The Imperial House Corrino & Thinking About The BP School Board & Riding A Bicycle In The City Of D

Giancarlo Giannini in Dune (2000)
Titles: Dune
People: Giancarlo Giannini
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I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for part of my last dream which to my surprise seemed to be inspired by the book series Dune by Frank Herbert, and it took place during the day in the city of D; and the dreamed focused on three different things (some times at the same time) where I would be doing one thing in the dream world, while thinking/daydreaming about another thing, and sometimes seeing/hearing/experiencing things from another place.

The dream focused on me riding a bicycle during a nice day to the Dollar General near W Park, me thinking/daydreaming about fictional conversations with my dad about one of his fictional male coworkers at The BP School Board and maybe about me needing a job or about a fictional job that I had, and me seeing/hearing/experiencing situations involving members of the Imperial House Corrino from Frank Herbert’s book Dune.


Ygritte And Survivors? | A Man Accidentally Starts A Gang

Rose Leslie in Game of Thrones (2011)
Titles: Game of Thrones
People: Rose Leslie
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Dream 1

I barely remember part of my first dream from last night that took place during a gray and depressive looking day in what seemed to be the city of D after a disaster of some kind, and the character Ygritte from the TV show Game Of Thrones was traveling with a man who(m) she possibly had recently married.

They seemed to be searching for food, water, shelter, supplies, et cetera because the city looked messed up (maybe debris/ash/snow/et cetera) and mostly abandoned like there were not many survivors left; and they reached the shopping center by W Park.


A Hidden Men’s Bathroom Near A Boardwalk

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I am not sure if this is one dream or several dreams of the same place because I had past memories of the area near the boardwalk like I have dreamed of it before, either way, I will type it as one dream.

I remembering traveling with my parents’ and maybe some of my brothers by automobile during the day like we were traveling to a fictional city on vacation, and we stopped at a Dollar General-like store.

Inside the Dollar General-like store I remember seeing/hearing a bald male manager with dark brownish colored skin being very mean to some new workers (male and female) who(m) he was supposed to be training, and then we came across my cousin male DE and my aunt JE (who is my cousin DE’s mom).

My cousin DE told us that his mom/my aunt JE and him had driven somewhere in a fictional old ugly 1980s-style small car (my cousin DE drove), but they stopped to buy something at the Dollar General-like store.

Somehow my cousin DE and I ended up driving or walking to a fictional nice boardwalk that somewhat reminded me of the boardwalk in the city of LC, the weather was nice and there were many people there having a good time, and there were even dolphins/ducks/birds/et cetera around the boardwalk and in the water.

An event was taking place and The President Of The United States Of America (The US President) was supposed to give a speech, so part of the boardwalk had a lot of Secret Service agents and police in and around it, and so my cousin DE and I avoided this area.

Something strange happened in the sky where grayish colored military fighter jets flew over the water dropping what seemed to be bombs in the water, even though there were dolphins and other non-human animals in the water, and I was confused and annoyed by this.

It seemed that this was part of the event like it was meant to show the power of the United States (US) military or something like that but that is a wild guess, my cousin DE and I continued walking to an outdoor market/carnival-like area near the boardwalk, and I had past memories of this place like I have dreamed of it before.

In my memories of this area I remembered shopping and having fun at some of the outdoor shops/booths, there was also a business inside a building next to this area, and this building had a women’s’ and mens’ bathroom; and I used to use the mens’ bathroom sometimes, but the business and the mens’ bathroom got closed down.

My cousin DE and I explored some of the shops (which sold various items, food, drinks, et cetera) and carnival-like booths, oddly I do not remember seeing my cousin DE again after this part of the dream and I do not know where he went or what happened to him, and at some point I stood in line at one of the carnival-like booths where a strong woman would pick you up in the air with one arm.

The strong woman had whitish colored skin with maybe blondish colored hair that was maybe braided in maybe a French braid-like style but I could be wrong, eventually it was the turn of a woman with whitish colored skin standing in line in front of me, but we were standing so close to each other that when the strong woman picked her up with one hand that I was able to hang on to her and the strong woman picked us both up with one hand at least ten times to my surprise.

But then the strong woman’s arm fell off, the woman had two fake arms because she did not have real arms for some reason (which we already knew somehow), and so the strong woman smiled/laughed and she put her fake arm back on; and we all probably clapped and cheered because we were impressed by her strength, and then the woman and I moved out-of-the-way so that the next person could take their turn.

