John Jr’s Strange Sleep And Dream And Waking Experiences | Dreaming That I Was John F. Kennedy

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Hello Everyone,

Wow! I feel strange/terrible, I feel a bit like I got drugged by An Intelligence Agency & Kidnapped, like I got Abducted by Aliens & Experimented on, like I had a Panic Attack, like I got Food Poisoning, like I have a Bladder Infection, like I have Sleep Apnea, like I was Hypnotized & Mentally & Emotionally Manipulated, like I had Sleep Paralysis, like I might need to have my Prostate Gland checked, like I have Overactive Bladder, like I was going crazy,  and more! 🙂

I do not even know where to start & I can barely type & I still feel a bit like I was drugged & so expect a lot of errors & missing details & I will probably adjust this post through-out the day as I remember things and/or fix errors, because my memory is Very Unclear & I feel strange, because throughout my experiences, something seemed to be trying to stop me from remembering, thinking, getting out of bed, my senses were very sensitive, I was afraid, I felt drugged or something, et cetera.

I literally could not get out of bed during most of this, it was like I was partly paralyzed at some parts but I could move & I was terribly weakened at other parts, and it was like something kept trying to put me back to sleep & it would.

When I tried to think about what was happening & what had happened to me, it was like something literally would try to stop me from remembering or even thinking about it & it would keep trying to make me think about something unimportant instead of thinking about what had happened to me and/or what was happening to me and/or what I had dreamed about (it was like no, do not think about that, this about this, but without words or sounds, it was through thoughts or knowing), and then it was like something would start putting me back to sleep, after each time that I would suddenly wake up for no clear reason.

At some parts I felt like something/someone was in the room and I woke up many times during the night for no reason and I was Afraid for no reason, even when I did not remember having a bad dream; I was so Afraid for no reason at some point, which was the only time that I was able to get out of bed, that I felt like I was starting to have a Panic Attack, & nothing consciously was bothering me (but I felt a deep fear for no clear reason).

My bladder was also hurting and I had to use the bathroom very badly again, then I walked around trying to relax & I almost started to get ready for if I needed to go to the Emergency Room, but then I got back in bed after I fought to stay calm; and I was not able to get out of bed during the rest of the experience(s).

I woke up many times feeling afraid for no reason & waking up for no reason, like something had happened to me or that something was in the room, but I could not get out of bed; but I could move & and I could think & try to relax, but something seemed to be blocking a lot of my memories & thoughts & it would try to replace some of my thoughts/memories with something else, and then I would be put back to sleep again, even when I wanted to get out of bed & even though I could move, but I was too weak & I would be put back to sleep again.

I had dreams, and I would wake up for no reason during or after each dream, feeling very afraid and my senses would be more sensitive than normal, and I could detect more things in the environment than normal; but I could not get out of bed, though/but I could move, and then I would be put back to sleep.

Each time that I woke up I would try to save parts of my dreams & experiences in my memory/mind, but it was like something was literally trying to block them and/or make me think about something else and/or make me forget and/or it was trying to replace my thoughts/memories with false ones, and so I had to fight to even save this much of my experiences/memories; but I would lose the fight each time eventually, and I would be put back to sleep again.

I remember that during some of the parts when/where I woke up, that I tried to think positive thoughts, I thought about my grandmother, I told myself to fight the Fear, which helped only a bit; and my senses were still very sensitive and I felt the/that extreme Fear deep at a Sub-Conscious Level and/or at other Levels & sometimes I wondered if I was going crazy or something, I felt like a scared little kid for no reason at all, & I could move but I could not climb out of bed due to weakness & something kept putting me back to sleep every time that I tried to even think about getting out-of-bed, it was like something could literally tell what I was thinking and it would block certain thoughts & it would instantly fight to put me back to sleep if I even thought about trying to get up, I remember even testing to see if something was trying to block & replace some of my thoughts & so each time that I thought about getting out of bed or tried to think deeply about what was/had happened to me, the thoughts would get blocked & replaced by/with something else, and something would tell me (not through words, but through thought or knowing) to go back to sleep, and then it felt like I was being tranquilized & I would try to fight it, but I would go back to sleep again.

Each time that I woke up for no reason, I could hear better, see better, smell better, I could feel things in ways that were beyond normal, et cetera; once I even remember thinking that I saw something in the room but it seemed like it was cloaked with something to make it invisible or almost invisible, and my eyes only briefly saw a movement of a partly cloaked (as in/meaning, hidden) figure, but I could only see a bit of the/this partly cloaked figure & it went completely invisible again & then something started to block and/or replace my thoughts & my memories as I tried to think about if something really was there in the room or not (like it wanted me to forget and/or not think about it and/or not know) & I wanted to get up but I could not, but I could move & I started to feel like it was putting me back to sleep again & so I tried to fight it/the feeling of being put back to sleep, but I went back to sleep again.

Most of the dreams & experiences that I had between waking and sleeping these/those many times have been blocked and/or forgotten and/or replaced with meaningless things, but I partly remember about three of the dreams, though I know that there were more dreams.

Dream 1

One dream was crazy and I was John F. Kennedy, and I had been taken to a facility where They (I am not sure who or what they were, I can not remember) were trying to Manipulate His/My Mind & Emotions, it was like a Mental Facility where you would expect An Intelligence Agency to be doing Mind Control Experiments at or something; it was like They were trying to Manipulate Him/Me, and if they failed, they would one day Kill Him/Me.

He/I tried to resist the Manipulations, They were messing with His/My Mind & Emotions, I can not remember much, but He/I were weakened by the/their constant attacks on His/My Mind & Emotions & Body, Et Cetera.

I remember only certain people (only a few) knowing that He/I had been taken away temporarily to this Facility, and it was dark & there were no windows, it was almost like we were underground; it was more like a Secret Intelligence Agency Prison or something, but He/I seemed to be the only Prisoner in the area that He/I was at.

I remember a scene where one of John F. Kennedy’s brothers, who knew that He/I had been taken, & he decided to try to fight for his brother’s/my freedom by talking to the few people who knew that his brother/I had been taken & he threatened to reveal some Secrets to the Public; he was warned not to speak out about what was/had happened to his brother/me or to reveal any Secrets, but he was going to do it anyway, and so I think that he was going to one day be killed too/as well.

Eventually, They let him/me go since They had failed to do whatever it was that They wanted to do to Him/Me, I think that He/I was President at the time, but I could be wrong; and They were going to one day kill Him/Me and His brother, probably since they had failed & they wanted to prevent us from revealing some of Their Secrets.

Dream 2

I had another dream with some people, who possibly were Intelligence Agents or something like that, who were underground in a secret secure place, and maybe something Big was happening on the surface, but I am not sure; and they seemed to be in a negative state of mind, and they talked about various things that were secrets/classified and things that I have never heard or read of before, conspiracy-like things, but from angles/points-of-views that I have never heard or read of/about before.

They seemed to feel bad for keeping certain things secret/classified from the public and they felt guilty about it, and so they were talking among themselves about various secret/classified things that they had kept hidden from the public; but I can not remember anything they talked about unfortunately, but it was all secret/classified information.

Dream 3

I had another dream about some disaster(s) that was/were going on and I was once again not myself in the dream, and the disaster(s) was/were effecting/affecting certain parts of the World at the same time but in different ways; and the dream followed a certain man as he/I(?) tried to help people, the man looked somewhat like Vin Diesel.

Some people were trying to help and lead people to safety during the disaster, He/I was one of these people, it was a big disaster, many people were dying; but He/I/We also were saving many people.

I remember a lot of water flooding on some parts of the World (it was a crazy/large amount of water), I remember melting Ice Caps on some parts of the World (which helped cause some of the water that was flooding some parts of the World I guess), I remember crumbling buildings & mountains on some parts of the World, et cetera (all of this was a major event or events that were/was affecting many parts of the World); He/I & the other Helpers/Protectors had to decided which parts of the World that we would try to help/protect first, because we could not help/protect all the World at the same time, because there were/was not enough of us to help/protect all the World at the same time & we each could only be in one place at a time. (this was difficult, knowing that you could only help save some people, but it was clear this event or events were too big for us to help everyone)

His/My plan was to help/protect one part of the World and then I would go to another part of the World to help/protect them, and so on.

In the dream I started helping/protecting one part of the World and then I went to another part of the World, I remember leading people through some of the danger zones as water was flooding certain areas, as some buildings & mountains were crumbling, et cetera; and I remember leading a group of people on/through the ledge of a mountain/building-like place, as water was flooding the land below on the first part of the World that I was helping/protecting and on the second part of the World that I was helping/protecting, there were Ice Caps melting. (this was an epic dream scene, that was amazing & strange, like nothing I have seen before)

After waking up to my various real world experiences and going back to sleep to various dreams, finally after a few hours, all of this craziness stopped; and I was finally able to get out of bed again, my bladder hurt & I felt like I had been drugged/tranquilized, and I had to use the bathroom very badly again.

Hey Flynn, at one point during all of this, when I was awake & when these experiences were still going on, I looked at the clock and once it said 3:31 AM (I think) and I know that it said 3:33 AM (I am sure about this one) at some/another point when I looked at the clock.

The experiences did not end until about 9:something AM, though I still feel a bit strange, like I had been drugged/tranquilized or something.

Also, the night before last, I woke up so suddenly from sleeping that I jumped up in bed; it was like I was snapped/brought back into the real world or something, and I could not find a reason for waking up so suddenly, and it scared me a bit, though/but I did/do not remember having a bad dream or anything.

And the last two or three nights, my body has not been waking up as usual to warn me to use the bathroom, and so my bladder hurts when I do wake up since it needs to be emptied.

All of this is strange to me, because I had a great day yesterday & things have gone better for me recently & I have not even been watching TV, and for all of this to happened last night is weird; the fear, the partial panic attack, the strange dreams, the strange waking experiences, et cetera. 😦

I know that A Lot more happened but my memory is all messed up and/or Blocked and/or has been replaced with meaningless thoughts, and I feel a bit Strange, even now; maybe it was something I ate yesterday? 😦

I feel weird, my mind feels a bit cloudy, and I feel like.. going.. back.. to.. sleep……

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

How Did We Get Here / There?

Lazy Overview:

I can not remember most of my dreams last night, but I think that my first dream took place during the day outside a fictional Arts Center that has been in a few of my past dreams; and a film première/showing/whatever was going on.

There were big TV screens outside showing teaser trailers and/or films, reporters & camera crews, fans, celebrities, Artists, etc; but that is all that I can remember, except next I remember being with a brother & sister & a strange-looking man who took us to the outskirts of the city to a two-story/floor house that he lived in.

The man had pictures of how he used to look, he used to look like Santa Claus, and he used to be a rich banker and/or someone who dealt with money; but he had somehow lost most of his fortune, and then he moved to this house & let himself go (he barely even looked human anymore) & he got lost in his obsession with getting rich/getting more money/money/etc.

At some point the brother & sister found out that the man was there long-lost father, but then some mafia-like men came, to escort us away or something; their long-lost father did not even care about them, and he only cared about Money.

The man seemed to be doing some illegal activities to get rich again, and to possibly get revenge on certain people; but I can not remember what happened next exactly, except that the brother & sister & I were at/on the set of a Disney movie that was being made.

An actor was showing us around the two-floor/story house, which looked familiar and I remembered that several other houses had looked similar in several of my past dreams, and they only had several minor differences; and I even remembered a dream that I can not remember now that I am awake, that also took place on the set of a Disney movie.

On the second floor each of these houses had a fireplace in almost the same place, the entrance of the house was in almost the same place, the living room and/or family room were in the almost same place, the kitchens were similar, etc.

At some point I remember us jumping on a platform that was in the living room and/or family room, and the platform had springs or something, almost like an entertainment wrestling ring; I can not remember what happened next exactly, except a man & I appeared and/or woke up on the side of the highway leading to a fictional version of LC (the city that the dreams had taken place in & near).

We both had no idea how we had gotten there, we both had our automobile keys, but we both were missing our wallets & mobile phones; and we were near an abandoned amusement park on the side of the highway, that was supposed to be under construction, but no one was around or driving on the highway.

Further up the highway was another abandoned amusement park that was old & ugly, and an another amusement park that appeared to still be active; but it was very far up the highway, I somehow remember seeing them from the point-of-view from being in the sky, but I am not sure how was I in the sky or what happened exactly. (That probably would help explain how the man & I had gotten to where we were) 🙂

I remember seeing the highway and several other things from the sky and I remember moving up the highway in the sky, but I am not sure if I was in a spaceship or plane or helicopter or flying or just seeing things from that point-of-view.

Anyway, the man & I started to look around for our wallets & mobile phones, and we saw a wrecked eighteen-wheeler between the highway where a river-like area with grass was; and we found our wallets & mobile phones inside of the eighteen-wheeler.

We did not know our exact location and we noticed a map at the construction site of the abandoned amusement park near us, and so we started to look at the map to figure out where we were.

We both were confused and our memories were not clear, it was almost like someone/something had knocked us unconscious, took us out on the highway, and dropped us off or something. 🙂

We wondered if we should walk up the highway until we found someone and/or should we use our mobile phones to call for help, if they still worked, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

Tilda Swinton Licking My Arm?

I would like to apologize to Ms. Swinton, anyone reading this, and myself for even typing this dream fragment, but I felt that my dream recall/memory would possibly be negatively effected/affected if I did not type it. (If I do not record my dreams, then I usually start having a harder time remembering my dreams and/or feeling like recording my dreams)

Unfortunately and/or fortunately I can not remember 99% of my dreams from last night due to various factors such as: not being in my bed, not having my pillow that my grandmother made for me when/before I was born (yes I sleep with an ancient pillow that is a bit older than me 😀 ), being in an unfamiliar place (an undisclosed location), waking up several times (to use the bathroom), et cetera.

All that I can remember, which does not make sense since/because I can not remember the rest of the dream, is I remember being inside a dark and/or dimly lit room sitting on the edge of a bed with the actress Tilda Swinton (without blond hair, it was an orangish & brownish color) I think?

We were sitting side-by-side and I think that I was talking to Ms. Swinton about something involving us, but she kept licking my arm for some strange unknown reason(s).

I think that I was trying to distract her from licking my arm, I do not remember anything romantic about it/the dream/that, and even in the dream I found it strange/uncomfortable/nasty/annoying/et cetera that she was licking my arm; and so I do not remember this dream being sexual from my side/point-of-view.

I think that my distracting her was not just for my sake but that it was also to prevent someone or several other people from seeing her do that, even though I do not think anyone else was in the room at the time, but I can not remember anything else about the dream exactly except that maybe we had a relationship of some kind; but I am not sure what kind of relationship we had, if any.

If I could remember more of the dream then maybe what I do remember would make more sense because what I do remember, which I just typed, makes no sense to me; and what I do remember of the dream is strange and it is a bit nasty.

I do know that there was more that happened in this dream before that point and after, but I can not remember any of those parts of the dream; and so this dream lacks important parts that would give it some context if I could remember those parts of the dream.

The end ,

-John Jr

Marilyn Manson & The Movie | Finally Going To Class

I am not sure when I had this dream fragment or if I already typed it or not, but I know that I had this dream fragment several months ago; but I can not remember most of it.

Dream 1

I remember being in an apartment/dorm building and I think that I was trying to find a place to stay there so that I could go back to college, and so I went to visit my friend DH; but he was not at his room, but his roommate was there and he invited me in.

The Drawings

Last night I barely remembered any of my dreams, I know that one or more of them took place in and outside of the library in D.

In my dreams libraries usually have darker lighting, are more comfortable, and are slightly different in various other ways than they normally are in real life.

The only other part of a dream that I remember is being in my parent’s yard in the late afternoon or early evening with a former classmate BH.

He told me that he wanted to show me some paintings, he said that he liked to paint & draw sometimes, and he had a notebook or something of some of his paintings & drawings.

He told me that each one had hidden words or sentences or things in them, and he asked me if I could see them; I told him that I did not see any of the hidden things.

He explained some things about them and showed me a rough simple example, by scratching some X-es on a word, and he asked me what did I see; I saw that it spelled a semi-coded form of my last name, which was correct.

He asked me if I drew or painted sometimes, I told that I use to draw sometimes (not very good), but not anymore; he recommended that I try it sometimes.

I told him that probably was a good idea, but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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