J’s Seafood

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I am not sure if I typed this dream fragment before or not, but earlier this month, I remembered something that seemed so real, that I had to ask someone if it really happened or not; and I found out that it was a dream fragment and that it did not happen in the real world.

The dream fragment is very short, I was in the city of LC during the day with my mom and we drove through J’s Seafood, and after my mom ordered some food, she decided to order something else; but the man at the window got angry and he slammed the window closed in my mom’s face to our surprise.

We had no idea why the man was angry, and then we started to drive off, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


Getting Ice With Prime Minister Vladimir Putin

I barely remember any of my dreams last night, but I do remember part of my last dream which took place in D.

I was with my parents and The Prime Minister Of Russia Vladimir Putin, and we were going to get ice at a fictional school in D.

Prime Minister Putin wanted to drive and so he was the driver, and he was driving like he was in action movie or something I think.

Prime Minister Putin did not speak much in the dream, but when he did speak English, he had a heavy Russian Accent.

Prime Minister Putin acted like he wanted to prove himself/like an action movie hero/macho man/etc.

The fictional school that we went to was by where the Alternative School and Head Start should be, and the school had several floors/stories.

I remember us looking around the school trying to find the ice machine, but the school was big & we did not know where the ice machine was.

We divided into two groups to find the ice machine, with my mom & dad in one group, and Prime Minister Putin & I in another group.

I remember walking around the school talking with Prime Minister Putin, and at some point we found two teachers that were at the school, even though the school was closed; but I can not remember what happened next exactly, except that I was exploring outside of a school that looked like the C. Elementary School.

But that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


My Former Classmate JF In The City Of D

Lazy Overview:

I barely remember any of my last dream last night, and I think it took place in a fictional version of the city of D in the day.

I think I went to a fictional mall and I met my former male classmate JF, and we went around the mall talking; and I remember him being with two women, and one of the women stood out from other characters in the dream.

She had blond colored hair in a style similar to Victoria in the Twilight film but her hair was shorter, she had whitish colored skin, I think that she was wearing an outfit with an animal fur cape-like thing around her shoulders that reminded me of something that Victoria wore in the Twilight film, I think that she had blue colored eyes, and something about her seemed different from the other characters in the dream; but I can not remember anything else about her or most of the dream.

I just remember her and another woman being with JF and I during some parts of the dream, and then they were gone in other parts of the dream; and I remember wanting to talk with the woman again, but we did not know where she had went.

I also remember that JF needed a ride and so I drove him around in my automobile, and we stopped downtown to walk around or something; but JF left for some reason.

I remember thinking that something was odd/strange/interesting about the woman from earlier in the dream, and I remember thinking about her and that I wanted to find her again, because I wanted to understand who or what she was and I wanted to get to know her better; it was just something very different about her appearance, personality, and I felt something different coming from her than the from the other dream characters.

It was almost like she did not belong in my dream and/or like she was not one of my dream characters and/or something like that, maybe, but I can not remember; then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Younger Loona Luxx

Lazy Overview:

Last night I remember several parts of my last dream, which I think started in the day at a fictional college dorm that is in my dreams sometimes, and I lived there & I was probably going to college again.

Several parts of this dream are unclear, but I think that I started a conversation with a woman who looked like a slightly younger version of Loona Luxx and her friend (who looked like TC’s wife).


The Church Group?

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Last night I remember some of my last dream, but my memory of it is unclear in certain places.

I remember driving past downtown D at night and I heard police sirens, and I saw some police cars coming up the road behind me.