A Social Experiment And Ice Skating At Work

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it involved a social experiment that was being done, I was in a dimly lit room with a one-way mirror standing behind some scientists/whoever who were in a hidden room, and they were over this social experiment.

I can not remember most of the details of the social experiment but it seemed to involve them putting a person in a room with some objects (objects that you can communicate through like phones and computers and other things like that) and/or manikins and/or dead bodies with labels on them with names of people and/or initials of the names of people, and they would watch to see how people react to being in a room not knowing if they are really alone or not so most people would assume that they were not alone at first and they would talk to and/or through the objects (phones, computers, manikins, dead bodies, et cetera) for as long as they could.

During the dream a variety of people were tested in this experiment, they would talk for as long as they could as they slowly realized that they were alone, but they would not want to believe it so they would keep talking for as long as they could until they could finally accept the fact that they were alone like they were afraid of being alone and/or something like that.

I started to feel a bit uncomfortable and sad for the people (test subjects), it was awkward watching them talking to objects (which sometimes were possibly dead bodies) for as long as they could like they were afraid to be alone and they did not want to accept reality (you could see it in their facial expressions, body language, voice, tone, et cetera), and I remember being close to asking the scientists if we could stop this social experiment and if this was really necessary (I possibly said this out-loud to them) but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was inside a windowless building during the night, except for some indoor windows to an indoor room that allowed our supervisor and/or higher-level coworkers to watch us while we worked in the main room, and I was working on a job (maybe janitorial) with two female coworkers with dark-medium brownish-colored skin with black hair and one of the women somewhat reminded me of my female coworker Mrs. C who works in the shelving department at The B Parish Library with me.

In the room with a window to the main room was an obese higher-level female coworker of ours (maybe our supervisor) with whitish colored skin with long brown hair who somewhat reminded me of my supervisor Mrs. J at The B Parish Library, and she was not paying attention to us and she was sitting down at a desk doing something with the light on while the areas that we were working in were mostly dark.

My female coworkers and I left some smaller areas to walk into the main room which was a large mostly empty rectangular room that looked like an area that could be used for a variety of things (sports, parties, weddings, meetings, skating, et cetera), and I forgot to mention that the areas that we went in had snow all over the floor oddly and for some reason I did not realize that this was super strange or that this was a dream.

The female coworker who reminded me of Mrs. C got a fire extinguisher and she started spraying the snow, I asked my other female coworker why she was doing this, and she told me that this would cause a special reaction with the snow.

The snow became hard ice and somewhat slippery so we could ice skate on it even in our normal shoes, and so we started ice skating around the main room in our normal shoes which was very fun.

At some point we realized that we better work while we do this so that our supervisor/whoever would not get angry, and so we started working as we ice skated so we ice skated around the room cleaning up.

Our fun was interrupted by an older woman and maybe man (it was so dark that we could not see well) with light-brown skin entering the main room from a back room, they seemed to be having an emergency, and the woman was dragging the assumed man across the ice in a panic.

The assumed man could not talk or stand it seemed and the woman could only speak Spanish, and she was loudly speaking in Spanish in a panic but none of us could understand her.

It seemed that maybe the assumed man was having a medical emergency and/or they had been attacked, we tried to calm the woman and we tried to communicate the best that we could, and I remember being very cautious because I was not sure if someone was after them and/or if they had been bit by zombies and/or if they had something that was contagious and/or if this was a trick or distraction.

I remember saying a few things in Spanish to the woman, I do not know enough Spanish (I know more French than Spanish) so I tried to ask her if she spoke English the best that I could in Spanish but I did not know all the words (I knew them in French, but not Spanish) so I asked: “Inglés, no Inglés?” (English, no English?) and the woman replied: “No Inglés!” (No English).

It was too dark to get a good look at them so I used my mobile phone screen for light because my mobile phone does not have LED flash, this was not a good light source but it was better than nothing, and I tried to see if they were injured and I tried to look at their eyes for anything strange.

My coworkers were relaxed and being nice to them, but I kept my distance and I moved around cautiously trying to examine the situation while also trying to be nice and help if possible because I felt that danger was near even if it was not them who were the threat (they did not seem to be threats, but it was possible that one or both of them were infected and/or being chased by something or someone).

I forgot to mention that we took them to a small entrance area to the main room with an open door that led to the outside or the front of this room had no walls.

This is where things get unclear and confusing and weird, I am not sure if these two people changed or if we were approached by two new people (I assume that two new people approached us), and I remember two strange assumed tall women with medium-length short yellow hair with pale whitish colored skin wearing dress-like pants with long sleeve shirts with horizontal stripes in one or two different colors who spoke with what sounded like fake Scandinavian accents like they were pretending to be from a country somewhere in Scandinavian (Scandinavian) and they looked and dressed and somewhat acted like fake female versions of the character Akan from the film Hardcore Henry and they both seemed to be twins.

I did not trust them and I sensed danger like they were the danger that I had sensed, something was not right about them, and to me they seemed to possibly be two men disguised as women (their body shape and build, height, facial structure, and a few other things seemed a bit manly to me) and a and so their accents and voices seemed fake.

