George H. W. Bush At A Library Computer Lab

Dream 1

The end of this dream started with me remember a false memory from years ago of my former male classmate JC and I going to an outdoor/indoor place that had a parking lot with a building that was like a combination of a gas station/dojo/store, and a martial arts class was taking place.

It was probably a Taekwondo dojo, we watched the martial arts class that took place outside and inside, and we thought about joining; but we probably only went to one free class, and then we never signed up.

The dream jumped back to the current time period, and I returned to this location to see what was there now after all those years.

Things were slightly different now, instead of Taekwondo it was mixed martial arts that was being taught, and there was a sparring match taking place in front of the class inside the building.

I watched from outside the building, after the sparring match there was a break, and my former male classmate LF was one of the students.

LF greeted me, he asked me if I was going to sign-up for the mixed martial arts class, and he tried to convince me to join; and then I told him about my old memory, we talked about our public school days, and then we talked about our lives since then.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The end of this dream took place during the day at the edge of a LC-like city, and I was outside with my female coworker KE and another woman who I assume was a fictional coworker of ours.

We got in a van or another kind of vehicle, and we started to drive away from the city along the highway going through curves et cetera.

There was something interesting about this that I can not remember, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream took place inside a library and I was working there at the computer lab working at my IT job I assume, and I saw at least one former president and maybe another high-level politician and their entourages.

The former president of The United States George H. W. Bush was there in a wheelchair with his United States Secret Service agents et cetera, and at some point he made a comment to me about how I was dressed like an old person because I was wearing khaki pants and maybe a sweater vest.

He meant this as a joke and as a compliment, we briefly talked, and during this dream I did not remember that he was supposed to be dead.

Mr. Bush asked me if I would help him with something on the computer, I said yes, and him and his entourage went to a computer at the end of the computer lab to get set up; I guess they needed to set up a secure internet connection et cetera.

The Secret Service agents were standing guard so I stood back until I was allowed to move closer to help Mr. Bush, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

This dream took place inside a place that was possibly store-like and like the library from the previous dream, but I can not remember.

There was an event or something going on, I was standing near some aisles, and a boy with light-medium color skin walked over with a soccer ball wanting me to play soccer with him; and so I started to kick the soccer ball around with him.

The boy really enjoyed our game of soccer, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 5

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was possibly standing near the library computer lab from a previous dream or an area similar to the previous dream, and I was talking to my female coworker KE about memories.

KE and I were comparing memories, but I can not remember the details; and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Training In An Old Dojo | Tilda Swinton Gets Threatened To Star In A Movie

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that at the end of the dream some other people and I were going through recruit-like training of different types/levels, my former male classmate MJ was there, and I remember us going to an old (maybe ancient) dojo where we were going to learn some special techniques from an old martial arts system being taught by the martial arts instructors who still follow the old traditions.

I remember one of the instructors talking about some of the traditions and showing us small wooden structures and small pillows that you had to use a certain way before training and when someone gets injured, and he showed us a way to improve healing that seemed a bit too magical like it probably did not work.

I remember going to the bathroom to urinate, my former classmate MJ, and another man happened to be going to the bathroom at the same time; and I remember urinating first as we talked about how the healing thing seemed like something that probably did not work, and then we continued talking as I washed my hands but I woke up.

Dream 2

This was an interesting and detailed dream that even became semi-lucid or lucid at some point in the dream, but I can only remember a few parts of the dream; which took place in a modern and sometimes somewhat futuristic multi-story multi-purpose windowless building.

This building was like a college, hotel, resort, recreational, maybe medical building combined with: a hotel/dorm/apartment, college, restaurants, clubs, bars, casino, other types of entertainment areas, medical clinic/hospital, and more.

In one part of the dream it seemed that I was on an upper floor in a college part of the building like I was a college student again, I had a large hotel-like room with a television on the wall, and there were some other interesting design aspects to this room that I can not remember.

At some point I went to take a shower, the bathrooms were separate from our rooms, and so we had to go to public bathrooms to use the bathroom and take showers; and so I walked to one of these public bathrooms, which looked a bit futuristic, and it had automatic motion sensing lights to save electricity when no one was using the bathroom.