I then decided to go see if I could find the mens’ bathroom that got closed down when the business in the same building got closed down, oddly the women’s’ bathroom did not get closed down, but it looked like a wall was where the entrance of the mens’ bathroom used to be like they sealed it off.

Suddenly my former male classmate MJ, my former classmate MJ’s fictional large bald bodyguard with dark brownish colored skin, and my former male classmate ME walked up looking for the bathroom as well; and oddly they were all dressed up in pinstriped(?) suits with fedora hats like they were in a mafia/gang, and my former classmate MJ was the leader of the mafia/gang.

I greeted them and I told them that the mens’ bathroom used to be here but they closed it down, I found the exact place where the entrance used to be and then I pushed it with my hands, and the wall was really a fake wall that you had to slide open to reveal the entrance of the mens’ bathroom to my/our surprise; and then we walked inside the bathroom.

The bathroom was partly sealed off but parts of it was/were still open and the electricity and water still worked and there was a sink, an open urinal next to sink with no privacy, a half-open stall with a toilet that was partly under the divider of the stall next to it so you could not use the toilet, a full stall with a toilet next to that, and finally my former classmate ME found a small opening that led to one more stall with a toilet.

I had to urinate pretty badly but my former classmates got the stalls leaving the open urinal which the bodyguard was standing next to, I did not feel comfortable, and so I decided to wait for them to finish; but I did try to find somewhere else more comfortable to use the bathroom but I failed.

Then I started trying to use the open urinal but I could not urinate like I was too uncomfortable or something like that, then I tried to use the half-open stall with the toilet that was half under the divider of the other stall but I did not want to get urine on the divider so I decided not try it, and then finally I was able to try the stalls once my former classmates finished but I still could not urinate.

Something strange happened where I think that I temporarily became an animated airbender (probably Tenzin) from the animated TV show The Legend Of Korra and his brother and sister entered the bathroom as well, and maybe we got attacked or something like that; but I can not remember.

Then I went back outside and I probably became myself again, I remember having past memories of some of the owners/workers at the outdoor shops/booths running for political office, and I remember them recommending that I ran for political office as well but I kindly refused.

Now some of them were once again running for political office and this time I started to wonder if I should run for political office with them, they were trying to get elected to one or more local government positions like mayor and/or city council et cetera, but I woke up as I was talking to them and thinking.

When I woke up I really had to use the bathroom, it is amazing that I did not accidentally urinate on myself during the dream because in the dream I was really trying hard to urinate but I could not, and so I am lucky that our bodies usually will not let us urinate in our sleep. 😀

The end,

-John Jr


My Former Classmate AA’s Dangerous / Stupid Prank With A Fake Uzi

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I spend most of the night only lightly sleeping waking up several times during the night not even able to remember if I dreamed or not and feeling like I  could not sleep/did not need any more sleep, and eventually I woke up between 6:00 AM – 7:00 AM and I heard a loud explosion that scared me a bit until I realized that it was just a severe thunder-storm but that explosion did not sound like thunder to me.

It took me a while to go back to sleep but eventually I went back to sleep and I had the only dream that I can remember part of, but I only remember part of the end of the dream; and the dream took place during the day in a slightly fictional version of the city of D that is sometimes in my dreams, and I remember something about jobs and my dad.

I think that I went to a fast food restaurant and/or somewhere that had something to do with jobs that my dad told me about and either I did not get the job or I briefly had the job and lost it or something like that, and I returned to my parents’ house where I talked to my dad about it and we had a conversation that annoyed me.

Eventually I left my parents’ house feeling annoyed and I went to a slightly fictional version of W Park to clear my mind and to relax, and because it had been a while since I last walked at the park; and at some point I walked to the shopping center near W Park to walk around and to shop, but I can not remember what happened during this part of the dream or during the earlier parts of the dream but I know that a lot more happened in this dream.

Eventually I was walking outside along the sidewalk of the shopping center when I came across my former classmate AA and he tried to get me join him in a dangerous/stupid prank that he was about to do that involved him going around with a fake Uzi (a sub-machine gun) that maybe shot fake soft / plastic bullets (rounds) or something like that and he had one or more fake guns hidden in a corner of the sidewalk, and he planned to go around shooting at people to scare them and make them think that real bullets were being shot at them.

