People Who Think Dragonball Z Is The Best Anime

People Who Think Dragonball Z Is The Best Anime

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The YouTube video People Who Think Dragonball Z Is The Best Anime by the YouTube channel Cilvanis.

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If you grew watching Dragonball Z it probably holds an untouchable place in your heart 🙂

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Mr. DS And Jobs | A Powerful Entity And An Elementary School | A College-Like Building With A Cinema

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Dream 1

The first dream took place during the day in a slightly fictional version of the city of D, I think that the dream involved jobs, and I was driving in my automobile in a fictional version of the neighborhood that is on the other side of the baseball field near the Civic Center and the BM Hospital.

I saw my dad’s supervisor Mr. DS in a yard near a house, I assume that this was his house, and for some reason(s) I can not remember I stopped my automobile in the yard; and I remember Mr. DS talking to and/or about someone and it involved a job, and I remember feeling like I did not stand a chance and/or like he had already decided who he would pick for the job and/or like I no longer wanted to try applying for the job but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The second dream is possibly two separate dreams but connected and/or similar dreams that were interesting and detailed, unfortunately my memory of it or them is too unclear because I accidentally went back to sleep before voice recording it, and so now I can only remember unclear fragments of the dream that do not make much sense and I am not sure what order the fragments go in.

I think that the dream took place during the day at a fictional multi-story elementary school, I have no idea why I was there, but I remember exploring the building with several other unknown people in hidden/maze-like parts of the building; and at some point we came across a powerful entity who probably changed form/appearance during several parts of the dream (maybe his first form was a scary evil clown with sharp teeth that reminded me of the creäture from the movie It), and a group of people/entities probably helped find/unlock him and helped him get more powerful.

I remember the powerful entity and the people/entities helping him attacking us and the school, they closed down most of the school so that people could not escape, and so there was running/hiding/fight/et cetera; and parts of the dream was like a combination of the television show Dragon Ball Z (I remember something about Piccolo and/or someone regrowing an arm like him during the dream, maybe the powerful entity and/or me (I and/or the others with me possibly gained a bit of power during the dream to help us fight/defend against the powerful entity and his helpers) and/or Piccolo), the television show Barney & Friends (the power entity took the form of Barney probably at the end of the dream), and probably some other things that I can not remember.

At some point we forced the powerful entity and his helpers to make a deal/treaty to end the fighting, they accepted the deal but then they broke the deal/treaty, and they attacked us so we defeated/killed the powerful entity; but then his helpers revived him, and probably did something to make him more powerful.

The next thing that I remember is possibly part of another dream that was a continuation of this dream or similar to this dream, I was in an elementary school that was under attack by one or more scary threats and it was under lock-down so that we could not escape, and the situation seemed hopeless; and so I used an old film based camera/camcorder/whatever to record some video and/or to take some photographs of the situation so that I could escape with it and give it to the police/whoever so that they could hopefully save the school/kids/teachers/et cetera because I did not think that they would believe me unless I had evidence of the strange threats who/that were attacking the school.

I somehow escaped outside to the parking lot (it was hard to leave the kids and teachers behind, but I felt that their/our only hope was to get help on the outside) and I saw a female teacher with whitish colored skin with medium-length dark yellowish/light brownish colored hair escaping across the street with an old film based camera like the one that I had, and in the parking lot I saw a little girl with whitish colored skin with curly medium length brownish colored hair crying for someone to help her.

I wanted to help her but I needed to hurry to get help and I was afraid that her noise would attract some threats that would attack us and something seemed a bit suspicious about the girl, and so I kept running; and then I saw another person escaping out of the building who stopped to help the girl, but the girl transformed to look scary/evil with sharp teeth and scary eyes like a vampire and she killed/drained the person who tried to help her like a vampire maybe.

The girl/creäture then transformed back to the form of a helpless little girl crying and waiting to kill the next person who tried to escape the building and help her, so it was a trap to help stop people from escaping even if they made it outside the school, and so I kept running trying to catch up with the teacher; but one or more automobiles of people/entities drove from the school to try to find us to stop/kill us.

We ran across a two lane street with a divider between them and on the right side of the street was a nice sidewalk with various sidewalk businesses/stands and nice areas for people to go, there were various people in these areas, but the teacher and I hid in some bushes as the automobiles of people/entities drove by looking for us; and once they drove by I greeted the teacher, and she had a plan.

She took me to a stand where the man who worked there could develop old film/photographs and send them to people for you so we paid him to develop and send our film/photographs to the police, military, government, family, friends, journalists, et cetera in case something happened to us/in case we get killed or captured; and we paid him to not tell anyone else about this/us/our film/photographs because there were people/entities after us/our evidence.

The teacher said that we should probably split up and try to find somewhere to hide until our film/photographs were developed, then we would take some copies with us, and present it to the police/whoever in person; but I woke up as we split up to find hiding spots.

Dream 3

The third/final dream is too unclear now but it was probably somewhat similar to the second dream but it probably took place at a multi-story college-like building and if it had threats, they were not as serious/dangerous, and so I remember exploring hidden/maze-like parts of the building with some other people like we were maybe hiding/trying to avoid something.

I remember narrow dimly lit stairways and hallways, this building had a style that was similar to various past dreams that I have had, and at some point we spent a lot of time in a cinema-like area that seemed to be safe like we were hoping that who ever was after us would give up and/or think that we were gone; and some college students/people would come and go from this room to watch movies, and so we watched several movies during the dream but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


A Pregnant Chi-Chi German Suplexes A Group Of People With A Baby

Dream 1

All that I remember of the first dream or dreams is a few possible fragments possibly involving one or more royal families trying to prepare for a wedding, two royal families trying to make a marriage alliance, one or more kingdoms/countries trying to choose/find a new general or leader or someone like that, and/or something like that maybe; but I am not sure and I am not sure if this took place during the past or our current time period or in the future, and that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

In the second dream I remember being inside a large building that may/might have been only one-story and I live there with a lot of people (at least 50) and maybe my family lived there as well, and it was a shared housing building where everyone had their own rooms on both sides of several hallways; but we shared all the other rooms in the building (bathrooms, a huge dining room, a large kitchen, a huge living room, et cetera).