There was one or two other people using the bathroom and sinks, the shower area was in a separate room with a futuristic hatch-like door that was open, and so I entered the shower room and I closed the hatch-like door even though I was not sure if it was supposed to stay open or not.

There were separate shower areas that each had their own doors that could lock, I had locked the hatch-like door (which was probably a mistake because that meant that other people could not come in to use the other shower stalls), and so I did not lock the door to my shower stall.

The shower area was a bit futuristic and things were clean, I took a shower, dried off, got dressed, and then I took my stuff back to my room; and then I decided to start walking around exploring the building, and this is where I got to see many amazingly detailed and unique areas.

The dream was pretty realistic as I walked around reading signs outside of various areas that let you know what they were for, I heard music, talking, laughing, and people having a good time in various areas; and I walked into some of these areas, which were mostly entertainment and eating and drinking areas, but I probably walked by the medical area as well.

At some point in the dream the dream went semi-lucid where I probably knew or partly knew that I was dreaming, I did not try to control the dream at all, instead I continued to walk around exploring to see if anything changed; and to see all the many details that my mind had somehow put together.

To my surprise things were the same, signs were still readable and said the same things, different areas were still in their proper locations, people were still enjoying themselves and acting realistically, and the dream felt even more real now that I knew or partly knew that I was dreaming.

I was extra curious to see how dream character acted so I walked around slowly, sometimes stopping inside places, to watch and listen to people; and things were realistic like these were real people with real lives, and they all had different appearances and personalities and things to say to each other.

It was amazing how stable the dream was, it was so stable that it felt real and I even had some of my senses, it was like being somewhat in the future or in another dimension instead of a dream; like I was in a real place.

At some point after exploring, watching and listening to people, talking to some people, et cetera I went back to my hotel-like room to relax and watch some television; and to enjoy the unique design of the room, and I laid on a bed or sitting area near the wall and under the television.

I am not sure if I went to sleep or not but something strange happened where I was now seeing things like I was no longer in the dream, the actress Tilda Swinton was invited to this building by some people who wanted her to star in their film, and so they got her a room in the area where my room was.

They wanted to her to relax and have fun until it was time for their meeting, they hoped that she would say yes to being in their film, and at some point I think that Mrs. Swinton was in her room with someone else when the filmmakers and their security walked into her room for their meeting.

Mrs. Swinton was possibly not interested in being in their film after hearing the details so the filmmakers and their security threatened them, basically holding them hostage and threatening them until she agreed to be in the film, but I can not remember if she agreed or not before I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Walking Through A Mall And Looking For A Place To Eat And Getting Special Abilities From An Alien / Entity?

Source: Wikipedia

I seriously did not feel like typing my dream from last night and I was in a depressive mood for most of the day until I did my almost daily jog/exercise routine, and so now I will try to quickly type this dream before my mood changes again or something like that.

I only remember three parts of my last dream from last night with the first part of the dream taking place inside a somewhat familiar fictional mall during the day, this mall was designed where the workers could move walls and shelves to remove/add/reorganize/change the layout of the inside of the mall and/or businesses inside the mall, and I was walking around this mall as other people shopped/et cetera.

At some point I wanted to walk to another part of the mall and so I tried to take a shortcut through a store inside the mall that was being added or removed or reorganized by workers who were moving the walls/shelves/et cetera, I had memories of visiting this mall before as I took this shortcut, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The second part of the dream took place late in the afternoon or early in the evening in a fictional city or a fictional version of the city of LC near where the Oriental Market (that is what it is really called) on R Street should be, I think there were parts of a school or college there and maybe I was a student but I am not sure, and I remember exploring a small almost shopping center-like place with various businesses.

Some of the businesses were inside one building, some could be accessed from the outside, and some were under a catwalk/tunnel-like walkway; and maybe some school/college classrooms were in some of these buildings but I am not sure.

I remember wanting to get something to eat but I was not quite hungry enough yet and so I walked around trying to figure where I would eat soon, there were several different Chinese-style restaurants in this area (a wok, a buffet, restaurant, et cetera), and this area was somewhat familiar to me because I had memories of it.

The probably family owned (the family seemed to be from China (Chinese)) Chinese-style wok was the smallest of the restaurants and the building was a mostly reddish color with some goldish / yellowish colors and it was located on the left side of the catwalk/tunnel, it was pretty popular and many students would get their food there, and I remember glancing inside the Chinese-style buffet which was larger and dimly lit with nice looking food; and the Chinese-style restaurant was the fanciest and most expensive of the three.

Across the street where Mr. G’s Pizza should be was a small mostly neutral greenish colored building that looked like a Chinese-style wok and so I walked across the street to go inside to see their menu, but when I walked inside on the left side of the building I saw a class of students wearing Karate gis/uniforms and in front of me in the middle of the building standing behind a desk was a somewhat older somewhat man with medium-dark brownish colored skin with grayish/blackish colored hair wearing a blueish colored Karate gi.

I greeted the man and I told asked him if this was a martial arts dojo and I told him that it looked like a wok from the outside, he said that it was a martial arts dojo and that it used to be a wok, and he told me that he owned the dojo and he was a master of several martial arts that I never heard of (they sounded fake and/or not very effective to me, and he did not seem tough or skilled at all).

I think that his classes were a bit expensive and I was not interested so I said goodbye and I walked to the wok, but it was closed now and so I walked around trying to decide where I should eat; but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The third/last part of the dream took place during the day at my parents house at some point, my memory is unclear but I think that my brother GC and I found/helped a male alien or entity who had special abilities, and so maybe he gave us special abilities or we got them somehow but I can not remember how we got the special abilities or what happened exactly.

There was another male alien or entity who was the villain of the dream who the alien/entity we helped/found was trying to stop, and so my brother GC and I joined the alien/entity to stop the villain alien/entity.

Some of my special abilities included maybe the ability to read minds and maybe see things that happened in the past, the ability to predict certain possible futures, and the ability to manipulate minds to trap people in dreams within dream and/or daydreams within daydreams and/or thoughts within thoughts.

Some of my brother GC’s special abilities included the ability to turn his skin and/or himself into an armored blackish metallic colored metal superman who could fly/jump super high/was super strong/was super tough/et cetera, and could survive and fly in space without food/water/et cetera.

Something happened where we confronted or got attacked by the villain alien/entity and I saw a possible future of his evil plan(s), I told the good alien/entity what I saw and we came up with a plan where my brother GC and I would keep the villain alien/entity disabled/distracted, and he would go and try to stop his plan(s).

We disabled the villain alien/entity and we put him on a couch inside our parents house, our mom was there and she came to see the villain alien/entity, and I continued disabling him by trapping him in a thought within a thought; and I could see what he was thinking, I could see him trapped inside a rectangle inside his thought, and connected to this rectangle was the second thought that would trap him if he escaped the first thought.

I would stop reading his mind sometimes to talk with my mom and my brother GC, my mom wanted to make a dessert or something like that but she was missing a certain ingredient, and so she sent my brother GC to get it; and he left by walking outside the gate by the fig tree at E Manor and he turned into his metal form and he jumped super high into the sky so fast that I could not see where he went other than a brief blur, I remember the villain/alien being trapped in the first thought until he realized something was wrong and he escaped the first thought, but then he became trapped in the second thought.

In the second thought he assumed that he had been daydreaming not realizing that the first thought was a trap that I had him in, I connected a daydream to the second thought so that could trap him if he escaped the second thought, and eventually he escaped the second thought and got trapped in the daydream; and then I connected a dream to the daydream.

I would take breaks sometimes and them start reading his mind again to make sure that he was still trapped and that I always had at least one extra thought/daydream/dream connected to trap him if he escape the one before it; and I remember getting worried about my brother GC because it was taking long for him to return, and eventually he returned.

