Murder She Wrote + Basic Training + Job Skills = ?

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I am sick and feeling/getting worst than I expected so I will try to type this while I can, I forgot most of the details, but I slept pretty good considering that I am sick. 😀

I remember being outside in a field area during the day, I think that the dream started with me in military basic training or pre-basic training or something, I am not sure; and I remember there being a male drill instructor training us.

This dream had at least three parts to it with the field having a school area & playground-like area, a basic training area, and a small job & other skills training area.

There was either a break in basic training or I sneaked to the school area of the field, I am not sure which, and I played some sports (maybe basketball and/or football and/or soccer) with some of my former classmates; and I remember there being a teacher or several teachers.

At some point I moved to a small area next to the school area where there was a small class outside of mostly elderly women and Mrs. JN was leading a class about job skills & other skills, and we would watch parts of episodes of the TV show Murder, She Wrote & some other videos; and Angela Lansbury or her as her character Jessica Fletcher was probably in the class. 😀

We would try to solve the cases sometimes alone, sometimes in groups, we would answer questions on work sheets, and sometimes we would re-enact scenes. 😀

We would also do worksheets on job related skills and we would watch & practice job related skills, and the class was pretty fun.

It was nice getting to practice my detective skills and work with other people, improving team skills, and various other skills; but at some point it was either time for class to end and/or I had to sneak back to or go back to basic training with the military or whoever, but I woke up as I talked with the class before leaving.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


The Boot Camp Experience

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Dream 1

Last night I barely remember part of two dreams, with the first dream taking place at an unknown location, and I was participating in a boot camp that was for people who were thinking about going to the military or people who wanted to get ready for the military or people who just wanted to see what the boot camp experience was like; and there were kids-adults there, so I guess there was no age limit.

A former drill instructor or someone was in charge, he was a strong-looking man with medium-dark brownish colored skin & black colored hair, and he wore a combat uniform with the t-shirt, pants, and boots.

We were inside of a strange building that had indoor & outdoor areas with several floors, we were on an upper floor that led to a strange almost cave-like area on the floor above our sleeping area, it was a strange building; our sleeping area was on a stairway down to the real floor where most of the beds were, some of the beds were on the stairs, it was odd, but things were set up to not make us comfortable & to simulate harsher conditions.

We did not get much sleep, the drill instructor was mean & loud, we did not eat much, we did a lot of drills & exercises, but we were actually learning things & getting tougher; and we were learning how to work as a team and how to better work alone.

The dream took place over several days & weeks probably, our boot camp experience seemed to do a good job of simulating a variety of environments & situations, and we learned a lot more than I expected; but I woke up at some point.

Dream 2

The next dream took place in a fictional version of D near the old C plant, in an area that is sometimes in my dreams, and I remember talking with one or more people; and at some point I think that my cousin EE came while a former classmate of mine & I were talking.

I had not seen her in many years, so the three of us talked, but suddenly we started to see some large frogs jumping around near us; and one of the frogs jumped toward me & so I ducked, but it hit EE in the face.

She did not see the frog and so she thought that I had hit her in the face, so she got mad, and I kept trying to explain that a frog had hit her in the face but she did not believe me; and I was offended that she thought that I had slapped her, and so I kept trying to prove my innocence as we argued about the situation as we walked to my parent’s house.

My former classmate saw what had happened and he tried to explain that I was telling the truth, but EE still did not believe us; I offered to take a polygraph/lie detector test, and I offered to pay for her to have the DNA on her face tested to prove that a frog did hit her in the face.

It really bothered me that my cousin thought that I had slapped her and that I was lying about it, even though it was not true, she started to consider my offer(s); but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂



Repeating Dream Fragments

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Lazy Overview:

I dream of being in a field on a nice day with a film crew filming some United States (USA) soldiers in basic training, my former classmate DH is one of the recruits, and the drill sergeant is trying to impress the camera crew.

At some point we all take a break and Rachael Maddow and I start to play soccer, and the other join in, so Ms. Maddow and I join teams to face the others.

I was the goalie and defense and part offense, and Ms. Maddow was mostly offense and part defense; we were having fun and I remember Ms. Maddow jokingly thanking me for showing my fellow Americans how to play real football or something like 😀 , but I woke up as I was kicking the ball & kicked my bed in real life by accident. 😀

I have an unclear and confusing repeating dream that takes place in a large old style Ivy League College-like dorm or building.

