I’m Also Obsessed With Skyrim’s Orcs

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The YouTube video I’m Also Obsessed With Skyrim’s Orcs by the YouTube channel Cor Canish:

I’m Also Obsessed With Skyrim’s Orcs

Here is the description for this video:

Episode 3


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MODS used include: Carved Brink by HaemProjects (used for the final shot of Red Mountain – play this mod, it is amazing!):…


Lazy Voice Finder (highly recommend):…


Units Of Dune – The Sardaukar LORE DOCUMENTARY

What Is It?

The YouTube video Units Of Dune – The Sardaukar LORE DOCUMENTARY by the YouTube channel Invicta:

Units Of Dune – The Sardaukar LORE DOCUMENTARY

Here is the description for this video:

A Dune lore documentary on the history of the Sardaukar warriors!

Start playing Dune: Spice Wars today :

In this animated documentary, we continue our exploration of the Frank Herbert’s Dune Universe and the Dune lore surrounding its most famous units of history.

We previously released a Dune lore primer called Welcome to Arrakis which will help introduce you to the setting:

In this episode, we look specifically at the origins of the Sardaukar and how they rose to become the most feared soldiers of the known universe.

We begin with the initial colonists who settled the planet of Salusa Secundus and how their descendants eventually were reduced to savage tribes warring for existence across a brutal landscape.

Eventually, the Sardau tribe would rise to claim dominion of the planet and forge a regional Empire.

However, it would not be until the chaos which followed the Butlerian Jihad that they would truly emerge as a great power.

At the Battle Of Corrin they would ultimately grind the Landsraad to a standstill and crown the first Padishah Emperor.

We cover the equipment, training, and organization which made the Sardaukar of the imperial period so formidable.

This includes their Sardaukar religion and Sardaukar chant so unique to the mindset of their forces, which continued to be produced from the prison planet of Salusa Secundus.

Then we cover their extensive service history, which culminates in the Battle Of Arrakis against House Atreides and the Fremen.

What units of history and Dune lore should we cover next?

Research = Invicta
Script = Invicta
Narration = Guy Michaels
Artwork = Penta Limited

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Missing 411: The UFO Connection

What Is It?

The 2022 documentary Missing 411: The UFO Connection by David Paulides.

Missing 411: The UFO Connection | Official Trailer

Here is a YouTube description for this documentary:

Coming Soon!
Available Digitally December 13th, 2022

In Missing 411: The UFO Connection, David Paulides continues the research of people who vanish in the wild.

David’s third documentary reveals the first evidence documenting a link between UFO/UAP and missing people.

For the past sixty years, there has been a steady stream of cases where cattle vanish and are later found mutilated.

Parallel to the cattle disappearing, there have been strange deaths of elk and deer that are rarely reported.

David’s team found a report about a group of workers that witnessed an elk abducted by a UAP.

These individuals were interviewed by trained investigators, and one item that they claimed concern was being abducted by the very UAPs that took the elk!

Years of dogged research found a region in the United States where hunters of a specific heritage had disappeared while elk hunting.

One of these hunters had told his girlfriend that he had been followed out of the woods by a UFO/UAP, something he said scarred him.

Soon after telling the story, this same hunter vanished on a hunt and was never found.

After researching thousands of missing person reports, interviewing search and rescue professionals, and visiting hundreds of locations where victims have disappeared, The CanAm Missing Project team developed a list of profile points that describe a Missing 411 case.

These profile points are used to vet all potential candidates for research.

This ten-year project brings together top officials from the FBI, local law enforcement, search team members, and others that describe a spell-binding fact trail that will leave the viewer asking more questions from officials.

Missing 411- The UFO Connection.

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A Week In Esperanto Land – A Film About NASK

A Week In Esperanto Land – A Film About NASK

What Is It?

The YouTube video A Week In Esperanto Land – A Film About NASK by the YouTube channel Exploring Esperanto.

Here is the description for this video:

This 7-minute documentary shows what it’s like to attend NASK, the largest annual Esperanto event in North America, which has been happening for over 50 years.

For more information about NASK, visit

Here are the films about NASK from 2013 that are in Esperanto and made by Fabjo Montejro:

Part One:…

Part Two:…

Here’s a 19-minute live stream from the gufujo where Aaron and Alex talk entirely in Esperanto:…

Here is the official YouTube channel for The American Good Film Festival, known in Esperanto as La Usona Bona Film-Festivalo:

The deadline to send in your Esperanto short film is October 5, 2022.

Here’s the official website with more details about the contest:…

Esperanto-USA paid for the welcome meet-and-greet as well as the nightly gufujo event during NASK.

Consider becoming a member today.

This film was shot, narrated, and edited by Alexander Vaughn Miller.

The shots where Alex is visible were filmed by Catie Kejti.

Here’s a 2-minute video showing the over 100 people who attended NASK in 2019.…

Here is the entire 2-hour “Distra Vespero” talent show from NASK 2019.…

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Patrons / Patronoj

Andy Blair, Bill White, Benjamin MILLER WATERMAN, Benson Smith, Brandon Sowers, Catie Kejti, Dalton Reed, Derek, France Gamble, hohoEMI, Interkultura Novelo-Konkurso, Irizanjo, Johano kaj Jano, LupinCanis, Markus Klyver, Michael Cheser, Mike Brady, Myrtis Smith, Jorge Rafael Nogueras, Rachel Helps, Rod Wood, Savanni D’Gerinel, Scotty!, Sean Munkel, Shaemus Melvin, Stefan, Ŝano, Thomas Satirsley, Tim Morley, WV Esperanto Club

The song used in this film is “Living Life” by Scott Holmes.


Everything in this documentary was filmed with a Canon M50.

The audio was recorded using a Zoom H1n mounted on top of it.

That equipment was given to Alex after the Esperanto-USA board of directors approached him at NASK 2019 and told him about their educational video fund.

It provides grants to Esperanto-speaking filmmakers to upgrade or invest in new equipment.

Look at any Exploring Esperanto video from before July 2019, and you’ll immediately notice the improvement.

If you have an idea for a film or a series of videos that are educational and related to Esperanto, fill out a grant request form on this webpage and perhaps Esperanto-USA can help you out.…


American Werewolves (2022)

AMERICAN WEREWOLVES Official Trailer (2022) Wolfman Documentary

What Is It?

The 2022 documentary movie American Werewolves by Seth Breedlove.

AMERICAN WEREWOLVES Trailer (2022) Monster Documentary

Here is how The IMDb describes this documentary movie:

Each year, dozens of encounters with upright canids are reported in North America. These beings often behave in similar ways, with many reports recounting a creature that is aggressive, ghastly, and disturbing.

American Werewolves, an all-new documentary from Small Town Monsters, asks the question do real werewolves exist? Directed by Seth Breedlove and produced by Heather Moser, American Werewolves chases one of the myths that has dogged folklore for centuries, and explores the real-world consequences and encounters with the evil creatures older than mankind.