I told him that this prank was dangerous/stupid/wrong/et cetera and that he should not do it and that I would not help him, but he did not listen to me and he started his prank anyway; and he walked around with his fake Uzi shooting near people as they walked in and out of stores scaring them, and most of them ran away screaming for their lives (the fake Uzi looked and sounded real, and the fake bullets made noise as they hit objects).

I probably got tired of watching this and I probably went to get one of my former classmate AA’s fake guns hidden in a corner of the sidewalk to try to use it to try to get him to stop his prank and it was a fake pump-action shotgun that had maybe shot greenish colored hunting camouflage I think, but as I was walking to reach my former classmate AA he ran out of bullets for his Uzi as he was shooting near a slightly over-fat/obese man with whitish colored skin with short blackish colored hair who was coming out of a store to the left of where Subway should be.

The man that he was shooting at, another man who was a fictional conservative politician/senator with whitish colored skin with short brownish/blondish colored hair who supported gun rights and who supported carrying a concealed weapon and who had a concealed handgun (I have no idea how I knew all of this information about this man/politician/senator, but somehow I recognized him from TV because of fictional memories I guess), and an old man with whitish colored skin with grayish/whitish colored hair and a long beard sitting in his truck that had a shotgun in it all realized that my former classmate AA was out of bullets; and so the politician and the old man pulled out their guns, and my former classmate AA ran for his life toward W Park screaming:

“Don’t Kill Me, I Was Joking!”.

The two men chased after my former classmate AA with their guns out and I tried to tell them that it was just a stupid/dangerous prank and that the guns that my former classmate AA had were not real, but they could not hear me and so I followed them trying to catch up with them before they could shoot my former classmate AA; and fortunately they stopped chasing my former classmate AA when he crossed the street and ran across W Park.

I approached the two men and I explained the situation to them and they smiled and laughed and joked about the situation, they could not wait to tell all of their friends’/family/et cetera the story, and I joked that I hope that someone video recorded what happened and that it would be shown on the news because this was a story that you have to see/hear to believe; and we joked/laughed about how my former classmate AA was running and screaming for his life, and he was probably still running and screaming as we stood there joking/laughing.

Both of the men showed me their guns and they briefly told me about their guns and the old man with the shotgun said goodbye and he returned to his truck, the man who worked as a politician/senator and I walked and talked briefly up the sidewalk, and I remember seeing a police car with a bald male police officer with whitish colored skin wearing blackish colored sunglasses sitting in it looking around at us and at the area probably because someone called him about my former classmate AA shooting near people with his fake Uzi.

Oddly the police officer did not stop and question me/us even though I was still carrying my former classmate AA’s fake shotgun, eventually I said goodbye to the politician/senator after I put the shotgun back where I found it, and I started walking near a fictional Dollar General store in the corner between the real Dollar General and J.C. Penny; and there was a bench there with several women and men sitting and standing there, and one of the women was a woman with medium brownish colored skin with long blackish colored hair wearing a reddish colored T-shirt who I assumed worked at Dollar General for some unknown reason(s).

I stopped at the door of the fictional Dollar General store to take off a long sleeve shirt or jacket or something like that but I accidentally pulled my under-T-shirt up as well, I tried to pull it back down hoping that no one noticed, and while I was doing this I noticed some school buses at W Park like an elementary school was having a field trip; and I suddenly remembered a fictional hidden walking trail in W Park that has been in a few of my past dreams, and I remembered going there with either my former classmate CW and/or another woman who looked like her who had whitish colored skin with long straight brownish colored hair I think.

In my memories of this fictional hidden walking trail it seemed that my former classmate CW and/or another woman and I were dating each time and we were walking/sitting/talking/spending time together in this hidden walking trail that is hard to find, and in this hidden walking trail was a nice sitting area with nice plants/flowers near it and several nice areas where you can walk.

I decided that I would go searching for the hidden walking trail after I finished shopping, I really wanted to explore it and I could feel my feelings from those past memories, and I wondered what happened to my former classmate CW and/or another woman who were in those memories; and I wanted to find her or them as well.