The ingredient was two or more cinnamon rolls wrapped in clear plastic and it/they was/were Hy-Top / HyTop brand with a reddish colored background that was a shape like two connected triangles with one pointed at the top and one pointed at the bottom (I am not sure what this shape is called), and I asked my brother GC what took him so long.

My brother GC said that he jumped/flew into space and that he traveled/flew in space trying to find the cinnamon roll(s) and that the trip took him 9 months, I was surprised/shocked to hear this and I wondered how could it take 9 months and how did he survive, and I wondered why did he not buy it/them on Earth. 😀

He gave our mom the cinnamon roll(s) and she started cooking the dessert/whatever while my brother GC and I talked about his trip as we made sure that the villain alien/entity stayed disabled, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


An Unknown Family | Job 2.0

File:Chinese-american couple in their home in Flatbush b.jpg
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

Last night I remember two of my dreams, the first dream took place on a street by my parent’s house.

Me and one of my brothers saw a little restaurant that looked like the O Wok, so we decided to go get some food there.

Also on the street there was a Martial Arts Dojo, it looked like a Karate Dojo, but I could be wrong.

We went inside the restaurant and we were surprised that it looked pretty good inside, compared to the outside.

There were about two or three younger workers and a middle-aged man, who looked like the main chef,  and the workers looked like they probably worked at the Martial Arts Dojo too; because it looked like they had Karate uniforms on under their work uniforms.

There was a sign that had pictures of all the meals they had, but I saw no prices, so I asked to see a menu; and on the menu there were only four meals.

As my brother and I looked at the menu, the workers said that one of the meals was not good, and they recommended some chicken dish with peanuts; so we ordered that.

Their was a small buffet on the counter, and they let us sample some of the food on there.

Then my brother and I sat down at a table, and there were a lot of people in line waiting to order food.

I can not remember if we ate or not, all I can remember is walking across the street to a house.

In the house was an old woman and a family of about nine people, and the house was small; but I think that it had about four or five bedrooms.

There was a small room when you first walked into the house that had a washing machine and dryer, then there was a living room with two bed rooms connected to it, after that there was a kitchen+dining room+family room+a couple of bedrooms, and the house was like a shotgun style house.

As I was in the living room, the old woman showed me some pictures on the wall of her family, and next to the pictures of her family were some pictures of people from my family; and some blank picture frames.

I remember that there were only a few pictures of people from my family and there was a picture of my uncle JF, my dad, and me.

The woman did not speak much English, so I did not get many answers to my questions, but I think she said that my family was part of her family.

She said that they nobody in my family had talked to them in years, and that those few pictures they had were mailed to them years ago.

The woman and her family looked like the stereotypical Korean or Japanese or Chinese Americans (as in the ethnic group / nationality), but as far as I know, none of my ancestors came from those countries; but it possible since my family is a bit more diverse than the average family.

She seemed to be sad that my family had ignored them for so long, and so I felt bad and wanted to give her some new pictures of my family; so she could put them on her wall.

Also I wanted to find out if her family was really part of my family, so I could re-unite the family.

I felt a connection with their family and I wanted to learn more about them, but it was about dinner time; so everyone was eating and talking.

The family seemed to work together very well; they worked together, cleaned together, ate together, and talked together.

Family members of different ages talked together, and their family system seemed very efficient.

Some of the family was in the living room and the others were in the family room eating and talking.

I think the owners of the restaurant and the Martial Arts Dojo lived at this house too, then I woke up.

Dream 2

My second dream was about my job, except everything looked different.

This is the third or fourth time that my job has looked like a library a bit, and in my dream, my job had an all carpet floor; and things seemed like a library for some reason.

All the workers were younger, mostly high school and college students, and they were having a lot fun; but they were not working much.

I worked as a scanner in the dream, but I did not see the scanner that I was supposed to use; and we were supposed to scan some old books.

In my group there were three men, and they were talking and pretending to work; and I just ignored them, and I tried to work.

Everything looked better and more comfortable than in real life, but people were not getting much work done, and I saw none of the people who I really work with in real life.

I remember talking to a few people, and I tried to find the scanning machines.

Then I woke up,
-John Jr 🙂