Today The Daily Post had a Discover Challenge called Retrospective, and this is what it said:



Can you pull all the strands of your 2016 together before diving into the new year?

We’re asking you to look back over your past years’ worth of blogging (or however much you have, if your blog is less than a year old).

You can publish a roundup or best-of post, but I encourage you to push a little harder and find a way to build on or synthesize your best work of 2016:

Build on your most popular post, or the post you’re proudest of — if other people loved it and/or you’re proud of it, you probably have more to say!

Create a collage using images and text from your favorite or most popular posts.

Take the text of your ten most-read posts, and create a word cloud with it.

Publish your word cloud in a post, and reflect on what it means and how you’d like to see it change by the end of 2017.

Review your most-viewed tags or categories, and publish a post that uses your five most popular.

How can you bring these popular topics together into one narrative, or one photo, or one sketch?

Write a found poem using lines from your ten favorite posts.

If you don’t feel like returning to your work, try any of these ideas using the posts you found most compelling in 2016; look back over posts you’ve commented on or liked.

As we get ready for a new year, it’s always good to remember where we’ve been.

And this is my response:


As of today here are the top five (5) from various stats from my blog (John Jr’s Dream Blog) for the year 2016 so far:

Top Posts & Pages (Which I will extend beyond 5 so that 5 posts are shown)

Home Page | 5,697 Views

About Page | 152 Views

Dashie’s (Charlie Guzman’s) Mom Dies? | 99 Views

A Sex Experiment With My Sister-In-Law JC? | 89 Views

Twenty Sixteen Theme Category Test Post | 67 Views

Jeremy Wade Swimming Naked In A Race | 62 Views

Default WordPress Theme Twenty Seventeen Demo Has Been Released | 38 Views


United States | 8, 197 Views

South Africa | 396 Views

Thailand | 276 Views

United Kingdom | 229 Views

Canada | 197 Views


Search Engines | 3,020 Views Reader | 1,415 Views (The Daily Post) | 532 Views (John Jr’s Gravatar Profile) | 76 Views (, which is possible spam and/or malicious according to several services like Web Of Trust so I do not recommend visiting their website or using their service to be safe) | 52 Views

Search Terms

Bernie Sanders speech 03/29/2016 | 4 Views

Who did George W Bush vote for | 4 Views

Charlotte Gainsbourg young | 3 Views

George W Bush | 3 Views

George W. Bush | 3 Views

Clicks (Wikipedia) | 96 Clicks (The Daily Post) | 38 Clicks (Gravatar) | 37 Clicks (Wikimedia Commons) | 33 Clicks ( Support) | 18 Clicks

The end,

-John Jr