I am with some of my family and other people, my mom is there and a baby that is supposed to be me as a baby, even though I was in the dream; so this made no sense, but in the dream it did. 😀

I was playing with the baby that was supposed to be me, even though I was me. 😀

The baby actually did not look like me and did not even look human exactly, but I did not notice this at first, which is odd; the baby looked somewhat like the dinosaur baby (Baby Sinclair) from a TV show called Dinosaurs or something like that.

I remember meeting two women my age and a middle-aged woman who seemed to be in charge, and a meeting or something was going on; I remember something weird happening with the baby & his eyes turned red or something and/or his voice became scary or something.

I can not remember what happened after that except that I moved away from the baby & I was freaked out, and realized that something was not right; I think the baby could shapeshift, so I wondered if it was a face dancer or something, and then I realized that it was not me.

This part is also unclear, something happened involving a threat, I did not know who to trust; so in defending myself I ended up killing everyone I could in the dream, since they all could have been face dancers for all I knew.

The dream re-starts several times, each time with me remembering more & more from each dream, and realizing that something was not right; the dream characters seemed to be trying to convince me that I was not dreaming.

I started to realize that I had dreamed this several times, and each time I ended up killing people since I was not sure who to trust.

Two of the women my age took me outside to prove that I was not in a dream and that they were not trying to hide anything, since I was suspicious that the dream had only been indoors each time, so we went outside and it was nice; but there were no people in the streets, which I found a bit odd.

The women kept trying to distract me and they walked me toward another building, but they sensed danger and we ran back to the other building.

Inside the threat came again and during the threat, I started to kill people again; I remember feeling a bit bad about it, but I was not sure who to trust, so I killed the leader first.

Then I was about to kill one of the women that had walked me outside, but she ran; I started to wonder what was going on & why did the dream keep starting over & who could I really trust, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


Drill Sergeant Dad | Henchmen

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Dream 1

Last night I remembered one dream and a dream fragment, the first dream took place in an open area on side of the road leaving D to LC.

I was standing with two women and another man, we seemed to be soldiers in training or something, and my dad was the drill sergeant.

The current training session involved submission wrestling and one woman & I watched as the other woman & man sparred against each other, and my dad was the referee.

The woman had red hair and looked somewhat like Scarlett from the movie G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, and she was winning most of the match.

Every now and then my dad would look away at something, and the man would cheat by using a knife.

He would not stab her with it hard, but he would use the knife to get her to let go of her submissions.

One of the times my dad looked away the woman had the man in a submission and he tapped out, but my dad did not see it; the man then used the knife to make her let go of the submission and he used a kneebar to make her tap out.

The match was over and the woman told my dad that he had cheated, the other woman and I told him that the man had cheated as well, but my dad still would not change his decision.

He ordered us to be quiet, everyone got quiet except for me, and I started to argue with my dad.

He was being stubborn and would not back down, so I gave up, and then I woke up.

Dream 2

The next dream is just an unclear dream fragment, I just partially remember a situation involving a girl, but I can not remember the beginning.

I just remember three henchmen following the orders of some powerful/rich/important man, and I think the girl was his daughter but I am not sure.

I think she had run away from home and they were sent to find her, and bring her back; but I could be completely wrong, that is just a guess.

At some point they found her and somehow I was in the dream, and I rode in the motorized RV that the henchmen were driving; I did not seem to work with them, I guess I somehow had been at the place where they first found the girl and maybe I went along to make sure she would be safe, I have no idea.

The henchmen leader looked like a shorter version of Eric Northman from True Blood and the other two henchmen looked like the Wet Bandits from Home Alone, but they both were fat & not too smart it seemed.

At some point they were driving near a store when the girl jumped out of the RV and ran into the store to escape, so the three henchmen went inside to find her.

I was going to go help her possibly escape once I found her or wait until they found her and then help her escape somehow maybe, because I was starting to think that something was not right about the situation and there had to be a good reason that she did not want to go back to where they were taking her.

For some reason I only had pajama pants on, so I looked around the RV for some jeans or something, but I could not find any.

As I was still looking, some unknown kid came into the RV and started looking at stuff while talking on a mobile phone.

He acted like he did not see me and was looking around like he was trying to find something that he wanted to steal or something.

I wanted to go in the store, but I did not want to go in pajama pants, just like I would not do in real life; I then decided to wait until the henchmen got back, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