rashes or tattoos or something, and it seemed that the woman really was sick so I stopped (we were not that far into trying to have sex) to ask her if she was okay and either I offered to try to heal her or I asked someone else to help her and I told her that we should not be doing this because she was in no condition to do this and that she needed medical attention.

I then asked another woman who also had light-color skin if she wanted to have sex and she said yes, and so we started trying to have sex but I am not sure how far we got until we got interrupted by a fight.

There was a tall man dressed like a cowboy who looked like a younger version of my former male classmate JW who was fighting another cowboy who looked like a younger version of John Wayne who was still older than this younger version of my former classmate JW, it seemed that Mr. Wayne had possibly killed someone my former classmate JW really cared about, and so they were fighting over that pretty seriously.

A man broke up their fight and then this man told all of us tourists that the descendants had lost the battle and that the island was now under control of the people who had defeated them, he did not say who they were, but I wondered if many their ancestors were possibly the original inhabitants of this island before ancient Rome possibly conquered it in the past.

The man told us to all line up at the port to wait for the ships to arrive to take us away because we had to leave the island, both of those interruptions prevented me from getting far into having sex, and I probably forgot that the dream was a lucid dream shortly after this so the dream probably returned to being a normal dream.

We all lined up in several lines at the port to wait for the boats to pick us up, I remember seeing and talking to my former male classmate WG, and I remember seeing a man with light-color skin who was hiding his identity by wearing a khaki hat that covered a lot of his face and somehow I felt that this man was my former male classmate JC in disguise so I did not bother him at first.

The man who had us line up told us a few other things that I can not remember and I remember asking him who had defeated the descendants, and to my surprise and confusion he said: “Fishermen.”.

I asked him how did some fisherman manage to defeat the descendants of Roman soldiers who had their own security force, but either he did not know or he did not answer my question but I can not remember.

My former classmate JW once again got into a fight with Mr. Wayne, after another argument between them where my former classmate JW probably asked Mr. Wayne why he killed whoever he had killed in the past and he probably insulted him and he got very emotional, and then he attacked Mr. Wayne.

This time I helped the other man break up the fight and we separated them into two different lines with my former classmate JW being in my line, and I talked with him trying to calm him down.

After that I walked over to the man hiding his identity with a baseball cap, I asked him if he was my former classmate JC, and he showed me his face and it was him.

We very briefly exchanged a few words, I wanted to talk to him but he seemed to be trying to hide so I did not bother him, and then I left him alone and he returned to hiding his face with his baseball cap

I woke up shortly after this.

The end,

-John Jr