YouTube At E3 | A Car Crash & Faking Dementia?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was at an E3-like event, or it was E3, it was inside a large building, and I remember sitting down in a main lobby area with tables & chairs where the open ceremony event was starting.

Part of the ceremony involved a skit that was performed by employees of YouTube / Google led by the CEO of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki, and they were all wearing old style upper class European (maybe French) clothing & hairstyles & makeup & they all had stilts or something that made them all look very tall.


A Futuristic Version Of The Walking Dead?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

*Lazy Overview*:

This is either one connected and transitioning dream or several dreams which I will type as one because some or all of them were connected in some way with some moving back and forth between some of the parts, but my memory is too confused and incomplete and I do not feel like listening to my voice recording again so I will just type some of what I remember.

Part 1

This part of the dream involved a futuristic and more grim version of The Walking Dead I think, and there was some jumping back and forth from this part of the dream.

This was possibly a television show and maybe I was part of it at times, but I can not remember.

They were possibly going to cancel it even though it was doing pretty good and was better than the original show because some said that it was too grim and maybe ahead of its time, and so maybe some of us were trying to convince them to not cancel it.

There was more to this part of the dream, but that is all that I can remember of this part.

Part 2

This part took place at a fictional park what was like a fictional larger version of W Park in the city of D, and I was there with some people including my former male classmate KT.

There was some possible connection with the first part and somehow we ended up jogging around the park, and we realized that someone had put us in short dresses which was annoying and embarrassing to us.

I remember us continuing to run to a small building near where the gazebo near the tennis courts should be, and I remember a woman who looked like my female cousin TE running past us with a man and they were faster than us (probably because of the dresses slowing us down).

We reached the small building and we changed back into men’s clothes, still a bit annoyed that someone had put us in dresses, and then we split up.

I remember walking around the park and it was possibly late afternoon, and I noticed how the park looked different and worse than it used to but it was still nice in its own way at times.

I noticed that some of the ponds and rivers were dried up, most of the wildlife was gone, equipment and furniture was rough and missing and broken, et cetera.

I went around exploring and comparing things with my memory of how it used to look, and other things happened that I can not remember but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Part 3

This part of the dream took place outside in maybe a small area outside a small building to the left of it, and I was with a small group of people with many of them being former classmates of mine like my former female classmate LM.

There was a woman and her mother who both had light-color skin and they were talking about how their father / husband had died, he liked to write (maybe he was a poet or author), and after they said some things about him they pulled out maybe the last poem that he wrote.

They were going to read it but they were too emotional so my former classmate LM read the poem for them, and as she read it she tried to imitate his voice and the voices of some of the characters in his poems.

Some of the characters in his poem were some of my former classmates like my former male classmates RM and MB and RB and several other middle-class and upper-class former classmates of mine.

My former classmate LM did a pretty good job imitating their voices as she read the poem, it was funny and emotional, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Part 4

This part of the dream also took place outside and it took place in a field area inside a park-like area, and I am not sure if I was part of a military boot camp or boot camp-like game show or what this was but there was a mean military drill instructor / coach-like man with light-color skin over whatever was going on.

I was there with a group of other people and we were being given a task that we had to do one at a time where we had to push (flipping it over and over) a pallet-like thing covered in heavy bricks and other heavy objects across the field.

There were different pallets with increasing weight and we were shown what we had to do, and I was going to go first.

I asked the drill instructor-like man if I had to push it across the entire field, and he replied: “I see weakness in your eyes already, and so I will give you a break so you only have to push it halfway across the field.” and I replied: “I was ready to push it across the entire field, but thank you sir.”.

As I was pushing the object one or more people attacked the area probably shooting a gun or guns, there was panic and screaming and running, but I tried to figure out where the threat(s) were and I probably told the drill instructor-like man what I was about to do and then I ran to attack the threat(s).

I am not sure if anyone helped me or not, I just remember reaching the threat or threats, and fighting them but that is all that I can remember of this part.

Part 5

I am in a library maybe, maybe The BP Library, and I noticed that the large print adult fiction and the adult fictional books are mixed up at the end of the shelves.

The mixed up books at the end are books by authors with dark-color skin including some of the dark-color skin characters from the futuristic The Walking Dead show from this dream.

