A Forced (Mandatory) Boarding School In The City Of D?

I barely remember part of my last dream from last night which took place during the day in a slightly fictional version of the city of D, the school system started to change to longer school days, then more school days every year, and then they became boarding schools where the students lived; and then they became strict forced/mandatory boarding schools that seemed more like prison to me, and they even had armed and armored guards who wore body armor that looked a bit like Desert Ranger Combat Armor (but without the helmets probably) from the video game Fallout: New Vegas.

My memory of this dream is very flawed and incomplete so all that I can remember is being with a group of unknown people, somehow we got forced into the D High School, even though we were probably adults who finished high school years ago; and we probably tried to explain that this was a mistake but they would not listen, and they probably took us there by school bus under armed guard.

The D High School was under armed guard and it was more like a prison than a boarding school and I remember the other students being normal public school aged students (I can not remember if they were all high school students or not, maybe there were various school aged students there as well, but I am not sure) but the group that I was with were probably adults, and the school had very strict rules and routines that seemed more focused on controlling people than educating them and helping them to learn how to learn.

I think that a man in our group came up with an idea for us to escape the forced boarding school and he also wanted to free the other students and try to end this prison-like forced/mandatory boarding school system, he seemed to be the leader of the group, and so we followed his plan and several other students joined us.

I remember us sneaking to the parking lot but one or more school buses arrived with new students and they were under armed guard like we had been, we hid, but the leader changed the plan without warning; and the leader and some of the others probably attacked the guards taking their weapons and armor, and they took control of the school bus pretending to be guards. (I do not know what happened to the guards, I never saw them again, maybe they killed them and hide the bodies)

I assumed that we were going to load up as many students as we could and take them away so that they could be free but to my surprise/confusion the leader and some of the others took them to the school continuing to pretend to be guards, they probably took out all the real guards, and they slowly took control of the school; and they continued accepting new students pretending to be the people running the school and/or guarding the school.

This confused and surprised me and I did not agree with this, this was not part of the plan, I did not take part in this, and I assumed that maybe they were going to keep pretending while improving the school to be about education and learning et cetera instead of being more like a prison; but it seemed that they were following the same system as before to my surprise/shock/confusion.

I can not remember if I argued with them or not about this, probably not, I probably watched them from a distance while helping some of the other students escape; and I probably was trying to figure out what was going on before deciding what I should do, I assumed that either they were doing a good job acting so that people on the outside would not get suspicious or they tricked us or they became power/control-hungry/whatever, either way I was going to continue the original plan while keeping my distance until I could figure out who to trust and what to do but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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