Illegal Immigration And An Awards Ceremony

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during a nice sunny day, I was driving my automobile and somehow my male cousin DE ended up riding in my automobile with me, but I can not remember if he was already with me or if I had picked him up when I saw him walking on side of the highway; either way my cousin DE needed a ride.

I drove down a highway that was like a fictional version of the highway that goes past the B Plant so it was somewhat out in the countryside, and I drove my cousin DE to a fictional nice two-story modern house by the highway and this was a very nice and quiet and natural-looking area.


A Dark Underground Store?

File:Stringed instruments - Musical Instrument Museum, Brussels - IMG 3994.JPG
Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had a lot of short dreams last night, several related to the TV show Rome but I forgot those dreams, but I do remember part of one or several dreams.

There was a dark store that seemed to be underground in the back corner of an underground area, the store worker and/or owner was a man who went to school with me but he was older than me & was in a higher grade than me, I recently saw him at the A Clinic & he mentioned that he worked with the C on the TT; anyway this dark store & this man was/were in several parts of the dream and/or several dreams.

This dream or dreams was/were a bit realistic with fictional dream areas, some of which were possibly familiar and/or I spent enough time in the dream or dreams to get comfortable with them, and I walked around several dream areas & spent some time in each one several times.

On the outside it was a very nice sunny day like a Saturday with surreal/dream-like sunlight that was brighter/more colorful/more realistic/whatever than in real life (it was beautiful), and there might have been a pool and/or water area with several food & drink & hangout areas near the pool/water area with nice flowers & plants decorating the area (this area was very nice & comfortable & familiar & I spent a lot of time there relaxing & maybe I even swam/swimmed(?) but I am not sure, and there were lots of other people enjoying themselves as well); and next to or connected to the underground area might have been a school/college-like area/building.

I remember something about me possibly thinking about taking lessons with and/or joining the band, but I am not sure which musical instrument or instruments I was thinking about learning (probably guitar and/or piano, which was not taught by the band when I was in school unfortunately); and in this dream I do not think that the band taught those two musical instruments either, and my former classmate C was in the band (like she was in real life).

I went to the dark underground store to look around at least twice in the dream, the store was small but had a variety of items that I can not remember now, and I briefly talked with the man who worked in the store each time that I went to the store in the dream.

At some point I went to the pool/water area and I talked with a student who possibly knew some information about the band and/or where the band hall was, she had pale whitish colored skin with short black colored hair in a bowl-type style, and she might have looked like she had Down Syndrome; and I remember being very nice to her, and she probably told me how to get to the band hall.

I probably went to the band hall and met with some of the band members, and I probably decided not to join the band and/or take lessons since they did not teach for any of the musical instruments that I was interested in.

At some point I went to the dark store again, the worker & I talked again at some point, and he told me that the store would be closing soon; and so I quickly looked around the store to find something to buy, but that is all that I can remember.

I know that I had many other dreams and that this dream or dreams had much more to them/it, but I can not remember the others or other parts.

The end,

-John Jr