Fire At A School Assembly & Donuts

All that I can remember of this dream is that I arrived at a fictional school, maybe a high school, for the first day of school.

It was day, I walked from outside the school to inside it, and some of my former classmates were there among the students & my female coworker CR.


Ms. JR & Donuts & Joe Rogan | Places Of Power

Dream 1

In part of this dream I was talking with my supervisor Ms. JR, I can not remember if we were at work at The BP Library or not, but I do remember that Ms. JR was telling me about a bakery that sold some donuts that she liked.

The end of this dream involved something that was very similar to some of my past dreams about a fictional UFC building in the city of D where Taco Bell should be where Dana White & some of the founders of the UFC once lived together & was now being used as his own personal headquarters / restaurant / UFC building.


Training A Dream Character

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that the parts of the dream that I can not remember possibly involved traveling, my mom and / or parent’s and maybe I did some traveling, and the part of the dream that I do remember took place during a Sunday during the day I assume.

Some of my family and I were inside a fictional house that was my parent’s house, it looked nicer and had more space than our real house, and I remember walking into a family room that was similar to the family room at The E House.

Inside this family room was a cabinet with a television at the top and chest of drawers at the bottom, I found some assorted donuts in a bag next to the television, and I went to eat one but it tasted very nasty and stale so I had to go spit it out and try to wash my mouth out.

I saw my mom and I told her about the donuts, she said that she had bought them but forgot about them, and so they were stale now but as we were talking either someone knocked on the door or they rang the doorbell.

At the door was my male cousin ME, which annoyed me, I did not feel like any visitors so I walked off to quickly finish rinsing my mouth out to remove the nasty stale donut taste from my mouth before going into another room to avoid my cousin ME.

My mom answered the door while I was doing this, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place outside starting late in the afternoon in a wilderness area behind maybe some stores or a shopping center or shopping mall, and in this area was a small river with grass and plants and trees and some small hills and small island-like areas and various wild non-human animals (alligators, snakes, et cetera) and even a cat that was hunting.

I was training a female dream character who had maybe light-color skin, and I seemed to be teaching her some survival skills trying to teach her how to move around this type of wilderness and spot and avoid danger and threats like some of the dangerous wild animals.

There were other people around this area, maybe some of my family was among them, and I walked her through and around and over the river and various dangerous areas with alligators and snakes et cetera.

I was explaining things to her, showing things to her, letting her ask questions, sharing advice, and letting her apply some of these skills that I was trying to teach her.

It was like trying to train dream security, you have a very short amount of time to try to quickly train someone in the basics of what they need to know to survive, and so I was using a variety of methods at once hoping that I could prepare her properly.

I remember showing her some of the ways to spot and avoid alligators and snakes, some of their hiding places et cetera, and alligators were the most common dangerous non-human animals that we saw in this area.

At some point I remember seeing what looked like an alligator skull under the dirt near the river, normally I would have avoiding this area, but I took a risk assuming that it was dead so I walked near it and then we crossed the river to one of the small island / hill-like areas.

On one of the small island / hill-like areas we found a broken concrete piece that looked like maybe something from a bridge or some kind of infrastructure, it had two levels to it and it was over a ledge that had a slight drop, and sleeping on both levels were some kittens.

One of the kittens had fallen a bit lower than the others, if they were not careful they could fall off the concrete piece completely and maybe not be able to get back on, and we assumed that these were the kittens of the cat that we saw hunting earlier.

On another small island / hill-like area we found a desk with a computer and / or television that had internet access, but I remember taking the woman back where we came for some more practice and I wanted to see if that really was an alligator skull under the dirt or was it a living alligator that was hiding.

I felt that I had been wrong and that it was a living alligator, I wanted to let the woman know that I had made a mistake by taking an unnecessary risk, and so I wanted to use this to teach her a lesson on what not to do.

We found the area but it was gone, and so I assumed that it was a living alligator and that it walked away so it could have attacked me earlier.

I explained my mistake to the woman so that she would not make the same mistake as me, and after this I am not sure where she went.

I am not sure what I was training her for or why, but it probably felt like how it feels when I sometimes get to try to quickly train my own dream security or when I have to try to quickly train some dream characters to help them and us survive something.

I then walked alone to the computer and / or television, there I met a young man or teenager with light-color skin, and I remember him telling me that he was interested in advertising and marketing and that he does this on his own time and he plans to make this his career.

He shared some of his ideas and personal projects with me, and at some point he walked away.

I then saw a commercial on the computer and / or television that was made by the young man or teenager to my surprise, I was surprised that someone his age was allowed to work, and that he had made something for a major company and for a major product.

