Nathan Fisher At A College Apartment

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day at a fictional college where I was a student, part of the dream involved during and after classes, and there was a part of the dream where I was watching short videos that Nathan (Nate) Fisher uploaded online.

These short videos showed Nate doing normal things in his every day life, one of these short videos was of him talking while driving to park outside the apartment where he lived, and later in the dream I was in this area which was at the college dorm and apartment area where I lived.

His apartment building was not the same one where I lived but it was not far away, I recognized this apartment as the one in his video, and I realized that he lived at the college.

Later in the dream after a class I was walking away with some fictional classmates and maybe former classmates of mine, but there was a standoff between some students and a gang-like group of students in an entrance area with many glass doors.

I tried to calm the situation but it was not working, the gang-like group of students had weapons including guns, and at some point one of them shot at least one other student but I can not remember what happened after this.

There was more to this dream but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I was inside my parent’s house when I heard someone ringing the front doorbell, and I looked out of the kitchen window and saw my male cousin DE at the front door with what looked like a laundry basket (hamper) with clothes and maybe some other stuff.

It seemed that he either needed to wash and dry his clothes at our house and/or that he needed someone to stay, I walked to the living room to tell my brother GC, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Something Trying To Manipulate / Control / Possess Us?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember part of one dream that was possibly a dream within a dream where I possibly went to sleep in one dream and woke up inside another dream inside a slightly fictional version of my parents’ house but I do not remember my parents’ being there, maybe they were there but I am not sure, and I seemed to be living there with a fictional woman who somewhat reminded me of my mom (she was not my mom, but she somewhat reminded me of my mom for some reason) who I assume was my wife or girlfriend (probably wife).

I remember that the wall in my brother GC’s room was damaged in the corner near the window, there was a rectangular shaped cut into the wall where the first layer of the wall was gone leaving a rectangular hole where you could see the last layer of the wall, and to the right of this along the back wall by the corner was an electronic or mechanical doorbell-like chime/whatever box that makes chimes/rings when you press the doorbell button.

While I was looking at this, through the window I noticed three people walking outside up the street close to our fence and they seemed to be suspiciously walking around through people’s’ yards, and one of the people was my former male schoolmate BR and the second was a woman who somewhat reminded me of my sister-in-law JC (it was not her, but she somehow somewhat reminded me of her for some reason) and the third was an unknown quiet man with whitish colored skin with short dark-colored hair.

They even walked through our yard and then they started walking into the yard of E Manor after walking through the yard of The G House so I decided to follow them to see what they were doing and to make sure that they did not do anything that they were not supposed to, I followed them to the front yard near the mailbox but I did not see them when I got there, and so I got the mail and newspaper; and then I went to make sure that the front door was locked, and to my surprise it was unlocked.

I walked inside the front of E Manor and the three people were either inside already or the entered the house after I entered the house, I told them that they were not supposed to be there and I asked them what were they doing and I asked them if the house was already unlocked, and they started to tell me that something strange has been going on with them; and what they described seemed paranormal or supernatural and unlikely, but I tried to keep an open mind.

They felt that something that they could not see/hear/smell/et cetera was trying to control and/or manipulate and/or possess them, I told them that I would try to help them figure this out, but that they were to never enter E Manor like this again and I told them to avoid walking through people’s’ yards without permission et cetera; and then I walked them out of the house, and I locked the door.

The dream probably took place over several days with time jumping around to maybe each morning when I would wake up, I probably told my wife about what had happened but we did not get to talk much during the dream because she would probably still be in bed when I would wake up, and then I would end up going outside to meet the three people who would stop by each day to tell me if they experienced anything strange.

At first I was not noticing much of anything strange but then strange things started to happen when I would meet the three people, it was like whatever was effecting/affecting them would start effecting/affecting you if you spent too much time around them, and whatever was trying to control/manipulate/possess them seemed to be trying to bring the woman and I together; and so we started feeling a connection/force trying to draw us together each time that they would come to report strange things to me.

