6-16-2014 | Dream Fragment | School Clubs Fighting And Vikings Fighting And A Double Rainbow?

English: Rainbow over Marshfield Cricket Club
English: Rainbow over Marshfield Cricket Club (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I somewhat remember part of one dream from last night that took place during the day and it started at a fictional school that was like a combination of C Elementary in the city of D with catwalks and a school with multi-story school buildings, and I remember being on maybe the third floor of one of the school buildings.

There were various students there but I am not sure if I was a student or not, the school reminded me of the martial arts school from the Japanese animated TV show Tenjho Tenge, and the school had various school clubs who constantly fought against each other.

There was a new small school club that reminded me of The Knuckle Bomb(s) club from Tenjho Tenge except there were more members in the club and there were young women in the club as well, the most vocal member of the club had whitish colored skin with yellowish colored hair, and their club was going around fighting other clubs trying to become the most powerful club.

I was in a classroom when their small club attacked a larger and more powerful club, I got pulled into the battle indirectly as the young men and women fought, and the small club was losing the battle (it was their first time fighting a club that was more powerful than their club); and so I suggested that they join with the bigger club, and so they followed my advice after they realized that they could not win.