Volunteering For A DNA Paternity Test

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I drove to a fictional city that somewhat reminded me of the city of L, I have been to this fictional city before either in a past dream or false memory, and I drove and maybe walked around several parts of the city including the countryside.

At some point during the dream I parked in a parking lot of maybe a restaurant, there were people going inside the restaurant, and maybe I wanted to find a hotel and eat soon so I parked in the parking lot trying to decide what to do next.


Am I The Father?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Unfortunately, I woke up this morning not remembering any of my dreams until I was eating breakfast, and then I remembered part of one dream; but most of the details of the dream are missing, unfortunately.

I am not sure how the dream began but I do remember being at a house, where a woman had recently had three or more babies, and the woman said that I was the father of the babies.

I spent some time with the woman, the babies, her brothers, and her dad but I am not sure if I met her mom or not; they all lived in the house together it seemed.

The dream was nice at first when I was spending time with the babies and everyone, but at some point the woman & the others went somewhere while I watched the babies.

I started to think about and experience the many responsibilities of having to take care of so many babies (I also thought about my past experiences helping raise my brothers when they were babies), I could not even hold all the babies at the same time since there were three or more babies, and I started to wonder how in the world did I get the woman pregnant; since I am the type of person to wait to have kids until after I am married, and I would be cautious to avoid pregnancy by either not having sex at all until getting married and/or I would use a layered anti-pregnancy strategy.

So I found it highly strange that I would get a woman who I have not married pregnant and/or have an unplanned pregnancy, and I tried to think about how I got the woman pregnant; but I had no memories of the woman or ever having sex with her, so it made no sense to me.

I started to think that the woman was either mistaken or she was trying to trick me into thinking that I was the father, and so I asked her brothers some questions when they got home; and they all acted suspicious and they failed to answer my questions.

I started thinking about trying to have a DNA / Paternity test done soon as possible on all the babies to see if I was the father or not, but I wanted to talk with the woman first.

As I was thinking about all of this, I was also taking care of the babies, and I remember imagining how hard/annoying it would become having to change so many diapers & take care of so many babies who are the same age; and about how expensive it would be.

If I really was the father, I would do my job and take care of the babies, but I did not want to be tricked into taking care of the babies; because that was too much responsibility/stress/expenses/et cetera for me in my current state/situation.

I also felt that the babies deserved someone being there to help them sometimes, even if I was not the father, and so I Considered helping the woman take care of the babies Sometimes; even if I was not the father, but I was only Considering it.

The woman returned at some point and when I started asking her questions, she acted suspicious & failed to answer my questions just like her brothers, and so I was super suspicious at this point & felt that I was correct in thinking that I was not the father of the babies.

I told the woman that I wanted to have a DNA paternity test done on all the babies as soon as possible and that I would pay for it & I would take the babies to be tested myself if necessary; and that I would set up the testing date myself if necessary, but I wanted her to agree & be part of the process if possible.

As expected the woman did not want any part of it, and so I started to call to find a doctor / clinic that would do the DNA paternity test; but I woke up as I was making some calls on my mobile phone.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