Dreams & Visions: The Lost Language Of God

What is it?

The 2010 audiobook Dreams & Visions: The Lost Language Of God on Compact Disc (CD) by Dr. Mark Chironna.

What is it about?

Here is the description of this audiobook from the back cover itself:

God is still speaking to us in our dreams and visions, but it is important to understand the correct way to interpret them.

Your dreams and visions unfold a story line that needs to be viewed in the same way and with the same wonder as you would view a production on stage, or on the silver screen, or a mystery novel, or a work of art.

Dream interpretation involves both art and skill and requires an appreciation, respect, and honoring of the dreams in the same way that you approach artistic and inspirational expressions.

In this series, Dr. Chironna takes you through the in-depth process of understanding and interpreting the language of God in your dreams and the visions you may see in your prayer time.