A Man Wants A Bag Of Dried Shrimp

I had several dreams last night but I overslept and there were possibly one or two short power (electricity) outages and I failed to voice record my dreams or think about them throughout the day, and so now I can only barely remember part of my last two dreams from last night which I will type as one because it was a dream within a dream.

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day inside my parent’s house, I remember being alone in my brother GC’s bedroom, when I heard a knock on the wall from the outside.

There was a bathroom cabinet with a mirror front on the wall next to my chest of drawers, I opened it and then I slid open the wall behind it so that I could see who was outside the wall, and it was a fictional man with dark-brownish colored skin who had the top of his head covered who was one of the people (walkers) who would often walk down our street and across our field each day and he was even poorer than us it seemed.

The man asked for something, I think that he wanted a bag of dried shrimp, and I remember briefly talking to him about his situation and why he wanted that; and I told him to wait for a moment so that I could go find my parent’s to ask them if I could give him what he wanted or not.

I walked down the hall toward my parent’s room but something happened where I woke up in another dream in my bed, I was not sure if it was the real world or a dream (it was a false awakening dream) and I even said this to myself, and so I looked out the window to see if the man was still there but he was not; and so I walked into the dining room to look out of the front porch window toward the street to see if I could see him.

I did not see him at first but as I was closing the curtains I noticed him walking toward our street from the direction of the dead end sign so I ran to the kitchen, I grabbed a small bag of dried shrimp that was in a small clear plastic bag with reddish colored letters on it, and I ran outside across the yard toward the fence to greet the man and give him the bag of dried shrimp.

I ran to the double gates near the dead end sign, I greeted the man, I still was not sure if this was a dream or real life so I tried to make this situation less strange by letting the man know that this might sound a bit crazy; but I am not sure if I told him about my dream or not, I probably did not to avoid seeming like I was crazy, and instead I probably told him that someone had told me that he needed some dried shrimp.

I told him that I was not sure if this was true or not but that he could have it if he wanted it, I told him that the bag of dried shrimp was fresh and never opened and that this was not a trick and that it was not tampered with, and that it was free and that he did not owe us anything.

The man looked a bit confused and surprised but my cautious approach worked, he accepted the bag of dried shrimp and he thanked me, and he mentioned some of the things that he could cook with it; and then we said goodbye, and I remember feeling positive.

I still was not sure if this was a dream or not but I did manage to not seem as crazy, but I woke up in the real world this time; and so that had been a false awakening dream where I woke up from one dream into another dream (a dream within a dream).

The end,

-John Jr