I feel that this is probably symbolic of them not being sure what to do with dark-color skin characters in their show, and so they are just throw in the show to mostly sit in the background without much of a role or development et cetera.

The end,

-John Jr


Bully Problems

All that I can remember of this dream is that at some point in the dream during the day I was standing on a sidewalk in a small quiet nice neighborhood with an unknown man, my dad, and maybe someone else outside a fenced yard with maybe a mostly destroyed house.

The man was looking at the yard and the remains of the house deep in thought remembering old memories as he told us about his life and the history of that house / yard: he was probably an orphan from another country who was adopted as a child by a man with whitish colored skin who lived in the house, the man was nice to him and he grew up to be very successful in school and around the neighborhood and maybe the military and then as a business owner, but the man who adopted him was dead now and the house mostly burnt down or something like that.

The man had many positive memories but it was still a bit sad/emotional hearing his story and seeing how much love and that respect that he had for man who had adopted him, it seemed that he would come to see the yard/house sometimes, and at some point we said goodbye and walked away.

I remember walking away alone at some point until I reached a back alley-like area that somewhat reminded me of a fictional version of the alley by the former BP School Board Shop but it had concrete-like walls, which is now the Computer Department, and in this alley were some of my former classmates/schoolmates and some fictional ones; and we seemed to be younger and in school again, and this area was connected to a school.

I would walk through this area on my way home after school, I would say hello to various people as I walk by, including a few of my classmates/schoolmates who the others looked down on; and those few students would stand in a very nasty corner that looked like an old dirty wet public shower with mud and/or feces and mold to avoid getting physically bullied by the others who avoided this nasty area.

These students did get verbally bullied and made fun of every day, one of the students in this area was a short girl with whitish colored skin who somewhat reminded me of one of my former schoolmates who was in a special education/handicap class because she was a bit slower at learning the most students probably, and another was my former male classmate AP.

I started talking to these students each day and I would tell the others to stop bullying them, when I was around the others would mostly leave them alone, and I remember having good conversations each day with the girl in this area who was very nice; and one day a female teacher who reminded me of the character Antigone Bezzerides (Ani Bezzerides) from season 2 of the television show True Detective stopped to ask me a question as I was entering her classroom, and there were other students already there watching and listening.

She smiled and somewhat jokingly asked me if there was anyone who owed me anything and I replied with something like:

“Yes, there are many people who I have helped over the years and who have used me over the years who owe me things like: money, items that I let them borrow that they never returned, gasoline and other resources, time, and more; but I doubt that most of them will ever give me what they owe me or even offer to help me in any way, I am tired of that and being used by people, and so I try to avoid having to deal with people mostly (or something close to that with a better explanation).”

The teacher and the students were surprised by my response, they went from smiling to laughing to having their moods drop, and I continued walking to my desk normally after apologizing for the gloomy response but letting them know that was an honest answer to the question sadly.

Then there was a time jump to years later, and this group of students had grown as more students joined them and many of the female students among them grew to be attractive and had better looking styles now so some of the other students were jealous of them now.

A group of female bullies would bully them when I was not around, there was another time jump to after we graduated high school maybe, and one of the female students from the bullied group was speaking at maybe a pornographic convention during the day outside under a large tented area about one of the bullied students from her group who grew up to be very attractive and bullied a lot by the jealous girls; and she became a pornographic actress, but I think that she died somehow so the female students said some things in her honor.

I was watching a listening from a distance in a field but then an old man with whitish colored skin in the crowd carrying a large container of clear liquid started yelling at her and trying to throw the liquid on her like he blamed her and pornographic industry for the death of the other female student, and I ran over to stop him.

I tried to talk to the old man but that did not work so I had to grab the container and as we were struggling over it two men with dark brownish colored skin ran over wanting to know what was going on, I explained the situation to them, and then they started dealing with the man; and so I walked away to see if my former fictional female schoolmate was okay because I did not know what that liquid was.