The commercial was one of those commercials that actually advertise two different things in the same commercial, but I can not remember what it was about but I know that it was very good.

I wanted to let the young man or teenager know, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Robin Williams Bakery | Breastfeeding Problems

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Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had more dreams but I forget them, and so now I only barely remember part of two dreams from last night.

Dream 1

The end of this dream took place inside a windowless maybe one-story maybe carpeted almost shopping mall/casino-like building, and I remember walking into a small business that seemed to be a bakery.

The business was supposed to be closing or closed it seemed because I saw the owner and maybe his son finishing up with the last few customers and starting to clean up, and the owner of this bakery was the actor Robin Williams.

Mr. Williams was nice and showed me around the bakery showing me the few desserts that they had left, he was going to let me buy some even though they were supposed to be closed, and I remember seeing glazed donuts and chocolate covered éclairs and Long Johns) filled with cream and some other desserts.

Mr. Williams had a beard and was wearing glasses so he somewhat reminded me of the actor Mandy Patinkin, I remember wanting to get some cinnamon rolls to go along with the other desserts but I did not see any as I looked around, and there were some openings along one wall that allowed you to see and maybe walk to the next business which was an upper class restaurant.

Inside the upper class restaurant I saw a lot of dressed up people sitting at fancy tables and the restaurant itself looked fancy and expensive, I can not remember if I got to finish picking and paying for my desserts or not, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream is super unclear and confusing and so lacking in context and details that it does not make much sense and so it seems even more weird and awkward than it already was, and so even I am confused.

At the end of this dream I remember being in a room with maybe an opening to a room that reminded me of the laundry room at my parent’s house, which is really just a hallway with a washing machine and dryer in it, and I know that there was at least one woman in the room breastfeeding a baby on one breast but I am not sure if the woman was my wife or not.

There was a short old woman trying to help us with a breastfeeding problem, the woman breastfeeding the baby had a problem where one of her breasts was not producing breast milk, and so the short old woman was there to help her/us.

The old woman explained that the woman was using the same breast too much and that this problem could easily be fixed, she massaged the other breast until a bit of milk came out, and then the old woman told me to test this breast by trying to drink some breast milk from it.

I thought that this was strange and awkward for a man to be trying to drink breast milk from a woman’s breast who is holding a baby who needs this breast milk, I did not want to do this and I asked the old woman if this was really necessary, and I told her that I could see that some breast milk came out of the breast after she massaged and squeezed it and so there was no need for me to test it this way myself.

The old woman saw nothing wrong with this test and told me that I should not have a problem with it either and so she told me to do it and stop worrying about it seeming awkward, she was a bit like a strict grandmother, and so I went to do her test even though it was awkward.

I remember slightly sucking on a nipple and some breast milk came out, I could somewhat taste the breast milk, and then I said that it worked and I stopped.

We thanked the old woman for the help, she explained what happened and how to avoid it in the future, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Trying To Have A House Moved

Source: Wikipedia

I forgot most of this dream but I remember being with some of my former classmates, being on platforms in the air, running/hiding/maybe fighting some paramilitary / SWAT / whatever-like people maybe, and talking with a male former classmate who might have been TW while we were probably hiding from the paramilitary-like people.

I remember there was a house and I recommended that male former classmate/ TW should have it but it needed to be moved to his yard first, and so I left to find someone to move the house; and at some point I was in my parent’s yard during the day, even though the platform area seemed darker like night or it was indoors.

A man with long hair with a bald spot looking sloppy & a bit mean & lazy who he looked like the auto mechanic Mr. M combined with Carl Brutananadilewski from the animated TV show Aqua Teen Hunger Force came to my parent’s yard, and he was the person who had been called to move the house & he had a big truck with something on the back of it that was able to hold a house & pull it on the back of the large truck.

I showed the house to the man and I explained where we wanted it moved, but he started giving me excuses like maybe the house was too big & some other unbelievable excuses; and I got a bit annoyed, and I pointed out his flawed logic/lies.

The man changed the subject & he mentioned one of my parent’s automobiles that was for sale, and he said that he might be interested in buying it; and I told him that it might cost $2,800 & this was a bit too much for him & so I mentioned $2,500 but I sensed that he would rather pay $2,000.

He changed the subject again mentioning that he smelled donuts, I said that we had some donuts inside the house, and that I would give him two donuts; and that I would eat one donut, and I told him that he could buy the automobile & get some free donuts & move the house.

I went to get the donuts while he thought about my offer, which I had taken time to explain to him in a way that would likely convince him to agree to/with my offer, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr