A Nap Dream About Work | A Transitioning Dream

I was tired last night and I took a nap on the living room couch, I did not feel like getting up, and so I slept there the entire time.

Nap 1

I took a nap today after work and I was in and out of sleeping and dreaming about work during this time, and I remember part of this being inspired by something real that happened yesterday at work.

In some of my dreams I was working at The BP Library trying to help a patron make a bi-fold brochure / pamphlet / card from scratch, my coworker Mr. JM showed me part of the process but I did not get to see all of it, and so I was going over what I remembered constantly trying to help the patron.

We were on a computer in the computer lab with the Linux distribution CentOS as the operating system using the free open source word processor program LibreOffice Writer, we went to Format | Page | maybe Page | and we set the columns to 2, we also changed a setting somewhere to landscape, we then went to Insert | Manual Break and we inserted a column break, we then used CTRL+ Enter to make a page break, and then I started trying to show the patron which area would be the front and back and the inside left and inside right.

The patron then had some images of law enforcement to be used for this, I remember helping the patron print a copy of the images first, and then we used that copy and a blank sheet of paper to help us try to figure out where the patron wanted the images to go and which areas to use to get it to print how the patron wanted.

I went in and out of this continuing dream so this involved a lot of repetition and partial hallucinations of me helping them make the copy, adjust settings, and try to figure this out until it started to become a bit stressful because this kept repeating and continuing without ever finishing until I finally woke up for good from this nap.

Nap 2

This dream is from the nap from yesterday that I also took on the living room couch last night that turned into me sleeping the entire time on the couch.

I had more dreams but all that I can remember now is the end of this dream that took place inside a fictional windowless multi-story college dormitory (dorm) from a past dream, I seemed to be visiting this dorm again, and I still had real (as in real memories of a previous dream) and false memories (false memories of things that did not happen even in the past dream) of this dorm from my past dream or dreams of this dorm.

One of these real / possibly false memories involved a fictional male suitemate or roommate of my former male classmates JB and MT who had maybe light-to-medium color skin, and in these memories he was a YouTuber who would go into the hallway outside his dorm room to record videos of himself and sometimes his band playing / singing music.

His dorm back then was on an upper floor along a hallway that possibly overlooked some other floor or two, I would sometimes see him when I would visit JB and MT, and so I wondered if he was still living there now.

In the dream I was on a lower floor trying to see if anyone from back then was still living at the dorm, I remember walking around trying to find someone I knew to ask, and then I was going to look for myself but I woke up.


This was a transitioning dream that kept slowly changing without me noticing because it took place in a multi-purpose building where I kept moving between new areas of it, and so the dream involved various scenarios.

One part of the building was a fictional version of The BP Library, another part was a store, there was one or more areas but I can not remember what they were.

I moved between these areas at various times, part of the dream took place inside The BP Library area where I would sometimes be helping people and / or working, and then at some point I was looking around for items to checkout for myself and I went to the front desk to checkout these items.

My female coworker JB was at the front desk checking out people, I talked to her while I waited in line and I probably helped her with a problem where the flatbed RFID reader / scanner was not working, and while helping JB I noticed a strange nipple-looking growth or something on maybe her collarbone or near that area on her clothing; but I can not remember if I asked her what that was or not.

I fixed the flatbed RFID scanner / reader issue, and JB was able to checkout my items for me as we talked.

During the dream there were also some things going on that seemed to be inspired by the anime television show Hunter × Hunter (1999), which I watched before going to sleep, and so there were mafia-like people doing various things throughout the dream in the forgotten areas and maybe the store areas of the building.

When I was not in the library I was mostly walking around and / or shopping in the store area(s), there were other people around (including maybe mafia-like people), and I remember wondering what the mafia-like people were doing.

I can not remember the other areas of the building, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Flying During An Invasion? | I’m Just F#####g With You

Source: YouTube

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was inside a multi-story possibly college apartment or dorm with some people who were visiting a male friend with light-color skin, I remember us hanging out with him in the largest room in his apartment or dorm, and at some point his girlfriend who had light-color skin joined us.

It seemed that their friend, his girlfriend, and several other people who showed up to visit too were somewhat famous online (live) streamers (maybe YouTube and / or Twitch), and the room that we were in had some special interesting looking long single person sofa-like chairs that were special chairs for online streamers that they would use to play video games from et cetera for long periods of time.

The chairs looked comfortable and you could lay back and prop up your legs if you wanted to.

I forgot to mention that someone in the group looked just like me, this person was possibly another me or part of me but I can not remember, and this person who looked like me would sometimes mess with things which was annoying the girlfriend of the friend that we were visiting.

One thing that this other me messed with was an unfinished sewing project that looked like a pink scarf, this really annoyed the girlfriend and me, and so she started to act like she was ready for us to leave.

Connected to this room was a door that led to another building that was connected to this building, and at some point a young woman with light-color skin opened this door from the other side to talk to some people in our room.

I noticed that the room that she was in had a tall ceiling and her room was pretty large, I complimented her on her room, but for some unknown reason she took this as an insult and she got angry so I tried to explain that it was compliment not an insult.

While doing this I walked into her room, which was now a different building, and I started to slowly noticed that it looked pretty bare and somewhat rough and like this was an abandoned old building that was still livable.

She kicked me out of her apartment or dorm, but I went through the wrong door and I was in a dimly lit hallway still in her building.

The building definitely looked and felt and sounded abandoned, and I got lost as I walked around through hallways with doors trying to find my way back to the other building and room while the young woman was possibly still angrily looking for me for some unknown reason.

While lost I started to feel something in my mouth, like some food or something had come back up and got stuck there, and so I could not talk now and I was worried about this leading to my breath stinking so I tried to find somewhere where I could spit whatever it was out so that I could talk and then wash my mouth out.

At some point I probably was trying to spit whatever it was out, but I woke up realizing that what I was feeling in my mouth was my anti-snoring device in the real world that was in my mouth.

Somehow I was able to feel it partly in the dream at that point, which confused me in the dream I guess, and eventually caused me to wake up.

When I woke up and I looked at the time I realized that to my surprise I had only recently fallen asleep, and so I had this dream not long after going to sleep.

Dream 2

This dream is too unclear now unfortunately so I am not sure if this dream became a lucid dream or not, and I can not remember important details.

This dream took place during the day, maybe late in the afternoon and / or when it was possibly somewhat gray outside, and I remember walking outside where there were lots of people when maybe aircraft and / or something like that started flying across the sky like this was an invasion or something.

I can not remember any of the details other than people panicking and running for their lives, I was with someone (maybe one of my brothers, but I can not remember), and I remember trying to see if I could fly to avoid and / or fight the threats.

I remember running and jumping in the air and flapping my arms to gain some height, this worked, and I was able to fly but only very low to the ground.

I then helped the other person with me learn to fly after convincing them that it was possible and that they could probably do it too, this person flew even lower to the ground, and then I started using my usual techniques to gain more height until I was able to fly around higher and better so I tried to help the other person do the same.

I can not remember if we fought any of the threats or not or if the other person was able to fly higher and better or not too, I just remember flying which gave me an advantage to avoid the threats better, but that is all that I can remember now of this dream unfortunately.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that I had a college apartment or dorm or it was near or on a college campus, I remember going to and from it, but I can not remember if I was a college student or not.

I think that it was located by a large parking lot near one or more fields.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

This dream was very similar to the previous dream so I am not sure if they are separate or not, in this dream I remember going to a house during the day by a large parking lot near one or more fields where I lived with some of my family, and I was there by myself until my dad and some of my brothers showed up with my male cousin EE.

I did not feel like any visitors, especially not EE who was acting more like he would sometimes when I was still a kid when he would sometimes seemly turn my male cousins ME and DE against me or something, and so I wanted to avoid him.

Unfortunately EE was going to be visiting longer than expected, possibly even spending the night but I can not remember, and so I did interact with / talk to him a bit before I woke up.

Dream 5

This dream was inspired by me watching Episode 7 (I’m Just F*cking With You) of the anthology television show Into The Dark (Season 1) before I went to sleep.

All that I can remember of this dream is that the character Chester Conklin from that episode was in the dream, in the dream he was a serial killer who would trap people and prank them until he kills them eventually usually, and I ended up being one of his victims along with a woman with light-color skin.

I was trapped inside a building while the woman was trapped outside the building, we did not realize that Chester was a serial killer at first or that we were trapped, but eventually it became clear after he kept goofing around and pranking us and acting strange.

I managed to survive Chester’s pranks and he went outside to prank the woman to death, I assumed that this was not really over and that he was still going to try to kill me somehow, and so I was on high alert as I cautiously tried to leave the building and escape without getting killed by Chester or a trap or something.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Lucid Dream | A College Dorm | A New Girlfriend | A Rated X Trailer | Checking The Drops

I remembered a lot of my dreams but unfortunately I did not record them each time that I woke up, I thought about them, but then I would daydream and / or dream and / or have a false awakening dream of me recording them when in reality I did not record my dreams; and so now some of those dreams are forgotten, and some parts of the dreams that I do remember are forgotten.

I can not remember the correct order of all these dreams, and so some of them may be out of order.

Dream 1

The forgotten parts of this dream possibly involved something related to the television show Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina (Part 1) (Season 1).

The end of the dream took place inside a one-story college dorm / college-like building, I remember being in a dorm / classroom-like room that was along a hallway with many rooms and maybe lockers on both sides of the hallway, and I was there with other people (possibly mostly college students) including my brother GC.

