Where Is My Coworker JB And Her Family?

I barely remember part of the end of my last dream.

I remember being inside a multi-story building with some of my coworkers and their families, maybe some of my family, and maybe some other people.

I remember being on the ground level of the main floor / lobby / auditorium / whatever where there were indoor balcony-like areas for each floor that overlooked the area where I was standing with many of the others, and the others were standing along the balcony areas looking down where we were.

I am not sure if this was an all staff training event for The BP Library that was taking place in another city or if we were on a work trip or what was going on exactly, whatever was happening our families were allowed to be there, and we were possibly at the opening ceremony and / or watching a movie or something and / or was watching the first event.

I can not remember most of the dream so I have no idea, I just know that we were probably going to be going to take photographs next in a different part of the building on one of the upper floors, and I remember seeing my female coworker JB and her husband and her children on one of the balcony-like areas.

At some point I did not see JB and her family, I remember glancing around sometimes looking for them from where I was standing, but I was still not seeing them.

For some reason this bothered me, I felt restless / worried / maybe anxiety / et cetera, and this got worse as time went on.

For some reason it really bothered me that: I did not see them any more, that they had seemly disappeared, that I was not sure if they were okay or not, or if I would see them again, et cetera.

Me not seeing JB and her family anymore really bothered me, in the real world my body was possibly starting to feel a bit hot and maybe I was tossing and turning in bed a bit feeling some of the same feelings / emotions, and this did not feel good at all in the dream or the real world.

Instead of going to look for them I tried to tell myself that they had probably just stepped away for a moment or something and that things were probably okay, this probably did not help much, and I tried to avoid looking / glancing around for them much.

I told myself that I would just keep an eye out for them as we move to the next area and if I did not see them then, then I would probably ask around and look for them, and I hoped that we would move to the next area soon because this was really bothering me more than it should.

Not long after this it was time to start walking to the next area for photographs, I remember looking around as we walked, and I still did not see JB and her family but I kept looking around as we walked.

I woke up during this feeling the same emotions and I felt bad, and so the feelings continued into the real world even at work where I finally saw JB again for only the second time this week; and I did not talk to her beyond just saying good morning, I took my usual cautious approach, which made things worse.

Today I have thought about why did that bother me so much in the dream, and I tried to make sense of it.

It connects to some things from the real world known and unknown, some worries and fears and mysteries and feelings and thoughts and beliefs et cetera that probably need to be addressed, but some things are not completely clear.

The end,

-John Jr


My Cousin CC Disappears In A Fight / Match And A Strange African / Islamic / Traditional Ritual?

Source: Wikipedia

Dream 1

I somewhat remember part of a dream or two dreams that took place during the day, with the dream or first dream involving my cousin CC (CB/B) getting ready for what I thought was to be a boxing match outside in a fictional area near his parent’s house, and my cousin CC looked very thin.

The fictional area had a water drainage / water system on the left side of the area with water and concrete areas where most of the crowd was standing, there were little kids on both sides of the fighting area next to the water on two small concrete sections over the water on both sides of the fighting area, and a lot of the kids & adults wore traditional Islāmic & African style clothes maybe; and some of them probably spoke other languages & had unique accents when they spoke English, it was an unusual/interesting crowd of people, and there were mostly woman & kids oddly.

I followed my cousin CC, his opponent (who was also thin & had the same skin color/height/hair color as my cousin CC & probably was from somewhere in Africa or Asia), and the referee toward the fighting area as the referee checked their fighting gloves & their shorts for weapons (they were not wearing shirts); while this was going on CC’s opponent was being annoying by getting in his face, licked him, and maybe even kissed him on the face just to be annoying.

After the check the two went to the fighting area above the water with kids on both sides of the fighting area oddly & I moved to the side with the adults, and the fight started; but instead of boxing, the fight started more like a street fight with a few punches, and then grappling on the ground.

The crowd was making a lot of strange noises like being in a loud market area in Africa or Asia and/or at a traditional fighting ritual/sport of some kind, it was a bit scary/unusual/strange/foreign to me, and when the fighters got too close to the kids; the kids would help attack my cousin CC, oddly, I wondered if this was legal but it seemed like it was oddly.

The kids would grab, punch, and sometimes attack my cousin CC with traditional clothing garments or something; and I wondered if the kids helped whoever bribed them the most before the fight and/or whoever was from their country/village/family/whatever.

I did not like this type of fighting event/sport, it was completely unfair & seemed dangerous, and so I considered stopping the fight if necessary; but the fight was about even, so I waited, but at some point an accident or something happened where both fighters were grappling too close to a drainage vent and it seemed to have sucked them in or they fell in it & disappeared.

We tried looking for them but we could not find them, there was some chaos & sadness, but then things got even more weird when a group of women who seemed to be from Africa or Asia took us all hostage & sealed the entrance/exit so that they could do a ritual of some kind to find and/or resurrect the two fighters; I considered fighting them to free the people/myself, but I decided to wait to see what happens to avoid violence & since they were dealing with their grief it seemed so I decided to let them do there strange religious/magic/traditional/whatever ritual as long as they did not hurt anyone.

For some reason the women wanted/needed us all there during the ritual, I had no idea what was going on or what language(s) they were speaking most of the time, but they could speak some English with strange probably African accents; and I remember the area being dark & them probably having candles/torches, moving around/dancing strangely, using items/objects in their ritual, and saying strange words.

Dream 2

I can not remember what happened after this point exactly, I either had another dream or the dream jumped in time or I just forgot what happened, and I remember driving to L to a building; and I found out that I went to the wrong building, it was a health unit-like place that gave low-priced vaccinations / blood tests / urine tests / stool tests / pregnancy related stuff / safe sex stuff / STD tests / et cetera according to the woman behind the counter.

I walked back to my automobile and sat there considering having some tests done to make sure that my health was okay, I thought about something else that I can not remember, and I might have thought about the fight/ritual from earlier; but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr


1 1/2 Lucid Dreams With An Alizée Music Video?

English: Alizée and her bassist at VIP W9 LIVE concert that was hold in Strasbourg, France, on 9th of January, 2008.
File:Alizée Jacotey – chanteuse française au concert – Strasbourg – 9 janvier 2008 – cropped.JPG

Finally, I am going to write my 1 1/2 or 2 lucid dreams I had a few days ago, before I forget.

I need to add my Bigfoot dream tomorrow too.

Dream 1

The first dream is not all that clear, but I think that I was at an area near a dock, and a man came out of the shadows with a handgun.

I think he wanted to rob me, but all I know is that he was pointing a gun at me, and for some reason I realized that this was a dream.