I knew that there were two ways to reach the hidden walking trail with one way being find inside W Park and the other way being found inside a neighborhood walking trail near the street that leads to the D High School, and so I went of my memories trying to remember where both entrances were; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


An Interpol Agent In A Hostel In Europe?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I forgot most of my dreams from last night except for part of one dream which took place in Europe but I am not sure which of these countries that the dream took place in: Denmark, Norway, Finland, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, Montenegro, or another country.

It probably took place in a country in Europe that I have never dreamed of before, I was at what appeared to be a hostel or hotel, and I was in an area of the hostel or hotel that had a restaurant/bar/recreational area; and there were other people there from various countries eating, drinking, talking, et cetera but I can not remember the details of what happened before or during this part of the dream and so I have no idea how or why I was in this country in Europe.

The inside of the hostel had a warm & dimly lit look & feel to it, with darker brownish colors & probably a lot of wood used in the furniture & building, and people were relaxed; and at some point I noticed a man wearing a suit who reminded me of a James Bond-like man who I thought might be a secret agent/spy, and so I assumed that he was an Interpol agent & I started talking with him I think.

At some point I walked to the area where the rooms were, which had hallways that led to various shared rooms, and I remember seeing the possible Interpol agent looking inside different rooms like he was looking for evidence or something like that; and so I stopped to ask him what was he doing, and was it legal.

He seemed to be trying to find evidence that would lead him to a suspect that he was trying to identify and find, so that he could arrest that person, and so I stopped to help him by being his look-out; and at some point someone was coming to one of the rooms, I warned him but he tried to keep searching, and the person entered the room asking him what he was doing.

The Interpol agent lied and said that one of the people who was staying in the room asked him to come get/find something for him or something like that, he did a good job pretending/lying, and so the person believed him; and then he searched a bit more without luck and then he said something to the person, and said goodbye.

He moved on to search somewhere else and a male worker at the hostel approached us or me, we or I told him about the situation and convinced him to not saying anything about it, and I remember walking off to talk with him; and I think that the worker’s name was Michael Jordan, no relation to the former basketball player Michael Jordan he joked, and he had whitish colored skin with short blond colored hair.

Somehow I might have known Mr. Jordan and/or his boss, I remember Mr. Jordan taking me to a room to see his boss who reminded me of my former classmate MJ who like MJ had medium-dark brownish colored skin with black colored hair in a custom fade style haircut, but the boss was quieter & seemed mean/serious.

Mr. Jordan told me about a tournament that his boss was managing or was going to compete in, it seemed to combine track & field with competitive eating, and it involved several rounds of activities like: a round of a track & field sport, a hamburger meat-eating round, a throw a heavy metal ball round (I forgot the name), maybe another food eating round, and then maybe a long distance race.

Each round took place back-to-back, so it was like a marathon or whatever you call it, and so I decided to do a quick/short practice run of the tournament rounds a few times (at least the non-running rounds); and the food eating rounds were going to be the hardest for me, so I knew that I needed to practice those rounds more, but I felt that I might be able to win the other rounds.

I decided that I would sign up for the tournament, and then I put on a t-shirt & sweat-like athletic pants; and I left to practice jogging since I have not been able to jog in real life since near the end of last year after having problems with my right foot (plantar fasciitis probably).

I jogged across an area that was a bit like a fictional version of the area near the Dollar General in D mixed with somewhere else, there was a mall/business office-like building in this area, and in the parking lot I came across some thin/skinny & light weight young women who were on a high school or college cross-country (long distance running) team; and they were practicing possibly for the same tournament as me and/or a school or college cross-country tournament, and so I decided to compete against them to test/compare myself to them to see if I was good enough at long distance running still to possibly win the tournament.

I decided to follow their training route, so I had to stay close enough to where I could see them to know where to go, but instead of following them from behind I stayed in front of them running at a faster pace to push/test myself (which was not a good idea).

I looked out-of-place compared to the young women who looked like how most long distance runners look, but I was more muscular/fatter (not fat but I have more fat than the average long distance runner but my fat levels are in a normal range but my muscles make me over-weight according to my doctor but I am not over-fat) & heavier than them or most long distance runners.

We ran through the mall/business office-like building, I remember people watching us and I wondered what they thought about me running with the young women since I looked out-of-place, and I was doing pretty good but I was afraid that I would get tired soon because I was running at a faster pace than normal & it had been months since I jogged; but I woke up after we ran across the entire building & back outside.

The end,

-John Jr