Looking For A Bee Gees Music Album | New Coworkers

Lazy notes of my dreams:

Dream 1

I went to a fictional BP School Board building to visit some coworkers of my dad, one of the male coworkers is not there, and a dark-skin obese woman & her dark-skin boyfriend or husband were at a table.

They call the missing man’s office wanting a certain Bee Gees music album to check out, I assume, and I decide to try to find it for them.


Shooting An Evil David Tennant

David Tennant in Bad Samaritan (2018)
Source: IMDb

I had more dreams, but now I only barely remember part of the end of my last dream.

This dream started in a slightly fictional version of the city of D, and in the dream I remember wanting to go to a fictional city or maybe the city of LC so that I could stay at a hotel and go out to eat and shop et cetera like a mini vacation or something.

I ended up waiting to late to where I would not get to do much other than checking into a hotel, maybe eating if I was lucky, and then go to sleep and wake up the next day; but I can not remember if I went ahead and left the city by automobile or not.

If I did then I possibly turned around and I went back to the city of D to a fictional restaurant that was near where The Military Surplus store is, this was possibly my last chance to catch a restaurant that would be open, and the restaurant was possibly partly a buffet but I can not remember.

The restaurant was owned by a family with light-color skin (husband, wife, and several children), and some of them were behind the front counter where you would probably pay first and where you could possibly order some food that was behind the glass like some desserts which included some large cinnamon roll-like desserts that looked pretty good.

This was supposed to be a pretty good restaurant, I remember being in line, and at some point there was an attack but I can not remember the details other than guns and shooting was involved.

I remember helping stop the threat(s), and some people I saved (maybe one or more people I knew like maybe some coworkers and/or some other people) went outside and got into my automobile to wait on me.

The final or only threat was basically villainous/evil David Tennant who was somewhat like his character Kilgrave from the TV show Jessica Jones, I had defeated him, and he was in a room; and there was a revolver and an old-style one-shot pistol that was possibly a flintlock pistol or musket pistol that I had taken from him.

Somehow he convinced me to give him the revolver back while I kept the single-shot pistol (flintlock pistol or musket pistol or whatever it was), I am not sure if he tricked me or if he used mind control powers on me or why I gave him the revolver back, and as I was walking away to leave the room he tried to shoot me from behind.

Fortunately he missed the first shot and I shot him with the single-shot pistol, maybe a head-shot but I am not sure, and he died.

I probably kept the single-shot pistol but I am not sure if I took the revolver, and I walked outside to my automobile where the others were waiting on me.

I was not sure if I should call the police and wait for them to explain the situation et cetera or if we should just leave and hope they never find out who shot and killed him, I am not sure why I even needed to think about this, I had clearly acted in self-defense but there were no witnesses or video of this so maybe that is why I was worried.

But I woke up before I could decide what to do.

The end,

-John Jr


Iain Gle And I Getting Shot At With Arrows

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, the forgotten parts of the dream took place at The BP Library where I was working, and at some point I left with my female coworker MA and a fictional female coworker with light-color skin with dark-color hair wearing glasses and a man who looked like or was Iain Glen.

We went to my parents house, MA drove her automobile and the other female coworker probably rode with her, and Mr. Glen rode in my automobile.

I offered some food to the others and they accepted, and I remember us going inside the house where I offered them some homemade and store bought desserts.

The next thing that I remember is the others leaving except for Mr. Glen and I, and I remember us walking around outside.

I am not sure if we walked somewhere else that looked partly like my parents yard or where we were at this point, I just remember seeing a strange earth/dirt made structure built on a cave or something, and it looked like it was where my parents house should be or it was in front of it.

I felt that we should avoid it but Mr. Glen wanted to take a closer look so he walked in the fenced yard, I hid behind what looked like the storage buildings in my parents yard that were in the same location they would be if this was my parents yard, and I warned him but he did not listen.

I watched from behind cover, it looked like an ancient structure, but I felt that maybe a tribe that had not made much if any contact with the modern world was probably living inside the cave or whatever.

At some point I noticed two very short men with light-medium color skin wearing only loincloths with bowl-like haircuts with dark-color hair with maybe some paint on their faces and body holding bows and arrows hiding like they were about to ambush Mr. Glen, and so I warned him to run to where I was.

As he did this the two very short men jumped out of hiding along with other very short men, and they started shooting arrows at us and making sounds and maybe saying some things in an unknown language.

The metal storage buildings were good cover, some of the arrows went over it and outside the yard, and at some point we ran out of the yard.

We decided to return to The BP Library, but I woke up as we walked there talking about what had just happened.

The end,

-John Jr


On Dirait Que C’est Normal | Forgetting To Clock Out | Andrew Yang’s Food Stand And Hooch

The last two days in a row I have had the song On Dirait Que C’est Normal by Jeanne Cherhal on my mind briefly in the morning, and so maybe it was in one of my dreams last night and the night before:

Dream 1

I had this dream when I briefly fell asleep on top of my bed, then I woke up and I got up a bit longer, and then I went back to sleep.

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was at The BP Library working at my IT Assistant job helping someone with a problem at a computer.

I remember someone mentioning something about logging in and logging out so maybe that was part of their problem, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was working at a fictional version of The BP Library that looked more like the old PL Grocery Store, it was like a combination of the library and a store, and at the front main room of the building was a big white screen where a movie or something was being projected on and watched.

I remember being in the back areas that were store-like, it was the areas before you get to what would normally be the back employee/warehouse areas, I was working but I am not sure what I was doing.

My female coworker JB and my coworker Mr. CF (who was the security guard as usual) walked back in the same area to work and talk, and we all talked together as we worked.

At some point JB disappeared before I could talk to her about something or before I could get a chance to really talk much, I really wanted to talk to her so I walked to the front to see if I could find her but I did not find her, and so I felt disappointed that I did not get to talk to her more.

I then decided to take a break, I forgot to clock out, and I left the building to drive somewhere during the day.

During this time I was still disappointed about not getting the chance to talk to JB, I remember driving past a parking lot that was probably similar to The BB Grocery Store parking lot when I realized that I forgot to clock out, and so I probably started to drive back to work.

But I woke up, and the disappointing feeling about not getting to talk to JB still lingered.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was driving my automobile during the day through a parking lot by a small park-like area, I noticed two connected small food stands/buildings, and so I parked and I went to them hoping to buy one or more desserts.

The business on the left side seemed to be owned by Andrew Yang and maybe his wife and his mother so he was there, and the business on the right side seemed to be owned by an old couple (husband and wife) who seemed to be from somewhere in Asia (Asian).

I went to Mr. Yang’s business first to ask what desserts did they have, his mother showed me a plate of some meat-looking stuff so I asked if they had any other desserts, and she showed me a plate of salad-looking stuff; and I asked them to combine them, and then I bought them.

I then went to the business on the right side, I asked them the same question but they dodged the question, I asked if they had any food but they hesitated, and then they handed me a sample of a drink.

The drink tasted a bit like maybe a tea with maybe a slight minty/citrus vegetable taste that tasted slightly fermented, it was strange, and I asked them what it was.

Once again they hesitated, I asked them how much was it and what did it come in, and then they somewhat nervously handed me a black trash bag that had liquid in it with two ears of corn; and it seemed that the drink that they gave me a sample of was some poorly made prison-like hooch drink.

They did not seem to be able to talk much, they wanted me to buy this but there was no way that I was buying it, and so I politely declined and gave it back to them while thanking them for the free sample.

A man with light-color skin with brown hair was behind me waiting in line, they asked about what that bag was and what it tasted like, and I told them.

The man then started to say negative things about it, about this business, how he would not shop here, and he started to make fun of them loudly so that other people could hear.

The two business owners looked sad and broken and defeated, this was the only product that they had, and then they shapeshifted into their real forms which were not human or they somehow had the power to trick our brains into seeing them a certain way which possibly wore off.

They were two creatures that were possibly somewhat pig-like, maybe not at first and maybe at first they looked like some small tan humanoid goblin-like creatures or something, but later they were more pig-like and walked on all-fours.

I started to walk away back to my automobile, but the two creatures started following me sadly in their maybe pig-like forms walking on all-fours.

I did not want them to know which automobile was mine and I did not want them following me, I tried to avoid them but they kept following me, and I even tried to talk to them but they kept following me.

They looked broken and like they were giving up on life and their business, the female creature even stopped and laid on the road, and she got ran over and killed by an automobile.

The male creature was even more sad and he went over near her body to lay down to die too, and I tried to talk him out of it but he had given up and wanted to die.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream before I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


French Recipe : Galette Des Rois À La Frangipane (King’s Cake Or King Cake)

Source: YouTube

Yesterday I finally made Galette Des Rois À La Frangipane (French Style King’s Cake or King Cake) for the first time using a recipe by the YouTube channel So Frenchy in her video French Recipe : Galette Des Rois (King’s Cake):

I added 1 oz more almonds than the recipe called for because the bag that I had was 6 oz instead of 5 oz so I somewhat increased the amount of most of the other ingredients as well.

I lost most of my egg yolk when it accidentally fell into the mixture which did not leave enough for me to spread on the outside unfortunately, and maybe that is why my edges did not seal well enough so some of my mixture leaked out while it was cooking causing a burning smell.

Fortunately the final product did not look as bad as I had expected due to my mistakes, but I put too much almond and it was not sweet enough or moist enough.

It was not bad but not as good as I had expected, probably due to some of my errors, and maybe I will try to make it sweeter if I try to make it again.

I was supposed to make this months ago for my coworkers because I found the baby in the king cake last year and so I was supposed to bring a king cake this year, but I never did. 😀

But thanks to So Frenchy I have finally made one, not for my coworkers because I wanted my family and I to try this recipe first to make sure that I could make it good enough to share with my coworkers, and so thank you So Frenchy.

The end,

-John Jr