A Christian Conservative Political Rally (Gathering)?

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day in a slightly fictional version of the city of D, maybe the earlier parts of the dream took place at a fictional college-like area where I possibly saw my former male classmate SS, but I can not remember.

I just remember maybe walking downtown, and there was maybe a Christian conservative political gathering and/or political rally and/or meeting taking place in a fictional version of the area near where the farmer’s market should be.

Michael Jackson’s Children

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Dream 1

Last night I barely remember part of two dreams, with the first dream taking place in D during the day, and I remember slowly traveling my usual route from W Park to downtown D.

I probably met a few people along the way & did a few things, but I can not remember.

Dream 2

The next dream is very blurry & I remember being in a building or house, and I remember something to do with a Christian church service & I think that my dad was there; and we met a large man with medium-dark brownish colored skin with short black hair, who I think was a Christian preacher, like my dad & his wife was there.

After the church service or whatever, the man & his wife told us about a situation that they were trying to deal with, that involved Michael Jackson’s kids; I think that there was about seven kids or more.

They were worried about the money situation involving the kids, and the situation of taking care of the kids; and so they had called a gathering of all of Mr. Jackson’s kids, some of whom had probably never met before.

The kids were various ages and had various appearances, and they seemed excited to meet each other as they arrived at the building or house; a bit of a welcome party was thrown, where they all performed a few songs & dances together.

The man, his wife, my dad, and I were still talking about the various issues & situations & what to do about them as we watched them perform.

One of the performances got a bit loud & the lead singer was showing off a bit too much, and so the man & him got into an argument about that, and the man punched him; and then my dad & I tried to hold the man back, he was very big & strong, and so it was not easy.

A few other people helped, I was able to lock the man’s arms so he could not punch, but he was still strong enough to move; and so we had to talk to him to get him to calm down, since he was too strong.

He started to calm down & we started talking about what happened that made him lose control like that, and we walked to another area to avoid more conflict; the young man who he had punched, which was one of Mr. Jackson’s kids, was okay fortunately.

The man started to explain his frustration(s), but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

I Can Not Remember

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I can not really remember my dreams or much of them from the last two nights, I did remember a bit at first but I let my memory of them fade by not thinking about them or typing them, and so I will start typing now to see if that helps me remember some of them.

Dream 1

The night before last I think that one of my dreams took place in the slightly fictional version of downtown D that is sometimes in my dream, like the dream where I was with the cast of the TV show The Walking Dead, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

That same night I think that I had another dream that took place in an area similar to the warehouse-like area near a dock, that was in my dream with the drug cartel-like group who were trying to kill my brother and I, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 3

Last night I think that I had a dream that took place during the day during a fair-like event that was to take place for several days, and I think that the dream took place over several days.

I think that several people and I went to and from the fair-like event several times, and the dream probably had jumps in time from day-to-day.

I think that we had a good time mostly, but I can not remember what we did and who did I meet during the dream; that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

My Former Classmate MW And A Mall

Last night I barely remember several dream fragments from last night, but I am not sure what order they go in or which fragments are connected, so I will randomly type the fragments as I remember them.

I know one or more dream fragments took place inside and outside a fictional mall that is in my dreams sometimes, this mall usually keeps almost the same layout/design, and usually many of the same stores are probably there; and I remember arriving outside the mall one or more times and going inside the mall one or more times to explore.

My Former Classmate JF In The City Of D

Lazy Overview:

I barely remember any of my last dream last night, and I think it took place in a fictional version of the city of D in the day.

I think I went to a fictional mall and I met my former male classmate JF, and we went around the mall talking; and I remember him being with two women, and one of the women stood out from other characters in the dream.

She had blond colored hair in a style similar to Victoria in the Twilight film but her hair was shorter, she had whitish colored skin, I think that she was wearing an outfit with an animal fur cape-like thing around her shoulders that reminded me of something that Victoria wore in the Twilight film, I think that she had blue colored eyes, and something about her seemed different from the other characters in the dream; but I can not remember anything else about her or most of the dream.

I just remember her and another woman being with JF and I during some parts of the dream, and then they were gone in other parts of the dream; and I remember wanting to talk with the woman again, but we did not know where she had went.

I also remember that JF needed a ride and so I drove him around in my automobile, and we stopped downtown to walk around or something; but JF left for some reason.

I remember thinking that something was odd/strange/interesting about the woman from earlier in the dream, and I remember thinking about her and that I wanted to find her again, because I wanted to understand who or what she was and I wanted to get to know her better; it was just something very different about her appearance, personality, and I felt something different coming from her than the from the other dream characters.

It was almost like she did not belong in my dream and/or like she was not one of my dream characters and/or something like that, maybe, but I can not remember; then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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