There was another time jump and I was in military recruit training outside in a field during the day it seemed, our male drill instructor probably asked me a question and gave me a compliment (he seemed to like me like I was one of his good recruits), but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Injecting Myself And Drawing My Own Blood And Getting Tested | Almost Signing Up For The Military

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day in the city of D, at some point in the dream I remember hearing my dad talking to my mom about his coworkers at his job telling him that he should retire, and maybe he decided to finally retire from his job; but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

At the end of the dream I remember getting on a whitish colored box-shaped transport-like truck/van that looked like a truck used to transport food, it was old and it had no logos or anything on it, and it was in or on side of the street between the D Courthouse and the downtown businesses; and maybe it continued moving/driving once I got on it.

Once inside I was shocked/disgusted by how the inside of the truck looked, it was dirty like a pin at a farm where non-human animals are kept with what looked like feces there too, and then a man and woman walked from the front of the truck (which was separated from where I was by a wall and door) wearing whitish colored biohazard/hazmat suits so I could not see their faces really.

They seemed to be scientists/doctors/whoever and I assumed that they must be working on a secret government/military/whatever project because they seemed to be trying to operate/work secretly, it seemed that they had not expected someone to try to explore the truck because it looked like an old truck that was mostly abandoned and had nothing of value, and so they were shocked when they realized that someone was inside the truck.

They told me that I was not supposed to be there and that it was dangerous to be inside the truck without a biohazard/hazmat suit on, they told me that I would need to be injected immediately for my own safety, and that I would need to be tested immediately to make sure that I was not infected with whatever it was that they were working on (they would not tell me anything, it was classified I assumed).

The woman handed me several syringes with the first being one that I needed to inject myself with now, the second to draw blood from my own wrist, and the third to take if my test results showed that I was infected; and I asked if this was really necessary and she said that it was, I asked if they could do it, but she said that I had to do it oddly.

I told her that I did not know how and that I did not think that I could do it because I do not like syringes/shots/having blood drawn/et cetera, she repeated that I had to do it and she showed me how to do it, and I stood there for several minutes trying to get the courage to do it; and eventually I injected myself with the first syringe, and then I drew blood from my own wrist.

I had to push the needle in all the way, it did not hurt much but I did get most of my real world negative reactions, and I am amazed that I did not wake up from this; and I really did not enjoy it, but I was amazed that I was able to do it without fainting or something like that.

The woman took my blood to be tested in another part of the truck, someone brought me another syringe to inject myself with one more time to be safe and so I injected myself with it, and then they wanted me to urinate in a cup and then defecate in another cup; and so I probably did that as well, and they took them to be tested as well.

I waited alone thinking about my situation, but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of the second dream is that it took place during the day in a fictional city, I remember being with my mom and we were in The B V, and at some point there was an accident or something and the front middle part of the bumper/whatever got broken off leaving on the left and right sides of it.

At some point in the dream I assume that we came across some military recruiters and I assume that I decided to possibly sign up for the military, and at some point we drove and parked at a parking lot and we went inside a restaurant with other families who had family members who were about to possibly sign up for the military; and my former male classmate MT was one of the people there.

We possibly had food and drink and the military recruiters did a presentation for us, after the presentation everyone who wanted to sign up were/was moved to a windowless room with no furniture, and we started working on our paperwork signing up for the military as a somewhat mean male soldier with whitish colored skin talked to us a bit angrily/meanly like a drill instructor; and a female soldier with whitish colored skin (who also did a presentation for our families earlier) was dealing with paperwork mostly.

I did not really want to sign up but my situation has not been, is not, and does not look well for the future and so after many years of trying without luck it seemed that I needed to finally consider the military option before I get even older than I already am (I was not even sure if they would take someone as old as me); and for some reason it seemed that I was late to start my paperwork, and I remember talking to my former male classmate MT who explained some things that I had missed to me.

At some point I started to feel that I should wait so I stopped my paperwork and I went to talk to my mom about it, we waited and I wondered should we talk to the military recruiters or just leave, and we decided to just leave; but as we were walking outside we saw a crowd gathering outside in the parking lot near The B V, and so we went to see what was going on.

There was a sinkhole-like hole in the parking lot with a car stuck in it like there was a wreck/accident, there was possibly someone still inside it or under it, and so people were trying to help and I tried to help as well; and some firefighters or workers from maybe India or Pakistan helped as well, and I remember wondering what had happened to cause this.

The B V seemed okay, it still was damaged from earlier in the dream, but I woke up before I could find out if anyone was still trapped in the hole or not.

In one dream I saw my former male classmate AA, and I stopped to talk to him briefly but I am not sure in which dream this happened in.

The end,

-John Jr


A Military Murder Mystery

I remember part of one dream last night that became a murder mystery, I remember that my former classmate JC, maybe SS, and I either signed up for the military or we were in the military some how even though we did not really want to join really but we did for various reasons that must have been pretty serious (maybe serious economic reasons, and more), and then we arrived at basic training; this took place in the future where I was a bit older, whether it was days/weeks/months/year(s) in the future, I am not sure how far in the future but it did not seem too/that far.

All of us new recruits waited uncomfortably in our combat uniforms in a cafeteria & JC & maybe SS were sitting next to me at the same table, waiting for the drill instructors to pick which groups of us new recruits that they wanted to train, and I remember most of us trying to sit straight & quiet while trying to decide where to put our hands (I was trying to decide whether to put my hands on the table or under the table); and the first drill instructor entered the cafeteria, and most of us got nervous & even more quiet & still.

The drill instructor was a man who was only a few years older than us and he had medium-light colored brownish skin with a bald head & he looked like one of the characters from the film Drumline, and he walked in the room looking serious & he looked around to decide which table of new recruits to pick; and he chose our table/group.

He leaned in to talk to us and he told us a few things seriously, but then he quietly told us that we would mostly be playing basketball; but that he did not want us to tell anyone, and he made us each promise to not tell anyone about the basketball part & we each had to shake his hand several times while looking him in the eyes while promising to keep the secret.

I remember going through the promise ceremony, which he was serious about, if we did not do it he would not let us in his group; and everyone at our table did the promise ceremony.

I remember that we felt very hopeful once we realized that we had a cool drill instructor, who was going to teach us the basics required, but he wanted us to have fun mostly; and so we anticipated a very good basic training experience.

We walked outside to an area under trees with shade and it was a very nice day outside, and we met our other drill instructor (who might have been the real main drill instructor for our group) who looked like Charlie Sheen wearing a colorful headband and the old woodland military combat uniform; and there was an attractive woman with whitish colored skin with short-medium blond colored hair with him, who might have been a military medic assigned to our group & who seemed to be in a relationship with Mr. Sheen probably.

Mr. Sheen looked like a fake soldier or a military veteran who was now anti-war(unnecessary war)/anti-unnecessary violence/against the current policies of the military/government and/or unorthodox compared to the normal military culture and the woman seemed like that as well, which was interesting, and that made me feel more comfortable.

Mr. Sheen and the woman introduced themselves and they talked with us, and Mr. Sheen told us that we would be taught the basics so that we could pass basic training and so that they could keep their jobs as drill instructors (since they would lose their jobs if they only focused on having fun only instead of teaching us and we would not be ready and we would fail basic training); but we would spend the rest of the time having fun, except when the higher-ups came to check on our progress and/or if they felt that we were being watched.

Doing/learning the basics, exercising, playing basketball, and having fun when done properly could have us fit enough to pass basic training & be ready; and so it was not all about fun & games.

Mr. Sheen said that we would start with learning to march, then we left to practice marching, but the dream jumped in time to after marching practice; and we were walking to a special event in town.

I think that Mr. Sheen and the woman were activists & active politically trying to improve things but somehow they managed to keep their jobs in the military, the promise ceremony/their teaching style/and blending in when necessary seemed to have been what allowed them to survive so far; we learned more about them and their beliefs & activist activities, but I can not remember those parts.

The woman was gone and she had probably left to town earlier, and we walked into a town that looked like a slightly fictional D during the day and we walked through downtown; and on a quiet street we found the dead body of a woman with probably some of her clothes off, who we were guessing was the woman who was probably a military medic, but her body was damaged by what seemed to be acid or some kind of liquid/chemical so we could not exactly identify her.

Who ever killed her had left clues/messages that seemed to indicate that the killer was a military veteran who had probably killed her because of her activism & political activities that were not orthodox to military culture, this shocked and angered us; and we started trying to investigate and Mr. Sheen & the other drill instructor probably called the police, and they told us to go ahead to the special event.