My wife would wake up and glance out of the windows sometimes seeing me talking to the three people and she seemed to suspect that something was going on between the woman and I, she assumed that I was cheating on her, but she kept it to herself and she started distancing herself from me.

At some point I definitely felt that something strange was going on and that it was now effecting/affecting me as well so I told them so, whatever it was was getting stronger, and one day it probably partly took control of the three people; and it almost took control of me but I resisted it, and I had to try to snap them out of it and it worked on all of them except the woman who was now completely under the control of whatever it was.

I can not remember if it talked to us through the woman or not or what happened exactly, but I do know that I had to physically snap the woman out of it by either pushing or slapping her; and that worked, we figured out a way to break its control, but we still did not know what it was or what it wanted exactly or if they would continue to work as it got stronger.

We stopped to talk about what had happened and my former schoolmate BR opened up and told us that this experience somewhat reminded him of a terrible memory of being pulled up in the air/sky by a bright light, and what he described sounded like an alien abduction; but the memory was so terrible that he refused to give us enough details to make much sense of it, and so I suspected that we were dealing with an unknown entity/being/alien/spirit/ghost/force/phenomenon/whatever.

I went to tell my wife what happened in our bedroom but before I could explain what happened my wife started talking about how she has been watching me and the other woman and that she knows that I am cheating on her, she was angry and probably ready to end our marriage, and so I told her that I had not cheated on her and I tried to explain the situation to her.

I told her that she was right about there seeming to be a connection between the woman and I but that this connection was probably being caused by some unknown force/being/entity/whatever, I told her that I wanted us to stay married and that I had no plans on cheating on her, and that it seemed that we figured out a way to break its control on us; but we still needed time to test and experiment, and that we needed to get help because it was clear that something strange was going on.

I am not sure if my wife believed me or not and forgave me or not, I tried to give her some time to process what I told her because it sounded so unbelievable, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Moving A Bathtub At My Grandfather’s House

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember part of one dream from last night that took place in D at my grandfather’s house, which looked slightly different from in real life, and I can not remember if my grandfather was in the dream or not.

I just remember that my mom and I were at my grandfather’s cleaning up and organizing the house for probably an entire day until the next morning, and I remember trying to decide where to move a bathtub that had a built-in privacy curtain; and for some odd reason I was trying to find a private spot in the yard to move it.

The next morning I went outside to get the newspaper, and a man rang the doorbell on the front of the house at the door on the right side which was at the top of taller/higher steps than in real life like it was on the second floor; and so I walked over to see what he wanted.

The man could barely speak English and he spoke with a heavy accent but I was able to understand him, he said that he worked for my grandfather doing yard work or something like that, and he described what my grandfather had told him the last month that he had worked at my grandfather’s house; and most of what he described was stuff that my grandfather complained about as usual, and so I apologized for my grandfather’s complaining & informed the man that he probably did no have to worry about it anymore because my mom/my family & I probably were now in charge of that so he probably was no longer employed by my grandfather (who might have been dead in the dream but I am not sure).

The man then left as my mom opened the door asking who had rung the doorbell, and so I told her about the man & what he had said; and then I went back inside the house to continuing cleaning and organizing things.

Slowly indirect family members (aunts, uncles, cousins, et cetera) like my aunt ME, aunt DE, aunt VE, aunt RE, aunt SE, uncle CE, uncle JE, cousin PE, cousin AE, cousin EE, cousin ME, et cetera started arriving at my grandfather’s house like a family reunion or family gathering was happening, which was annoying because my mom & I were trying to clean & organize, but our indirect family were making messes/not cleaning/being loud/being annoying/using the house to party/using up our grandfather’s stuff/et cetera.

I was very annoyed because it had been nice cleaning & organizing without them there but they messed that up, and they did not help; and so I remember moving the bathtub outside by myself as my indirect family partied/had fun, but I can not remember what/which part of the yard I put the bathtub.

A few of my indirect family members communicated with me a few times, saying mostly things that made me even more annoyed, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr