I Forgot To Record My Dreams

I forgot that I did not record my dreams & I did not think about them the entire day, and so now I have forgotten most of them except a few possible dream fragments.

I know that there was some continuation to one or more of the dreams when I would wake up & try to go back to sleep, and I stayed in bed as long as I could.

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Dream Fragments During The Day With My Mom

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I had some dreams that I remembered part of but I kept going back to sleep without recording them, I also did not think about them today after waking up for good, and so now I only remember a few dream fragments.

Unfortunately my memory of these dream fragments faded away mostly by the time that I realized that I had not recorded them today yet or thought about them.

One or more of the dreams took place during the day, my mom was in one or more dreams, and I definitely remembered more but I can not remember those details now.

But if I remember them later I will type them here.

The end,

-John Jr

DmanUnt2014 And EA Sports UFC 2 And College?

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I got in bed too late so I did not get enough sleep, I got awakened suddenly by someone and it was time to get ready for work, and so most of my memories of my dreams quickly faded because of this.

I will just type some random possible dream fragments that I had.

Dream 1

I possibly had a dream that involved DmanUnt2014 playing the video game EA Sports UFC 2 and / or the video game itself and / or the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and mixed martial arts (MMA), but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

I possibly had a dream that involved a college and it took place during the day and I remember being outside, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

I had another dream fragment that I remembered earlier, but I can not remember it now because I never did voice record these dream fragments.

The end,

-John Jr

Dancing To Improve Memory?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I went to bed very late and I woke up and went back to sleep several times without voice recording my dreams, and someone woke me up at the worst time so I forgot most of my dreams.

My brain had enough pieces of several dreams to make a rough overview of them as I was still dreaming, but someone woke me up before my mind could go over those pieces so most of them left my mind as I responded to the person who woke me up.

Now I can barely remember several dream fragments that I will type as one dream.

One or more dream fragments possibly involved something involving memory and maybe doing a dance or something to help you better remember things like your dreams and events that happened to you during the day, but I can not remember if that is correct or not.

I just know that one or more dreams involved something that I was exploring and maybe testing and sharing with other people, it was clear enough in the dream or dreams, but when I got awakened by someone the important details left my memory leaving me with almost nothing but that vague possibly incorrect notion.

Another dream fragment possibly involved my supervisor and coworker Mrs. JM from my shelver job at The BP Library.

I remember her asking me about something that was possibly connected with something that may have been in the other dream fragments, maybe the thing(s) to maybe help increase your chances of remembering things or whatever, and maybe I explained it to her.

All of these dream fragments possibly started with a dream where I talked with my brother GC about the automobile accident that he got into late last night in the real world, he is okay, and I was probably trying to figure out ways to help him remember how this automobile accident happened so that we could figure out how to better reduce the chances of something like this happening again.

We probably started experimenting with various memory aiding techniques until we found something that worked, but that is all that I can remember of these dreams after getting awakened abruptly at a terrible time (when I was going to be getting up soon).

The end,

-John Jr

Fluffy Bunnies?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I went to bed too late last night so I did not get much sleep, I overslept past my normal wake up to get ready for work time, and so I had to jump out of bed quickly to get ready for work which caused me to forget most of my dreams except for some random dream fragments.

Dream Fragment 1

I think that I remember saying fluffy bunnies and / or fluffy bunny during a conversation in a dream, but that is all that I can remember of this dream fragment.

Dream Fragment 2

This dream fragment possibly involved the kitten Dawna and maybe the cat Poe and I in my parent’s yard and on their front porch, and the dream took place during the day but that is all that I can remember of this dream fragment.

Dream Fragment 3

This dream fragment possibly involved me talking about the SnoreDoc (TM) Advanced Anti-Snoring And Sleep Aid Device with someone because I woke up once in the real world sleeping on my side, and I was surprised that I did not drool this time when using that anti-snoring device.

So when I went back to sleep I possibly told someone about this in the dream.

Dream Fragment 4

I possibly had a dream fragment where I talked about my dream and lucid dream from the previous night which I blogged about in a post called An Ancient Sexual Ritual? | A Lucid Dream Where Donald Trump Gets Masenkoed, but that is all that I can remember of this possible dream fragment.

The end,

-John Jr

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