A Week In Esperanto Land – A Film About NASK

A Week In Esperanto Land – A Film About NASK

What Is It?

The YouTube video A Week In Esperanto Land – A Film About NASK by the YouTube channel Exploring Esperanto.

Here is the description for this video:

This 7-minute documentary shows what it’s like to attend NASK, the largest annual Esperanto event in North America, which has been happening for over 50 years.

For more information about NASK, visit

Here are the films about NASK from 2013 that are in Esperanto and made by Fabjo Montejro:

Part One:…

Part Two:…

Here’s a 19-minute live stream from the gufujo where Aaron and Alex talk entirely in Esperanto:…

Here is the official YouTube channel for The American Good Film Festival, known in Esperanto as La Usona Bona Film-Festivalo:

The deadline to send in your Esperanto short film is October 5, 2022.

Here’s the official website with more details about the contest:…

Esperanto-USA paid for the welcome meet-and-greet as well as the nightly gufujo event during NASK.

Consider becoming a member today.

This film was shot, narrated, and edited by Alexander Vaughn Miller.

The shots where Alex is visible were filmed by Catie Kejti.

Here’s a 2-minute video showing the over 100 people who attended NASK in 2019.…

Here is the entire 2-hour “Distra Vespero” talent show from NASK 2019.…

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Patrons / Patronoj

Andy Blair, Bill White, Benjamin MILLER WATERMAN, Benson Smith, Brandon Sowers, Catie Kejti, Dalton Reed, Derek, France Gamble, hohoEMI, Interkultura Novelo-Konkurso, Irizanjo, Johano kaj Jano, LupinCanis, Markus Klyver, Michael Cheser, Mike Brady, Myrtis Smith, Jorge Rafael Nogueras, Rachel Helps, Rod Wood, Savanni D’Gerinel, Scotty!, Sean Munkel, Shaemus Melvin, Stefan, Ŝano, Thomas Satirsley, Tim Morley, WV Esperanto Club

The song used in this film is “Living Life” by Scott Holmes.


Everything in this documentary was filmed with a Canon M50.

The audio was recorded using a Zoom H1n mounted on top of it.

That equipment was given to Alex after the Esperanto-USA board of directors approached him at NASK 2019 and told him about their educational video fund.

It provides grants to Esperanto-speaking filmmakers to upgrade or invest in new equipment.

Look at any Exploring Esperanto video from before July 2019, and you’ll immediately notice the improvement.

If you have an idea for a film or a series of videos that are educational and related to Esperanto, fill out a grant request form on this webpage and perhaps Esperanto-USA can help you out.…


American Werewolves (2022)

AMERICAN WEREWOLVES Official Trailer (2022) Wolfman Documentary

What Is It?

The 2022 documentary movie American Werewolves by Seth Breedlove.

AMERICAN WEREWOLVES Trailer (2022) Monster Documentary

Here is how The IMDb describes this documentary movie:

Each year, dozens of encounters with upright canids are reported in North America. These beings often behave in similar ways, with many reports recounting a creature that is aggressive, ghastly, and disturbing.

American Werewolves, an all-new documentary from Small Town Monsters, asks the question do real werewolves exist? Directed by Seth Breedlove and produced by Heather Moser, American Werewolves chases one of the myths that has dogged folklore for centuries, and explores the real-world consequences and encounters with the evil creatures older than mankind.




What Is It?

The YouTube video PAULINE CROZE – LES ETOILES by the YouTube channel:

Album “Après les heures grises”:… Réalisation, prises de vue, montage Maël Faugère Claviers Manu Ralambo Batterie Arnaud Laprêt Invités Fils Cara et radiofran6 Ingénieur du son Pierre-Emmanuel Meriaud Lumières Nicolas Lamatière Mise en scène Léa Bernaudin Stylisme Camille Mougeolles Produit par Vilmamusica Remerciements Asterios spectacles S’abonner à ma chaine :… Suivre Pauline Croze : – Facebook :… – Instagram :… – Twitter :


Roswell: The Final Verdict (Season 1)

“Roswell: The Final Verdict”

What Is It?

The 2021 documentary miniseries / TV show Roswell: The Final Verdict (Season 1).

Roswell: The Final Verdict premieres July 2

Here is how The IMDb describes this TV show:

Did aliens really crash-land near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947? In 1947, a rancher near Roswell, New Mexico, claimed to have discovered mysterious debris on his property, triggering decades of official government denials, and countless conspiracy theories, about aliens. Now, tapes of haunting first-person accounts from the past are being analyzed in a totally modern way, using artificial intelligence (AI) lie detection software to test if the eyewitnesses are telling the truth. Although most of the witnesses are now deceased, AI permits truth to be separated from fiction and the most important UFO event in world history can be weighed in the balance with all the evidence at hand. Truth seekers will now decide – the final verdict.


Secret Space UFOs: Rise Of The TR3B

Secret Space UFOs: Rise of The TR3B

What Is It?

The 2021 documentary movie Secret Space UFOs: Rise Of The TR3B.

Secret Space UFOs: Rise of The TR3B (OFFICIAL TRAILER)

This is how The IMDb describes this documentary:

The legendary TR3B is said to be the very first Alien Reproduction Vehicle that the military built secretly for space exploration.

History of triangular UFO sightings and top secret military aircraft is discussed by the best and brightest in the research field of UFOs and spooky military aircraft.

Tyler Glockner of Secureteam10 YouTube fame discusses the long history of military involvement building triangular aircraft and mysterious sightings from around the world.

Richard Dolan discusses the facts of space secrecy and the likelihood of a secret space program run by many United States defense and intelligence agencies.

Jim Goodall discusses the credible history of spooky classified airplanes and possible non-human UFOs sightings.

Alara gives her testimony on her incredible TR3B sighting.

Jeremy Rys discusses the history of the fabled TR3B and the man that first discussed its origins, Edgar Fouche.

Dr. Jack Kasher discusses UFOs seen from NASA Space mission STS-48 and how it seems that Earth is at war with something in space.

This TR3B documentary is the next in line of a series about TR3B sightings and UFOs in outer space, starring Tyler Glockner.

— Darcy Weir