They approached us in this chaotic situation, I remember being very cautious and untrusting so I kept my distance and I kept moving around them while questioning them and trying to use my mobile phone for light to get a better look at them, and they walked up on us like they wanted something and/or to use this building and/or like they were trying to get us to drop our guard by pretending to be friendly so that they could kill us.

We then had our third interruption through the open door to the outside or through the open front of this room to the outside, and a man with white skin wearing a jacket or coat walked around something (maybe a parked train car or something like that) toward us saying something like he was arriving to meet the two assumed women here.

He was interrupted by a man with white skin who walked from the same area that he did who was a messenger bringing him a message that his father was dead, and that he was now inheriting his father’s fortune and the told him how much and other details and he was in the process of making this transfer official but the two assumed women walked over and interrupted them.

The man who was getting the inheritance seemed to know the two assumed women like they were in a romantic relationship or something, I sensed the possibility that the two assumed women had a plan to steal the inheritance, and that it was even possible that they were behind the death of his father and that they were going to probably kill him and take the money and run because it seemed that they were here to meet him alone here at night but they did not expect us to be there so they were probably trying to kill us before he got there but he got there early before they could kill us first.

I started walking over because I anticipated this possible threat, one of the assumed women pulled out a luger-like pistol and pointed it at the messenger while he was talking, and then shot it before I could stop it.

Surprisingly we heard the gunshot but the messenger did not get shot with the first shot but then maybe the next shot hit him in the forehead and killed him but I can not remember, in this moment of confusion I grabbed the pistol from the assumed woman, and then the two assumed women revealed that they were really men in disguise so they stopped faking their voice and accents and they possibly were wearing wigs.

My predictions were correct it seemed and they ran after the man with the inheritance, and so I ran to stop them and there was some physical contact and attempts to shoot the gun during this but I can not remember if I was able to shoot any of them or not or what happened exactly.

I just know that they were taller and more muscular than me, they were mostly focused on the man with the inheritance, and I was the only one trying to stop them.

But something happened that I can not remember, I remember trying to shoot the gun and maybe no bullet came out at first and maybe I shot one of them but I can not remember, and then I probably started fighting them and there was a struggle where I ended up on the ground but I woke up or I got knocked unconscious so I am not sure if they had special powers like the character Akan from the film Hardcore Henry or not.

The end,

-John Jr


Aaron Chiz (Preston) Trolling Waitresses At A Buffet

Source: Wikimedia Commons

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that part of the dream took place during the day outside near maybe a park like W Park in the city of D, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Later in the dream I was with some of my former classmates like my former male classmates RM and BH and several others, we seemed to be part of a college team or college group, and it seemed that we were going to be competing against other college teams and groups in some kind of competition that I can not remember.

I remember us being on an upper floor of a multi-story possibly multipurpose building, some of the members of the other college teams and college groups were there among other people in a somewhat nice buffet restaurant in this part of the building, and we were eating and drinking and talking there as well.

At some point the rest of my team possibly left to have some fun before the competition while I was still at the buffet, and at some point at the buffet I saw Aaron Chiz (probably in character as Preston) dressed somewhat like his character Preston.

Aaron (Preston) seemed to be trolling (pranking) the waitresses (all the waiting staff seemed to be female) who wore nice white and black uniforms, and he kept telling different waitresses to do different things for him and he would give each one a different excuse or lie as they became suspicious.

He had many different waitresses running around doing things for him constantly, he possibly would even sometimes slightly change his clothes and slightly change his appearance and voice to disguise who he was to trick waitresses who became very suspicious of him, and I remember hearing some of the waitresses complaining and talking about their suspicions of him.

I heard one of the waitresses with white skin with brown hair saying that he had told them that he was the son of the owner of the buffet and/or the owner of the building, and that is the only reason why she was putting up with his constant annoying requests.

As I was leaving the buffet I remember walking behind Aaron (Preston) when a waitress refused to listen to him anymore because she had figured out that he had been lying to her, and so Aaron (Preston) probably changed disguises again and continued his trolling and/or moved to another restaurant to continue his trolling but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Trying To Avoid Being Identified By A Woman

I got awakened from my dream feeling sick again today, congestion causing nausea and slight dizziness et cetera again it seems, and so I ended up forgetting most of my dreams from last night; and I did not voice record part of the dream that I did remember part of, and so now I can barely remember part of the end of that dream.

All that I can remember of the end of my last dream from last night is that it took place in an area that seemed like a fictional area near where the D Courthouse should be, the parts of the dream that I do remember took place during the day I think, but some parts of the dream may have taken place during the night; but I am not sure.

My memory of this dream is mostly destroyed now and so it makes no sense and I can not remember the important details, I remember being inside a building, and there were other people around and maybe one or more non-humans or it was just that some of us had special abilities (powers, superpowers).

At least one other person and/or non-human and I had special abilities (powers, superpowers), someone or something was using their powers for probably negative purposes, and maybe they murdered some people and/or something like that; but I can not remember.

I just remember that a woman with whitish colored skin with medium-to-dark colored hair was trying to find this person, she was searching around trying to identify this person to the police, and I think that she falsely assumed that I was the murderer or whoever (maybe she saw me using my powers near where someone was murdered or whatever); and so I tried to avoid her identifying me to the police.

I remember moving around where she could not see me, hiding, using disguises, blending in with crowds, et cetera as I probably tried to escape the area; but maybe I was staying around trying to hope and/or indirectly help them find the real murderer or whoever by moving around near this person or non-human and hope that the woman realized her mistake.

Outside the building I remember crowds of people like maybe a parade was about to take place, I slowly sneaked near the entrance hoping to sneak into the crowd, and I forgot to mention that my powers possibly involved something to do with a video game like Fallout 4 (maybe I was able to use the workshop mode, and adjust things in the dream world like it was a settlement).

But that is all that I can remember and make sense of with this mostly destroyed dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Gang Members Disguised As Prison Guards And Prisoners?

I did not voice record any of my dreams from last night and I woke up and went back to sleep several times and I slept in a way that caused my back to hurt and/or my messed up bed mattress that needs to be replaced caused my back to hurt so I ended up forgetting most of my dreams except for barely part of my last dream.

All that I can remember of the dream is that it took place during the day and I was with most of my family (except for my brother CC and his family), at some point during the dream I remember my family and I parking our automobiles in a field, but I can not remember what we were doing or where we had arrived from.

At some point we left in most of our automobiles but my dad left his automobile and some of his stuff (a generator, tools, and maybe a few other things) behind, and we drove to another location to a house or building; and I forgot to mention that the field and the new location that we went to were both in the countryside or country, and they both were not that far from each other.

I am not sure what my family and I were doing inside the house or building but at some point I remember maybe using my mobile phone to look at a blog and possibly a blog challenge where you were supposed to make a special tea and gather a few more objects and use those while reading a blog post and maybe doing a blog challenge post of your own, and maybe the tea mix was sent to me but I needed to get the cream or milk and sugar and other supplies to make the tea.

My dad was probably fixing something and he needed some of his tools that he had left in his automobile in the field and so I left in my automobile to get his tools and to get the supplies that I needed to make the tea and the other objects I needed for the blog challenge, and once I reached the field I started looking around for my dad’s tools.

Slowly other people started arriving to the field to hang out, I remember finding some of the supplies that I needed to make the tea, and I remember thinking about bringing my dad’s generator and other tools and a few other things to avoid them possibly being stolen because my dad had some of these objects scattered around in the field.

As I was collecting these objects I remember a group of men with whitish colored skin who looked and dressed and acted and looked at me like they were the somewhat dangerous country racist type driving to the field in trucks, I felt that they were dangerous and possibly armed and that they might attack anyone who did not have whitish colored skin, and that they might steal and/or vandalize your property; but there were other people around, and so it seemed that would help to prevent them from doing anything like that.

I still kept an eye on them as I continued searching for all the things that my dad had left scattered in the field, as I was doing this another suspicious and dangerous group arrived, and it was several armed men with light-brownish colored skin who seemed to be pretending to be prison guards who were escorting a group of chained up prisoners who seemed to be from different countries because I heard some of them speaking various languages including Spanish.

I felt that the prison guards were really gang members in disguise because of how they walked, talked (their accents, curse words, tone, and they were using one or two languages that were possibly Spanish and/or an unknown language spoken in a country in the Middle Eastern parts of Asia), looked and their tattoos on their necks and other parts of their bodies, body language, facial expressions, their weapons and how they held them, and more.

To me it seemed that the prisoners were probably really rival gang members in disguise who they had defeated, and who they were now keeping as prisoners for ransom and as slaves for their gang; and they seemed to be transporting them somewhere, but they were stopping to get some exercise and fresh air after driving for a long time.

I remember one of the prison guards or fake prison guards having a long barrel revolver and another had a pistol or submachine gun, and they all had their weapons out and they were carrying them casually in their hands.

They walked the prisoners to the middle of the field and they let them play maybe soccer (football), I remember trying to avoid getting hit as I walked around searching for my dad’s tools and other objects, and I remember having difficulty finding some of the objects that I had found earlier.

The prisoners seemed happy and excited to be able to relax and play a sport finally, but I woke up as I was trying to finish gathering the objects into my automobile to return them to my dad because I was taking to long.

The end,

-John Jr


Fighting Aliens Disguised As Humans?

There is a problem that randomly happens where the text in my posts gets duplicated and / or jumbled together, and / or YouTube links do not embed in the Classic Editor after I click Publish.

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I will probably continue doing this until this is fixed, and then I will probably delete the messed up posts or leave at least one of them for future reference if this issue happens again in the future.

I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for barely part of my last dream because I did not voice record my dreams during the night when waking up to use the bathroom.

Not only that, I think that this dream was inspired by a news article that I read last night, but I can not find that news article now.

The news article was about the recent NAACP Building / Barber Shop Bombing, where they showed a sketch / drawing of the possible bomber/suspect.

Some people commented in the comment section of that news article that the possible bomber / suspect looked a bit like an alien:

FBI releases sketch of suspect in NAACP bombing