The room had at least two beds, I was sitting on the bed on the left side along with a woman with light-color skin with long yellow hair who was from somewhere in Europe and she spoke English with a European accent of some kind and maybe my brother GC and at least one other man, and there were some tables and chairs and maybe desks in the room as well.

A panel of guest speakers were there to take turns talking to us, they were sitting at a long table with chairs on the right side of the room, and maybe we had just finished class and / or the opening ceremony so it was almost time for the event to start.

As we waited and talked I noticed that the door to the room was not closed all the way, then I heard a strange sound in the hallway, then the slightly busy hallway became quiet, and I remember closing the door all the way and I started to feel that something might be wrong in the hallway.

The woman sitting near me decided to open the door and check the hallway, I told her that was probably not a good idea but she did not listen, and the hallway was empty now oddly and quiet.

The woman then only partly closed the door again even when I told her to close it all the way, before I could close the door I heard and maybe even saw a creature at the end of the hallway (maybe it was something that got summoned during the forgotten Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina part of the dream, but I have no idea), and so I told the others near me to run and hide whatever.

I am not sure what happened to most people in the room (I am not even sure where my brother GC went), I only remember seeing the woman and a man who were sitting on the bed that I was sitting on at this point, I wanted to escape the room but there was no time so I hid under the bed on the right side of the room closer to the wall.

The creature entered the room, I only saw part of its hairy maybe gray fury feet, and it stood on two legs so I assumed that it was maybe a werewolf because it quickly tore the man in half and it grabbed the woman and it ran away out the room with her after attacking her after it checked the room but it did not see me hiding under the bed.

That was a bit scary during those seconds of hiding, after it left I closed and I locked the door, and then I escaped to the outside through something along the back wall and / or vent and / or ceiling.

I am not sure when I first realized that I was dreaming, but I definitely realized that I was dreaming at some point when I was outside at the back of the building standing on concrete while I was trying to figure out what to do now; and so the dream was a lucid dream at this point.

Instead of going back inside the building to find the creature or werewolf so that I could fight it, I decided to continue my escape, and so I decided to try to fly.

I decided to use the run and jump and flap my arms to gain some height and a flying start, and then I maybe used my mind to help boost my speed and help me fly from there.

This worked and I flew through a forest that was behind the building, I remember smiling and laughing and being happy that this worked and that I was finally lucid dreaming again, and as I flew through the forest I saw some non-human animals or entities but I can remember the details and I kept flying without interacting with them.

At some point I saw my male cousin ME and I probably flew to the ground to talk with him, he mentioned a fictional video game that I remember him mentioning to me before in a past dream and / or in a false memory, and this video game was similar to the video game Twisted Metal according to ME; I can not remember the name but it sounded somewhat like Festival Of Carnal or Festive Of Carnal or something strange like that.

But I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream possibly took place inside a small college dorm on maybe an upper floor with a window, I was in this assumed dorm room during the day, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

The end of this dream took place during the day, in the forgotten parts of the dream or in false memories my brother GC had introduced me to a woman from an unknown country with light-brown skin with medium-dark-to-dark color maybe curly hair who could also speak an unknown language who possibly slightly reminded me of the actress Elisabeth Moss (she looked different from her, but possibly partly similar to her in a way), and I guess my brother GC had set us up on a date or something and the woman and I ended up dating.

The end of the dream took place outside where my aunt JE’s house should be, my new fictional girlfriend lived there, and she was introducing me to her mother and / or aunt and another female family member of hers.

We had just started dating so there was still much that I did not know about my girlfriend and I was not completely comfortable yet, this was my first time meeting some of her family, and so I was not comfortable and I was a bit nervous and I felt awkward.

My girlfriend’s family members greeted her in whatever unknown language they spoke, even in the dream I was not sure what the language was, and her mother or aunt greeted me in the unknown language before switching to heavily accented English with a few words in the unknown language mixed in.

I was not completely sure what she said to me, I understood some of it, and I know that she asked me about how I was licking my lips but I was not exactly sure what the question was but I responded anyway; and I let her know that my lips were dry, and that I had a bad habit of licking them sometimes when they feel dry so I let her know that I was not signaling anything by doing that and that was just me trying to deal with dry lips.

My girlfriend and her family members continued talking while I stood there trying to understand what they were saying, trying to figure out what that other language was, even trying to figure out what country they were from, while wondering why I did not know this information yet, while trying to survive and recover from my discomfort and awkwardness et cetera, but I woke up as we went inside the house maybe.

Dream 4

This dream involved me seeing a short trailer for an unknown fictional movie with the actress Elisabeth Moss in it, the trailer showed Elisabeth Moss and a man with light-color skin standing up naked in maybe a room where the entire background was one color and so the focus was on them with high-quality lightning and colors, and they were starting to have sex starting with oral sex that they were both performing oral sex on each other separately and then at the same time.

