A Buffet And Mi Parolas En Esperanto

I had at least 3 clear dreams that I woke up remembering several times, each time I would close my eyes to think about them before trying to decide whether to type them on my mobile phone or get up to voice record them, but I accidentally went back to sleep each time causing me to forget these three or more clear dreams that I remembered unfortunately.

Fortunately I do remember part of 3 other dreams, but I still wish that I had not lost the three or more other dreams that are now forgotten.

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day and maybe I walked outside the front door to see maybe my aunt JE walking up the street toward our house and / or The G House, but maybe she turned around to walk back to her house and then I noticed maybe my male cousin DE on the front porch of The G House like he had just returned from the hospital or wherever he is now.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream involved me, my parents, and a little girl with light-color skin with somewhat long curly medium-to-dark color hair (but I am not sure if she was my fictional sister, niece, daughter, cousin, or who she was exactly) going to a fictional buffet that my female coworkers CR and DT told me about.

We got to the buffet near closing time or the closing time for the buffet even though it was probably not evening or night, and so we did not have much time.

The entrance was at the far left side of the building, not too far from it was the front counter, to the right of the counter was a bar-style seating area, around the edges of much of the building were tables and chairs, there were several rows of food bars from the middle left side of the building to near the end of it, I guess the kitchen and main employee areas were on the right side of the building on the left of it, and to the right of that was possibly an open room or two with one being another counter with another entrance to the right of it, and the last of the seating areas on the rest of the right side.

The building was rectangular and pretty big, my parents picked the bar-style seating area, and then maybe I went to use the bathroom because I needed to urinate but I am not sure.

At some point I remember walking along the rows of food bars with one or more plates trying to see what food they had, time was running out, and a lot of food was missing and low because they were not restocking it because they were about to close the buffet soon so I did not get the normal food selection unfortunately.

I possibly saw my coworkers DT and CR but I am not sure, but I do remember a woman talking to me briefly at some point.

I remember looking at the desserts and getting several pieces of pie including a Reese’s peanut butter pie that had chocolate chip pieces and peanut butter chocolate chip shaped pieces all over it, and the desserts were probably next to the salad / fruit bars and the lights were off in this area so it was darker than the rest of the building.

In this area I saw a boy with light-color skin with brown hair in a bowl-style haircut getting some sushi, and I also saw a container of sweet tea that you press to get sweet tea and I almost got some until I realized that I already had some sweet tea at our table.

Unfortunately I woke up before I could finish getting my food and before I could eat my food and drink my sweet tea.

Dream 3

This dream was probably partly inspired by me doing a Duolingo Esperanto lesson before going to sleep and watching an Evildea video that I watched before going to sleep called Rememoroj De Mia Infaneco:

This dream took place during the morning, there was something about school that I can not remember, but I am not sure if I was still in high school (probably not) or if I worked there or if someone else I knew needed to go there or something.

Either way I decided to return to the buffet from the previous dream, I drove there and I parked outside the other entrance, and the building was in an area that looked like MLKJ Street in the city of D near where the S Club should be.

I entered the buffet and there was a long line by the second counter so I stopped to look out the entrance door window, several things happened during this part of the dream that I can not remember, but one thing that I remember is seeing my female cousin BC walking outside a house across the waiting on her ride to high school because in this dream she was younger and was in high school again.

Her ride was male classmate of hers who drove a moving van because he worked at a moving company or something, she saw a moving van drive by, but it was not him and then she found out that maybe she had missed her ride or something.

Her fictional father who was a man with dark-color skin wearing a blue baseball cap / hat walked out to see what was going on, after finding out they walked back inside the house like maybe he was going to give her a ride, and I thought about walking across the street to offer her a ride there but I decided to only do this if it seemed that her dad would not take her to school.

I walked to the line and I said something to a female employee with light-color skin with curly light-medium color hair about me not being sure if I paid for my food either last time and / or I wanted to make sure that my food it paid for this time, and then I got in line.

In the line were mostly older people with light-color skin with conservative beliefs and I heard them talking about a rumor about a male author about some comments that he had allegedly made that possibly involved he allegedly saying that maybe The United States should give 4 or 5 or all of the red states to maybe the country of Turkey, some other alleged demands, and some alleged negative things about The United States.

This sounded so unlike him, so unbelievable, so shocking, so not likely to happen that most of us did not believe this and we even said so including me who said that most people in the red states or the rest of The United States would never agree to that and would rather fight a bloody long war and die than give up their states especially to Turkey or whatever country was mentioned.

Whoever this author was he was known for certain types of books that many of the older conservative people liked and his books were usually patriotic and conservative et cetera, and so it would make no sense for him to have said those things or to want those things to happen.

They continued their conversation and I got out of it, to the left of me I noticed some men with light-color skin with short dark-color hair who looked like maybe college students from another country, and they looked at me like they wondered if I spoke another language other than English so one of them started speaking to me in another language that sounded like maybe a Romance Language (Latin-based language).

I did not understand what he was saying and I tried to figure out if it was Spanish or Italian or something else, and I heard him say some words that somewhat sounded like maybe: veni, vidi, vici and after that the only word that I can remember is vido.

I told him that I did not understand what he was saying, I paused, and then I told him that I was studying Esperanto and their faces lit up with some excitement like they had studied it before.

One of them started speaking in Esperanto, I turned to where my left ear was facing him and I looked downward trying to listen closely to recognize the words as he spoke quickly, and I was able to understand only a few words hear and there and I had somewhat of an idea of what he was saying.

At the end of whatever he said it seemed that he was introducing me to one of the other young men, and so I said: Saluton! (Hello).

I then referred to him as La amiko de… (The friend of….), I paused and the other young man told me that his name was Kevin or another name that started with K, and so I ended my sentence with Kevin or whatever his name was.

I went to say Mi parolas… (I speak…), I wanted to say only a little Esperanto but I could not think of the word, and so instead I said: Mi estas komencanto en Esperanto (I am a beginner in Esperanto).

I then started to speak in English and sometimes a bit of Esperanto when I knew the words with them about Esperanto and their knowledge and experiences with it, and hoping that we could learn and practice and use the language with each other.

Another thing that I probably said during our brief conversation was: Esperanto estas facila lingvo (Esperanto is an easy language) compared to the other languages that I have tried so far, and that I was surprised to find some other people who had heard of the language and who had studied it before.

But I woke up before I could learn more or talk about more.

The end,

-John Jr


An Indoor / Outdoor Buffet And A Deal Involving Black Tea?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely got any sleep last night and someone woke me up suddenly and I got out of bed suddenly, and so now I barely remember part of the end of my last dream.

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that I was at an indoor / outdoor restaurant that was probably a buffet, and I got one or more plates and I walked around to the different food bars getting food.

While doing this I saw and briefly talked to one or more of my former classmates like my former male classmate AC, my hands and plate or plates were pretty full at some point when I was trying to get some dessert, and so my former classmate AC had to put the dessert on my plate for me after I asked him to help me.

There were several bread based desserts in this area with frosting on top, some had filling inside of them, and my former classmate AC put a dessert that had an apple filling on my plate.

I thanked my former classmate AC and I joked about how I thought that I had enough for now, and then I probably went to find a table so that I could eat my food but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

I am not sure if I was in this final part of the dream or not, I just remember a dream scene involving a young man or man who could speak English and Spanish and who reminded me of or who was the character Augustin Elizalde (Gus) from the television show The Strain (which I watched an episode of last night) except he was younger so I will call him Gus.

Gus was at a school or college, he was a student I assume, and maybe class had just ended or had not started yet.

I remember Gus talking to some of his family on his mobile phone about some kind of family business matter, his family seemed connected and like they were possibly information gatherers and sellers et cetera, and a male classmate with light-color skin wearing maybe a white A-shirt who could speak English and Spanish overheard his conversation.

This male classmate seemed to be involved with maybe a gang or mafia or something who were involved in some illegal and legal activities, and so he asked Gus to set up a partnership between Gus’s family and the gang / mafia / whoever he was part of (they spoke in English and in Spanish).

Gus was not interested but the classmate did manage to get Gus to agree to a minor deal that could lead to something bigger, Gus agreed to sell or give a large shipment of black tea that his family did not need to the classmate’s gang / mafia / whoever so that they could move it and sell it, and Gus’s family would get a certain percent of the profits.

Gus told his classmate about a secret underground tunnel under the school or college that his family knew about and possibly uses, and he recommended that his classmate’s gang / mafia / whoever use that tunnel to move the black tea.

The classmate was happy with the deal and promised to give Gus’s family their percent of the profit when the time comes, and he hoped that this would lead to a partnership in the future.

Gus told his classmate that he better not cheat his family and that his family would know if he tried to cheat them, the classmate replied that he did not have to worry about that, and that he knows that Gus is telling the truth about his family being able to tell if they get cheated or not because they know how to get information and they are well-connected so he would not dare trying to cheat them and he wanted a partnership so he wanted to prove himself to Gus and his family.

They shook hands and they said goodbye, but someone woke me up in the real world and I got out of bed immediately.

The end,

-John Jr


Needing To Leave A Buffet Restaurant Early To Go To Work

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I went to work at a slightly fictional version of The B Parish Library where I work as a shelver; and the employee area was bigger than in real life.

After arriving to work, I remember walking down the main hallway of the employee area in the back.


Church + Cher + Film Trailers + New Taco Bell Frozen Desserts = ?

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during a nice day in a slightly better-looking version of the City Of D, I was with my dad and my brothers KD and TD, and I remember us following our dad inside a building.

A fictional man who my dad probably knew was having a probably Christian church service, I assume that the man was a preacher and this was a church, and I remember this man being short and standing at the front of the room as people sat in the church pews (seats).


Robin Williams Bakery | Breastfeeding Problems

File:VLC - 20150627 - 103 (19915014229).jpg
Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had more dreams but I forget them, and so now I only barely remember part of two dreams from last night.

Dream 1

The end of this dream took place inside a windowless maybe one-story maybe carpeted almost shopping mall/casino-like building, and I remember walking into a small business that seemed to be a bakery.

The business was supposed to be closing or closed it seemed because I saw the owner and maybe his son finishing up with the last few customers and starting to clean up, and the owner of this bakery was the actor Robin Williams.

Mr. Williams was nice and showed me around the bakery showing me the few desserts that they had left, he was going to let me buy some even though they were supposed to be closed, and I remember seeing glazed donuts and chocolate covered éclairs and Long Johns) filled with cream and some other desserts.

Mr. Williams had a beard and was wearing glasses so he somewhat reminded me of the actor Mandy Patinkin, I remember wanting to get some cinnamon rolls to go along with the other desserts but I did not see any as I looked around, and there were some openings along one wall that allowed you to see and maybe walk to the next business which was an upper class restaurant.

Inside the upper class restaurant I saw a lot of dressed up people sitting at fancy tables and the restaurant itself looked fancy and expensive, I can not remember if I got to finish picking and paying for my desserts or not, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream is super unclear and confusing and so lacking in context and details that it does not make much sense and so it seems even more weird and awkward than it already was, and so even I am confused.

At the end of this dream I remember being in a room with maybe an opening to a room that reminded me of the laundry room at my parent’s house, which is really just a hallway with a washing machine and dryer in it, and I know that there was at least one woman in the room breastfeeding a baby on one breast but I am not sure if the woman was my wife or not.

There was a short old woman trying to help us with a breastfeeding problem, the woman breastfeeding the baby had a problem where one of her breasts was not producing breast milk, and so the short old woman was there to help her/us.

The old woman explained that the woman was using the same breast too much and that this problem could easily be fixed, she massaged the other breast until a bit of milk came out, and then the old woman told me to test this breast by trying to drink some breast milk from it.

I thought that this was strange and awkward for a man to be trying to drink breast milk from a woman’s breast who is holding a baby who needs this breast milk, I did not want to do this and I asked the old woman if this was really necessary, and I told her that I could see that some breast milk came out of the breast after she massaged and squeezed it and so there was no need for me to test it this way myself.

The old woman saw nothing wrong with this test and told me that I should not have a problem with it either and so she told me to do it and stop worrying about it seeming awkward, she was a bit like a strict grandmother, and so I went to do her test even though it was awkward.

I remember slightly sucking on a nipple and some breast milk came out, I could somewhat taste the breast milk, and then I said that it worked and I stopped.

We thanked the old woman for the help, she explained what happened and how to avoid it in the future, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr