Being A Judge For A Dog Show?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I remember several dream fragments that were either part of one dream or several, but I am not sure.

Dream 1

The first dream fragment was of my automobile either stopping on the highway from LC or someone dropped me off on the highway from LC, and so I was going to have to walk the rest of the way; I am not sure which of those is correct.

It was in the day and I was not far from the road that led to SS’s house, and I walked up the road trying to figure out the way back; but I got lost and I had to ask some women that were standing in their yard, for directions.

They told me that they did not know they way, but that the sailor captain or something like that, might know the way; and they led me to an old boathouse that was in the yard next door to them.

Inside the old boathouse, several people in the neighborhood were gathering in a room for a meeting with the sailor captain, who was a retired Navy officer I think.

I remember sitting at a desk and at some point the sailor came into the room wearing an old sailor uniform or something, that was blue and maybe white, I think; and I think my brother GC was there.

I remember the sailor talking about something and I noticed that my desk had a broken spot that was a bit sharp, and I cut my finger a bit on it; and so I told my brother GC about it.

He tried to touch the sharp spot on the desktop to see how sharp it was, but it stabbed his finger somewhat deep, and so he had to get some paper towels for the bleeding; but that is all that I can remember on this dream fragment.

Dream 2

The second dream fragment took place in D at my dad’s job, in the day, and we were loading some stuff with my dad; work was over for the day, so no one else was there.

At some point a small green truck pulling a boat, came and the person driving the truck backed up the boat under the car-port, and then they drove off; but that is all that I remember.

Dream 3

My third and last dream fragment took place at my parent’s house in the day, and a group of people were in the yard with dogs.

My parent’s and I were sitting at a table, like we were judges for a dog show or something, and the people with dogs were telling us about their dogs one-at-a-time.

My parent’s and I had paper and pens or pencils, and we would take notes; it was like we were scoring the dogs and trying to decide which one we liked the best or something.

I remember one man who had several puppies, telling us about one of the puppies, and he was describing the breed & how big it was supposed to get when it becomes an adult.

I remember him saying that the puppy would get almost 4 feet tall, and he said what breed the puppy was, but it was some breed that I never heard of.

I remember being impressed and I even remember some of the notes that I was writing:

“Puppy will become a very large dog, puppy will probably be about 4 fee tall, puppy appears to have short fur/coat, puppy is a breed that I never heard of, and then I started to make a drawing.”

My mom said that she liked the puppy but that she did not know why the man had not sold or given it to, some organization that I can not remember and that I never heard of, and she said that organization offered to take the dog but the man refused.

My mom said that the puppy was registered and that it would probably sell for a lot of money or that many people would probably want it, and she thought that the man should have accepted the organizations offer; it seemed that she felt that the puppy was better off with them than with us, I am guessing, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