Sharing A Dorm Room With My Cousin DE

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I only remember part of one of my dreams from last night, which involved me staying at a dorm with no windows probably with dark or brownish colored carpet probably & with dim lighting, basically a B-like dorm.

At some point my cousin DE and I shared a dorm room that had to separate bedrooms, a shared living room & kitchen (probably) & dining room (probably) & bathroom, and our dorm was bigger than the average dorm room in the building supposedly; but for some reason we were considering moving to a dorm room on the first floor (we were on an upper floor) that probably had the number 22 or 22B or 22C or something like that on the door.

I remember my cousin DE & I talking, walking through some hallways of the dorm building, meeting a few people, and at some point I went to the first floor to see the room that we were considering moving to (22 or 22B or 22C or something like that).

I found a room that I thought was the correct room and I opened the door, and the room was very small compared to our dorm room; and it was too small for two people, and so I went to tell my cousin DE about what I saw, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A House For Sale?

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Dream 1

I remember part of two dream fragments from last night, with the first dream fragment taking place during the day at the end of a nice neighborhood where my family & I found a house for sale or a nice abandoned house, and we went inside to look at it.

It was a clean & nice one-story house that was small for the neighborhood that it was in, it was fully furnished it seemed, and the entrance had a small area to put your shoes & jackets; and that led to a walk-through kitchen with an island counter, which led to a dining room, which led to a small living room, which led to a bedroom.

Behind the kitchen area was a hallway that led to the laundry room & a master bedroom with bathroom, and the bedroom next to the living room had a small bathroom next to it probably.

There was an opening right behind the kitchen area that led to a family room that probably had one bedroom on the left & a bathroom and probably one or two bedrooms on the right; and there might have been a sliding glass door that led to a patio or porch in the backyard, and there might have been a small swimming pool and/or pond and/or garden in the backyard.

It was a beautiful sunny day outside and it looked great inside, and my family & I had a good time looking around the house & imagining ourselves living there; and we wanted to buy it or move in if it was abandoned.

I remember us relaxing and re-enacting what it might be like to live there and choosing which rooms each of us would have, but I can not remember the rest, other than us trying to find out who or if anyone owned it.

Dream 2

The next dream fragment that I remember is being in a fictional LC & L-like city during the day, and I was driving through the city; and at some point I came across a former classmate and an old man who was thin with whitish colored skin with a bald spot with long gray/whitish colored hair on the sides who looked a bit homeless & who did Readings (he would do a small ritual-like thing with maybe a drum-like thing where he would spit in it & do something else & he would wait to read the signs, which would reveal information about the person who asked for the Reading).

The old man started to do a Reading for me and he got to the part where he would wait for the signs, so that he could read them, but then he left; I thought that he was going to the bathroom or something, but he never came back, and so I left.

I came across my uncle CE while driving around the city, and he told me that he had been to the old man to have a Reading done at least two times, but the old man never finished his Readings either; and then I started back driving, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


The Two-Story Mobile Home

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The night before last I remembered my last dream, which was very short and started with me in a two-story mobile home, I think.

I was in a sunroom that was in the back of the house and I could see through the windows in the room, but there were curtains so I could not see that well; the house was a fictional version of the mobile home across the street from my parent’s house.

I saw what appeared to be my grandfather’s truck leaving the back yard and the sun was close to setting, I thought about closing the curtains, but I decided not too.

I then walked from the sunroom to what appeared to be a family room and to my surprise the ceiling was tall and I saw two stairways leading to a second floor that only covered half of the house, so I guess that second floor was only the master bedroom with bathroom probably.

The family room was large and had a rectangular shape to it with a couch in the middle of the room and behind the stairways were two openings that led to the front of the house; which probably had the living room, kitchen, dining room, laundry room, and guest bathroom.

The house looked pretty bare, it was like this was my first time being in the house and we or I was or were about to move in; I saw and heard no one else in the house.

I looked around surprised by how much space there was and then I started to walk up the stairway to see what was up there, but looking down across the family room, I noticed a hallway on the left side of the room; on the wall in the hallway I saw a painting that was the size of an average human and it appeared to be The Young Shepherdess painting but it appeared to be hand painted by someone other than the original artist.

I decided to walk over to see it, I was so surprised to see a painting especially one so large and especially one of my favorite paintings, but as I walked over there I heard someone knocking on the door in the sun room.

I paused wondering if I should ignore the knocking and go look at the painting or should I answer the door, but I woke up.

In the real world my mom was knocking on the door and so that was the knocking I heard in the dream, I find that interesting when things like that happen.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂


The House And My Former Coworker Mrs. VS

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The House

I only remember a bit about both of these two dreams I had last night.

The first one took place in what appeared to be a new house that my family moved to.

It was on the street that the library is on, and it was not too far up the road from it.

It was night and I was walking around the house looking around, and for some reason at least two of the doors in the house were open.

I found that odd, and so I started to explore the house to make sure that it was secure.

The house was not too big, the wind was blowing some of the curtains on the windows, the moon was bright, and everyone seemed to be sleep.

There was a living room when you first walk into the house, and the entrance was connected to the sidewalk outside.

