Our Semi-Neighbor T Staring From His Doorway

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I went to bed super late after staying up to watch anime as usual at this time of the week, and so I did not voice record my dreams until I finally woke up for good so most of my dreams are forgotten now except for barely part of several dreams that I will type randomly.

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day and I was inside the living room of my parent’s house looking out of the window, my brother GC was in the yard, and as I was about to look away and go outside when I saw our semi-neighbor T standing in the back door way of the semi-abandoned house that he is staying in looking toward our yard.

T stood there without moving briefly, and then he grabbed a chair and sat back in the darkness of the open doorway where you could not see him much or at all really.

At some point he possibly closed the door or I just did not know where he was anymore, and I looked around wondering where he was and if he was still watching because I wanted to go outside but I wanted to wait until he was not around and not staring at our yard.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day and I was inside my parent’s house walking past the front door as my brother GC was entering the house through it, he stopped me, and then he walked outside to reveal someone who was standing on our front porch.

The person standing on the front porch was my former male classmate SS to my surprise, I was shocked and surprised to see him because I have not seen him or heard from him in years, but he looked thicker in the face and neck and body.

SS was wearing a baseball cap that was possibly backward with light-color clothing like he was about to play tennis or something, and I greeted him and I asked him if he was SS and he said yes.

I then shook his hand and told him how surprised that I was to see him, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream possibly took place inside my parent’s house but I am not sure, I just know that it involved me thinking about the college American football careers of my brothers TDC and KDC, and I was thinking about what-if scenarios and other things.

I wondered which college teams might be interested in recruiting them from their current college LU, would those colleges also offer full scholarships, and would they have higher priority over people who have not played college football yet since they have been on a college team for over a year now.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

This dream took place during the day at a gas station / restaurant or diner / convenience store that reminded me of the one that use to be in the city of SB, and there were two men with light-color skin who seemed to be tourists or something passing through so they stopped here.

They were thinking about getting some food and they were trying to use the wireless internet (Wi-Fi), but I heard them complaining about the internet being slow and not working right and they said some negative things about this place like it looked suspicious.

They had very bad attitudes and were being rude and annoying and were complaining loudly, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

Danny Rand (Iron Fist) Visits A Diner

The main character of this dream from last night was once again Danny Rand (Iron Fist) from the television show Iron Fist, but I can not remember if I was myself and / or if I was Danny (Iron Fist).

It seemed that Danny had maybe recently returned home to the city that he grew up in, and he went to a familiar diner-like restaurant that was possibly combined with another type of business that he used to visit when he was a kid.

The diner-like business had several different parts to it that were separated by walls and doors that you could use to reach the next area, and he recognized a somewhat older woman who worked there who was possibly a manager or owner or just an employee who has worked there a very long time so he greeted her.

The somewhat older woman recognized and remembered him from years ago, they talked about the past and the present, and Danny told her about him being the Iron Fist.

After their conversation Danny and / or I walked to the diner-like area near the booths and tables, and he and / or I saw a woman he and / or I recognized who was my former female classmate HM.

Danny and / or I greeted my former classmate HM, we talked about the past and present, and she was told that Danny was the Iron Fist and she seemed happy about this.

My former classmate HM probably told us about some other people she and / or I and / or Danny knew, maybe former classmates and / or family members of hers, and about something involving superheros and probably her and some people she knows interest in maybe trying to become superheros too.

After this part of the dream Danny and / or I returned to Danny’s apartment which was a nice modern apartment on the upper floor of a tall modern multi-story building, and in his apartment he found a man who possibly looked like the actor Kiefer Sutherland.

This man claimed to be either part of him or another version of him or something strange like that, and the man explained how this was possible but I can not remember the details.

This alleged other version or part of Danny (Iron Fist) probably agreed to mostly stay inside the apartment, for now at least, and the next part of the dream took place either the next day or another day.

Danny and / or I returned to the diner-like business, the somewhat older woman was angry at us and she started saying something about my former classmate HM and / or someone she knew, and she blamed Danny / us and superheroes (people in costumes is what I think she called them) for inspiring my former classmate HM and / or someone else into trying to be a superhero and it seemed that they possibly got themself or themselves killed and / or seriously injured.

Danny and / or I had no idea what happened exactly and the woman left in anger without properly explaining what happened, and then I saw my coworker Mrs. T working in the diner-like area now that the somewhat older woman had left.

Mrs. T let us know that the somewhat older woman was angry with us and she probably told us why, I remember Danny and / or I feeling bad about what happened to either my former classmate HM and / or someone else she knew, and Danny and / or I sat down trying to think about this and learn more.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

Talking To Lil Yachty (Miles Parks McCollum) And Finding A Bomb At A Movie Theater

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Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I was maybe inside a fictional version of my parent’s house or a building where maybe my family and I lived, and I was talking to (actually it seemed more like he was talking to me) the musician Lil Yachty (Miles Parks McCollum).

I know almost nothing about Lil Yachty and I have not even heard an entire song of his, and so I have no idea why he would be in one of my dreams other than maybe this Sprite commercial that I saw during maybe (Super Bowl LI) Super Bowl 51:

Anyway, Lil Yachty was talking to me about maybe the space between things, like the space between parts in television commercials and film (movie) scenes and video game scenes et cetera.

He was interested in focusing on the details of the space between things, I was busy trying to do something else that I can not remember, and so I was not interested in the details of the space between things and I was only interested in the important details that would give me an overall view/understanding of each television commercial/film/video game/et cetera because I did not have time to focus on all the small details.

Basically I was focused on the big picture and he was focused on the small details, Lil Yachty was going through things looking at those small details and telling me about them, which was disturbing and interrupting whatever it was that I was trying to do so I was a bit annoyed and I possibly let him know that I was busy with something else.

I probably let him know that the small details can be important, but in some situations when time is an issue it is often better to focus on the bigger picture.

My former male classmate DH was in a part of this dream that I can not remember, probably during a part of this dream that probably took place at a grocery store that sold cooked food like they had maybe a diner inside the store, and some of my family was there too.

I remember going outside to get groceries that my family had bought (probably from the grocery store from the forgotten part of this dream), the groceries were in the back of a vehicle with a boxed-shaped back area that stores stuff like one that is used to transport items between stores, and Lil Yachty probably followed me outside still talking as I unloaded the groceries from the vehicle but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved my uncle JE, I remember him being his usual comedic self, and I remember a fictional area from several past dreams that involved jobs and business-like buildings in a business-like area.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream other than that this dream took place during the day, I was also in the dream, and maybe this dream took place in a slightly fictional version of the city of D.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that it started during the day in the city of D, and I was at a fictional movie theater that was in the shopping center next to W Park where Subway should be.

I was inside the movie theater trying to watch a film when there was a bomb threat and/or I and/or someone else found a bomb in the movie theater, and so I remember leaving the movie theater.

A day or two later I returned to the movie theater it was still open so the bomb from the other day did not explode I assume, and I went inside the movie theater and I sat down to watch a film among a few other people.

At some point I noticed what looked like a bomb in one of the seats, I walked over to look at it more closely, and it seemed to be a bomb and there was a timer with a countdown going so I started to warn everyone but many of them did not believe me so only a few people evacuated.

I then went to the front desk where a somewhat older male employee with dark-medium brown skin with short black hair was standing up working, and I told him about the bomb and he did not believe me at first but eventually he believed me and he ordered everyone to evacuate so people started to evacuate the building.

I went outside to leave in my automobile but I saw my former male classmate BM leaving the movie theater so I offered him a ride home and he accepted, and so we started driving away in my automobile.

We made a right turn at the traffic light by W Park, but a woman with whitish-color skin with yellow hair was having problems with her green convertible sports car that was driving back and forth and sideways on and off the road and grass like she could not control it so we stopped at a distance.

Fortunately the rest of traffic was further enough away to not get hit by her car, there was nothing we could do because her automobile was driving back and forth wildly, and so the emergency services would have to handle it so we drove past her quickly when there was an opening.

I told my former classmate BM about the bomb threat/bomb at the movie theater from the other day, he possibly had not known about that, and then we started talking about the new bomb that I found today at the movie theater.

We wondered if this new bomb had exploded it or not, but I woke up as we talked about this as I drove him home.

The end,

-John Jr

My Wallet Goes Missing

Source: Wikimedia Commons

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day, part of the dream took place at a college, and I remember seeing and talking to some of my former classmates like my former male classmates MJ and LT.

At some point I left in my automobile and I remember driving across some open landscape to a diner-like restaurant, outside of it were many old-style soldiers and their horses, and they looked and dressed like maybe soldiers from The Ottoman Empire with scimitars and old-style rifles and interesting traditional clothing and hats.

I parked my automobile wondering what was going on and wondering who the soldiers were guarding, the only people near the soldiers was the actor Woody Harrelson and another male actor entering the diner and a group of mostly old people with white skin and brown skin with white hair and gray hair wearing Western-style modern clothing unlike the soldiers who were wearing outdated Eastern-style decorative military clothing, and I assume they were possibly rich and a few of them seemed to have some physical disabilities from old age.

I stood back waiting for the old people to enter the diner first, the soldiers did not follow and they continued standing guard, and then I entered the diner without them bothering me.

The diner was not fancy at all, a simple diner with white hard floors and walls and ceiling, and simple tables with a simple menu and counter with some people sitting at some of the tables and workers behind the counter and in the kitchen.

At some point after waiting for the old people to finish ordering and talking, it was my turn in line so I ordered my food with some cinnamon rolls for dessert, but when I reached for my pocket my wallet was missing so I went outside to my automobile to find it.

I found it on the floor next to my seat, it had fallen out of my pocket earlier, and then I found a cup of water with a straw in it that I had not finished earlier and I went to drink it but it was too hot from sitting in my automobile so I threw it in the trash can before entering the diner to pay for my food.

A male customer who was sitting down at a table pointed to an empty table with plates of food, the food was what I ordered plus food that I did not order like some omelettes and other breakfast items, and so I looked around and I asked around to make sure that it was really my food.

I then walked to the counter to pay for my food and ask about the extra food, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

Mrs. Morgan

Dream 1

Last night I had many short detailed interesting dreams but unfortunately I forgot some of them and I forgot my first dream even though I had remembered it when I woke up to use the bathroom, but as I was thinking about my dreams while using the bathroom I accidentally forgot the first dream as I was focusing on the dreams after it so the dream that I am about to type is really my second dream.

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was riding on a school bus during the day with other students, our bus driver was a woman with dark brownish colored skin with long blackish colored hair, and when our school bus reached the parking lot of the school we saw that the police were there because an attack or something like that had happened that they were still dealing with and investigating; and so our school bus left once the allowed us to leave because we were not there when the attack happened so they did not need to question us.

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