We wanted to stay and help, but they wanted us to attend the special event and they did not want us to have to continue to see the dead woman in that condition & they wanted to look out for our mental/emotional health; and they told us to stay together in case the killer was trying to hunt all of us.

We left and walked near where the H Funeral Home is and where the church should be there was a courtyard and a one floor building were the event was, and some politicians/military veterans/security/Secret Service/press/et cetera were there.

The press were mostly outside in the courtyard, where some people were eating and drinking, and security let us inside the building after verifying that we were military; and the inside was crowded with tables of people eating and drinking.

I saw local business people, high level School Board members, a few military veterans who were mostly now successful civilians, a few politicians (one of which I think was Mitt Romney with Secret Service protection, security was pretty high for a city like D), high level police officers, and other local elites I guess you could say; and my group did not feel very comfortable or fit in, and we were still focused on finding the woman’s killer.

I had a strange feeling that the killer was at the event and that the killer was a man who was a member of the local élite and/or élite and who was a military veteran, and so I kept a close eye on the people around the event looking for threats and/or the killer; and I felt almost like a Secret Service agent watching everyone, and constantly on alert.

It was a bit annoying watching and listening to all the elite-types who we did not have much in common with, but they were enjoying themselves; I might have seen Mr. Romney sitting down eating & talking across the room while Secret Service agents were protecting him, and he was having a good time it seemed.

I also noticed one or two men wearing dress shirts with ties and slacks/dress pants with dress shoes, and I think the man and/or men were military veterans who now were civilians with good jobs; and the man or men gave off a vibe that made me think that one of them were the killers.

I felt that there was only one killer but one or two men at the event seemed suspicious, and one or both of them even looked at me with a smirk like they were letting me know that they were the killer; my memory is unclear, but I think that the man who I thought might have been the killer had somewhat dark-colored short hair in a business style haircut with whitish colored skin & he seemed to have a good job of some kind.

I am not sure if we talked, maybe, but I do know that I watched the man or men very closely for clues.

I remember the other soldiers with me talked about various things, one of which was why did SS’s dad not recommend the military to him earlier since he was a military veteran, and SS said that his dad was against him & his brother joining the military so they had never considered it until now; my guess was that SS’s dad did not want them to experience unnecessary wars like the ones that he had to fight in.

I gathered as much information about our murder investigation that I could while at the event, and at some point we left early; and as we were walking through the courtyard I noticed one or two suspicious people approaching, and something happened & one or both of the suspicious people got shot.

I think that security shot one or both of them when one or both of them pulled out pistols and started shooting in the courtyard; but I am not sure what happened exactly & I might have helped stop them, but I do know that they were not the killers of the woman.

The dream jumped a year in the future during the day and I was walking to the grave of the woman for the anniversary of her murder and the rest of my basic training group were supposed to arrive as well, and her grave was not far from the murder site; and it was next to a building that might have been a church.

There were some large concrete blocks around the grave that formed a partial wall-like structure that were some ruins of a structure that was knocked down in the past that you could also sit on, and my former classmate KC was there since he knew the woman even though he was not a solider; he knew her personally since she lived in his neighborhood.

KC was still angry about her murder as well and he also wanted to find out who murdered her, her murder was still unsolved, and so I told KC about what I had seen at the event a year earlier; and I shared with him all the information and evidence that I had gathered in my year of investigating the murder, and I even had the woman’s smart-phone that had a video of her pointing her phone camera at something/someone who you could barely see hiding behind something & she was saying something about him following her or something.

The video was unclear but the person that was mostly hidden behind something appeared to be a man with whitish/grayish colored hair with a long bear wearing shades & he looked like a biker gang member who was a military veteran, but I could be wrong; and so I told KC to keep an eye out for anyone who fit that description, so we could investigate them.

KC was so excited that he left instantly to find anyone who fit that description, and I hoped that KC would not attack them.

Then some of the soldiers from my basic training group started to arrive to the grave site, and so I greeted them; a year had passed, so we were no longer in basic training, but I was awakened by people being annoying in the real world again.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