I was shocked and confused by this, what kind of movie was this supposed to be and what was it about other than sex and how was this even allowed on YouTube or wherever I was watching it, basically it looked like it was going to be some kind of Rated X art film and the trailer had no narration and no text and maybe even no music; and the trailer ended, and I woke up.

Dream 5

The dream took place at The BP Library, I was working there and my female coworkers DT and CR were not there, and my female coworker DC was at the front desk.

In the dream the library was allowing me to at least help The Shelving Department again now by checking the drops when one or both of my coworkers in The Shelving Department were not there, even though I was still working in The IT Department and The Tech Services Department, and so I went to do this at the front drops.

My female coworker JB was possibly in the dream but she had walked into the back employee areas or she was just mentioned and thought about in the dream, I am not sure if I got to talk to her or not if she was in the dream, I just remember getting items out of the front drop and going to put them in The Shelving Room.

DC started talking to me about something that I can not remember, I talked to her while still working, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Military-Like Dorm / College / School With My Former Classmate JC And The Viper?

I really do not feel like typing the only dream that I can partly remember from last night, and so I will not waste much time typing it; and I will just type a lazy overview of the dream.

The dream took place inside a windowless multi-story building that seemed like a military-like dorm / college / school / whatever and I was there with young adults who looked like they were just out of high school, and my former male classmate JC was there; but I am not sure if we were younger or not as well.

I can not remember what this place was, why we were there, or anything like that but I know that it felt/seemed military-like because I remember a strict man with whitish colored skin angrily talking to us like a drill instructor who was going over the rules with us, and he separated us into groups who would be living in the same dorm rooms together; and he gave us uniforms that we would have to wear with undershirts during certain parts of the day.

We all had to wake up at a certain time, go to sleep at a certain time, eat at a certain time, go to classes/training at a certain time, exercise at a certain time, et cetera; but there was a certain time during the day where we could all relax and do what we wanted.

We were on an upper floor during the dream which had many rooms and carpeted hallways and I stayed in a small brownish colored windowless (we did have a window where we could see into the hallway, but not outside) square dorm room with four other people who were my former male classmate JC, a thin young man with medium-dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair, a thin young woman with yellowish/whitish/light-brownish colored skin with short dark-colored hair who somewhat reminded me of Knives Chau from the movie Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, and a young woman with pale whitish colored skin with short medium-length yellowish colored hair who reminded me of Siri.

The five us had just met for the first time but we seemed to be instant friends who were going to help, protect, et cetera each other and my former classmate JC and I had a more elder-like role probably because we were probably the oldest people there with the young people; and at the end of the dream we were hanging out in our dorm room during our break/relax/whatever time.

The young man in our group wanted to borrow one of my undershirts and so I said that he could borrow one of them but my extra undershirts were missing so I started looking for them as we all talked, the young woman in our group who was reminded me of Knives Chau was very popular with the young men so she was often seen flirting with various young men, and so was the other young woman in our group who reminded me of PS S who often had young men flirting with her.

My former classmate JC walked outside our dorm room, and standing/leaning against the wall outside of our dorm room was a strange/eccentric young man with pale whitish colored skin with somewhat curly medium-short length hair wearing round tinted glasses wearing maybe a blackish colored coat or jacket or trench coat or suit top with gloves whose nickname was The Viper and who reminded me of and probably sounded like a younger version of Dr. Strangelove from the movie Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.

The Viper was a huge fan of a fictional television show that whose main audience was probably mostly female and he probably even ran a fan club for that television show, and he greeted my former classmate JC and he asked him if he watched that television show or not; and my former classmate JC lied, and he said that he did watch the television show and that he was a fan of it.

At some point the other members of our group left the room leaving me alone, I got an email on my computer from The Viper about that television show that he liked, and so I assumed that my former classmate JC lied and told him that I liked that television show as well and he probably gave The Viper my email address.

I walked into the hallway where other people were hanging out but The Viper and my former classmate JC were no longer outside our dorm room, and oddly there was an outdoor area or an outdoor-like area down the hallway on the left side that looked like my parents yard on the side of the yard where the basketball goals are and the fence was there and part of the field was there.

All of the people in my group except for my former classmate JC were there hanging out with other people, young men were flirting with the two women in our group, and one of these young men was possibly older like me and he was a large strong young man or man with brownish colored skin; and he was flirting with maybe the young woman who reminded me of PS S, but the young man in our group approached him telling him that he liked the young woman and he told him to stop flirting with her.

It seemed that he was possibly joking and possibly serious, I could not tell because he was being comedic about it but also somewhat serious, and so I walked over to make sure that the situation stayed calm and I wanted to protect members of my group; and so I jokingly asked them what was going on to try to keep the mood positive, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr