Trying To Connect Two Dimensions (Universes) To Escape

I had some interesting dreams but unfortunately I can only barely remember part of two of them, and to make things worse I forgot most of my last dream after waking up and trying to record the previous dream first which led to me forgetting most of my most recent dream because the two were […]

Thor As A Secret Weapon

All that I can remember of this dream or dreams is that during one part of the dream or dreams I was inside a school looking for a bathroom, I found a somewhat large dimly lit bathroom with stalls and showers and sinks and urinals et cetera, and I remember spending a lot of time […]

Partying With College Students | The Avatar Decides To Keep The Spirit Portals Open

I found out this morning from my dad that my grandfather CE, my last living grandparent, died; and I remembered a quote/poem/whatever that I made back in 2011 that was probably inspired by me thinking about when my grandmother DE died and I probably also made it for when this day was to come/happen: “The […]

Moving Between Several Dream Worlds / Dimensions From A Villain / Male Dream Character

Unfortunately I forgot most of my main dream from last night, it was long and confusing and complex, and I slept a bit too long; and so I forgot the important parts, and so it will not make much sense. I think that the dream involved a male dream character and I being in a […]