Connected to the living room was a hallway and on the first door on the left was my parent’s room, and the first opening on the right was the kitchen.

Past my parents room on the left was another entrance with enough room to put some shoes, hang some jackets on the wall, and to have some decorations.

On the right of it was a family room similar to the living room, but without a television and there were bookshelves.

Past that was a bathroom on the right, and on the left was a strange dining room that had a door.

I stopped to go into the dining room, but I think past the dining room there were four more rooms; probably 3 bedrooms and another bathroom.

I went into the dining room, and there was a big table in the middle of the room that was big enough to hold/sit at least 14 people.

The room was empty and it had no windows, to the left there was just empty space, and to the right there were stairs leading up to a bed.

I found that very odd, but cool, the room felt pretty secure/safe, and I thought that it would make a nice bedroom.

By the bed there was enough space up there to put something there to store clothing, and a little night stand to hold a few things.

I then wondered why the two entrances to the house were open, I thought about closing them, but I decided that I better ask my parents first; but they were sleep.

I then decided to go walk outside to check for anything suspicious, I saw a person walking down the street, but he was not acting suspicious.

The wind was blowing nicely, the moon looked nice, and everything was realistic & felt safe.

So I went back inside, and I decided that I would just walk around and make sure everything stays safe; but then I woke up.

My Former Coworker Mrs. VS

I had a dream that, an unknown young couple (or maybe one of my cousins and her husband or something) and I, went to see Mrs. VS.

I knocked on the door and Mrs. VS answered it, and she stepped outside and I said Hello.

She asked: “Who are you, and she asked if it was (me)?”.

I responded: “Yes Mrs. VS, it is me, can you see me?”.

She said that she had lost vision in one of her eyes, and she said that she could barely see out of the other eye now.

She looked very old now, she looked tired, and she looked a bit depressed.

I asked her how she had done, but she seemed to not want to talk about herself, and she only said that age had caught up with her.

She then asked me how I had done, and she said that I always did look like a successful young man and that I probably have done good in life.

I told her that actually I have not been very successful so far, and that I never did think I was much of a successful person.

I told her it had been so long since we last talked, and that I could not decide where to start first, and so I started to prepare to tell her my life story from college until now; but then I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂


The Airplane / House | And My Uncle CE

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I remembered two of my dreams from last night.

Dream 1

The first dream took place on a big metal bridge that was over an ocean, and on the right side of the bridge was a little area with an airplane on it.

I was on that airplane with several other people, the inside of the airplane was like a house; it had 7 bedrooms, a few bathrooms, a living room, kitchen, dining room, and a few extra rooms.

The pilot was a man who probably was only a few years older than me, he looked like he had just finished flying school (flight training), and he looked nervous.

The weather outside was very nice, it was sunny with nice puffy clouds, and the ocean was sparkling.

Automobiles were driving up and down the bridge like a normal day, and our airplane didn’t seem to bother them.

The pilot started the airplane and started to take off, he was real nervous, but he was able to get the airplane in the air successfully.

We flew around the bridge and then landed back on the side of the bridge, it seemed that he was only practicing.

The pilot took a break, while he was taking a break, me and the other people went to choose which bedrooms we wanted.

Each bedroom looked different, some were nice, and some were average.

The bedroom I wanted had big windows and curtains, and you could see the outside of the plane; but a crazy looking man got the room first.

He looked like he was crazy, so I closed the door and walked off to look at the other rooms.

There was another nice room but someone else got it, also there were 3 average rooms, but they were taken already; so only the 2 small dark rooms were left.

I walked to the living room and the pilot was in there drinking something and watching TV, so I started to talk to him.

I told him he did a good job flying the plane and I asked him was this his first time flying, and he said yes.

Some of the other people came into the room and started talking too, and I left the living room to look around the plane; and the nice room I wanted, was now empty.

I have no idea where the crazy man went, I decided I would look around some more, and see if I could find him; but then I woke up.

Dream 2

My second dream started with me in a Japanese style outdoor game show, like MXC (Most Extreme Elimination Challenge).

I had to cross a small lake, climb this wooden building, and ring the bell before time ran out.

I was able to finish in time, so then I waited for the next person to go.

The next person was a young teenager around 12 years old, he made it to the wooden building, and then I helped him ring the bell.

I left the wooden building and I walked to a playground that looked like the school yard from when I was in preschool or kindergarten.

It was a nice sunny day and something seemed familiar about that place, but I got interrupted by my uncle CE.

He was walking toward me looking mad, and he asked me who I was and why was I there in a mean voice.

I told him I was just walking around thinking and that he was my uncle, and he then started to act nice.

He had a pet hamster in his hands for some strange reason,  and he asked me what my name was, so I told him.

He said that he never heard that name before, I was not sure if he was joking or not, but he asked me to hold his pet hamster while he called someone to ask them if they knew my name.

While he was making the phone call, I thought to myself that his was strange how my uncle CE was acting, and how he did not recognize me.

He usually acts like a tough guy and a bit mean but he was acting like a weak, unmarried, man who only had a pet hamster as a friend or something/one like that.

Also he had a small afro, like he used to have back in the old days.

I woke up before he finished his phone call.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