Englishman In New York Audition & Strange Aircraft

All that I can remember of this dream is that one part of the dream involved an audition involving the song Englishman In New York by Sting, which I had planned to make a post about tomorrow in the real world, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Sting – Englishman In New York

The last part of the dream took place outside in the yard of The E House near the laundry building late in the afternoon, I was possibly walking out of the laundry building when I noticed something strange in the sky, and I saw an unknown white thin mostly quiet (not completely quiet) aircraft flying overhead.


Outside The Wire

What is it?

The 2021 Netflix American science fiction movie Outside The Wire.

Outside the Wire | Official Teaser Trailer | Netflix

A Witch Becomes Queen | A Flying Anti-Snoring Device Drone?

Henry Cavill and Jodhi May in The Witcher (2019)
Source: IMDb

Dream 1

This dream was inspired by me watching three episode of the TV show The Witcher (Season 1) before going to sleep.


Briefly Dating Mrs. F’s Niece And Daughter?

There have been too many annoyances going on for me to focus, and so I will have to mostly just use my mobile phone text notes of my dreams which are rough and incomplete.

Dream 1

The dream took place during the evening or late afternoon near and at an outdoor / indoor fenced area that me and some of my family are possibly using as house or watching it for someone.

Somehow I ended up dating maybe a niece of my former substitute teacher Mrs. F who was overweight and had dark-color skin with black hair for a few minutes after just meeting her briefly for the first time outside near a street not that far away from the fenced in area that I was at with my family.

I think that she possibly walked up to me and asked me if I was John Jr and maybe she told me that she liked me and asked me out or something, I did not know her or have any special connection with her and I was not attracted to her, but for some unknown reason I decided to say yes.

After she walked away I started to regret my decision and a few minutes later I changed my mind and decided to break up with Mrs. F’s niece but I did not get to tell her yet probably, and somehow (maybe I was calling to breakup with Mrs. F’s niece but she was not there yet, and maybe Mrs. F’s daughter answered the phone) I ended up maybe talking on my mobile phone with Mrs. F’s daughter who was also overweight and had dark-color skin with black hair.

Somehow I ended up dating Mrs. F’s daughter for a few minutes after only a brief phone conversation even though there was no special connection and I was not attracted to her, and shortly after our phone conversation Mrs. F showed up and I told her about the situation.

Mrs. F seemed happy and seems to like me so she was okay with it, and then she left.

I once again regret my decision and I change my mind and I decided to breakup with Mrs. F’s daughter, and then I start to think up what I will say and do and how I will let the three of them know about the breakup.

I talk to my family about this in the fenced in outdoor / indoor area, some bugs (insects) get on me as I laid on the concrete telling my family, and they get the bugs off me.

After this some of us wander around neighborhood, and I found an overweight man with light-color skin near some wolves that are on a small dock-like thing on water near some homes in a neighborhood.

He tells us that him and some military / mercenary-like group have a mission, and that he will use a drone to look around the wolves den because maybe they were hired to deal with the wolf problem in the neighborhood.

I go to a military / mercenary-like area (base) where the group has a Spartan-like militarized culture with even kids doing militarized training and being treated harshly.

Two girls will go on the mission, one new with this being her first mission, and one experienced and drill instructor-like.

We briefly talk about mission and drone and place and them, and then they leave and I leave to prepare my breakup.

Dream 2

The next dream continues from the second dream with me preparing my breakup, I probably decide to text all three of them first, and then I will either go talk to them in person and / or by mobile phone; and so I probably sent them the text.

Something strange happens where the dream becomes a video game and I am possibly controlling a male video game character or I am that character or something but I can not remember, and he or I am walking along a sidewalk through a neighborhood on his / my way back to the fenced area where my family is.

He or I hear sounds coming from a fenced yard with a one-story house to my right, it sounds like maybe someone needs help, and so he or I walk in the yard to see what is going on.

He or I get trapped in the yard by one or more natural and / or paranormal and / or supernatural entities who are attacking people, maybe it or one of them possibly looked like a Xenomorph from the Alien franchise, and maybe at some point after surviving longer than the others he or I get killed and the video game ends.

The video game then opens two mini-games, and so I play them and they both take place in the same yard but he or I die in the first mini-game.

In the second mini-game he or I am in the yard near the entrance after just entering the yard, I see several strange creatures and maybe one jumps at me or I pick it up, and then I decide to throw it and then jump the fence and run for my life before maybe the Xenomorph-like entity shows up.

The Xenomorph-like entity runs after me but I am already down the street and out of sight, and so it turns around and goes back into the yard.

Winning one of the mini-games unlocks an alternative ending to the video game, and so I survive in this new ending.

Then the dream goes back to normal and I am waiting for a text or call from Mrs. F and her niece and her daughter, and then someone calls me from a phone number but there is no name so I am not sure who it is.

I go to answer it but my Nokia Lumia 635 mobile phone glitches, it is a rare glitch where the phone will not stop vibrating and the screen locks so I could not answer the call, and so I had to hold down the power button to shutdown the phone and then turn it back on.

I missed the call and I try to decide if I should walk to their house and / or call them, but I can not remember what I decide to do before I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Wake Induced Lucid Dream Inside A False Awakening Dream Turned Nightmare With Sleep Paralysis | Getting Abducted By Aliens?

Yesterday after work I took a nap and had several dreams and I recorded some remembered ones yesterday, and yesterday while staying up late to watch anime I went to sleep a few times and probably had some more dreams that I can not remember.

Eventually I finally got in bed and I set my intention to lucid dream while in bed (repeating in my mind that I want to / will have a lucid dream et cetera many times while visualizing and believing that it will happen), I went to sleep, and I had one dream that I can not remember, and then I went back to sleep, and eventually I finally had a lucid dream.