Inception First Dream Cobb And Mal Scene

Inception First Dream Cobb And Mal Scene

What is it?

The YouTube video Inception First Dream Cobb And Mal Scene by the YouTube channel Movie World.

Here is the description for the video above:

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Don’t Worry | Titanic 1997 Edit Video | A Love Story :…

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Inception: Ending Explained

Source: YouTube

The YouTube channel ScreenPrism has another video about one of my favorite movies, Inception, and their video is called Inception: Ending Explained:

As usual this is another good video by ScreenPrism, I like it when they do videos about things that I am interested in, they are one of the best YouTube channels that I have found when it comes to things like this.

I hope that they will do a video for each episode of Black Mirror or at least some of my favorites like Fifteen Million MeritsCrocodile, Men Against Fire; I also hope that they will cover more anime, short films, and movies and television shows that are not that well known.

The end,

-John Jr

Trying To Arrest Dom Cobb

All that I can remember of this dream is that throughout the dream I met and sometimes joined up with various dream characters, and I think that the dream took place mostly inside a multi-purpose college-like / school-like building that had different types of areas (restaurants (cafeterias, diners, et cetera), halls, gym, stores, and more).

I can not remember the beginning until after the middle of the dream now (some of these parts of the dream probably took place outside), I just know that at some point I was in a large cafeteria-like place sitting down where there were other people, and my dad was there too.

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Talking With Dom Cobb & Mal Cobb In Limbo?

Today I was walking outside listening to music on my old Sansa Clip Zip MP3 player when a song started playing that I got from the Inception (2010) Soundtrack (Bootleg) playlist on the Inceptionost YouTube channel, and that song was Inception (2010) How Did We End Up Here (Soundtrack OST).

While listening to this song I started to remember part of what I assume to be a forgotten dream from maybe last night or the night before or from further in the past.

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Dom Cobb + Stephen Colbert + Superman + Lindsey Reckis = ?

*I got my new glasses (Simple Rectangular Eyeglasses 234321) today from Zenni Optical, and they feel pretty comfortable (though they could have been a bit wider), but I still have to test them today outside and inside.*

I only barely remember part of my last dream which was an interesting dream, unfortunately I can not remember most of it and my memory of it is flawed, but seemed to take place underground in a fictional dimly lit place that was probably based on the hidden underground dream/memory floors/levels/worlds that the character Dom Cobb from the film Inception used to hide/store some of his personal memories/dream worlds/dream characters.

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