Johnny Depp Falls Into A Manhole

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day in a fictional city and I went to a shopping mall with a fictional woman with light-color skin, maybe the actor Jim Carrey who later possibly became Johnny Depp without me noticing the change but I did recognize him as Johnny Depp from then on, and at least one other man who had light-color skin or later this man replaced me after I possibly briefly became another man before then separating back to myself again.

I remember looking around a clothing store that I assume was Old Navy as some of the others went somewhere else in the mall, eventually I went to buy a jacket that was on sale, and a female employee was at the cash register ringing me up but I decided to put the jacket back so maybe I got my money back.

As I was leaving the clothing store I saw Johnny Depp, he seemed drunk and / or high on some other kind of drug now, and he was causing a scene as we walked; and then he walked into a janitor’s room.

Inside the room there was a manhole on the floor, Mr. Depp opened the heavy circular metal lid to the manhole, and then he started cleaning the floor while still acting drunk and causing a scene.

I tried to tell him to stop and that this was not a good idea and that he was risking falling in the manhole that appeared to be almost full of water that was possibly still rising, but Mr. Depp did not listen to me.

Mr. Depp then fell into the manhole when he was holding the lid over his head, and so the lid fell down over the manhole and it sealed him in with the possibly rising water.

I then possibly briefly became another man who was panicking while trying to unseal the manhole lid while calling out for help, I then separated back to being myself after someone else replaced me as the man I had briefly become (which makes no sense, and I did not notice this change during the dream), and I remember us and some employees and maybe emergency services trying to remove the lid.

It took too long so we assumed that Mr. Depp would be dead from drowning by the time we opened the lid again, the other man was pretty devastated, but to our surprise Mr. Depp was still alive when we finally opened the manhole lid.

The other man was too angry and emotional to celebrate, Mr. Depp hugged him and tried to get him to cheer up, but the other man refused and even refused to look at Mr. Depp because he was still too angry and emotional; and then I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream involved Arya Stark and Sansa Stark from the television show Game Of Thrones, and this dream was mostly modern except for Arya Stark and Sansa Stark and probably most of their kingdoms.

Arya and Sansa possibly had some mobile phones and / or some kind of other modern device that they were trying to figure out how to use while trying to figure out how to rule and manage their kingdoms and maybe adjust to the modern world around them.

I am not sure if they were trying to figure out how to send text messages and / or how to send and receive files or what they were trying to do, I did know but I forgot, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream took place inside a house, my brother GC was there, and I was on a computer looking at my blog.

I had a pending comment that I assumed to be a spam comment but it was one that could have been a false positive, and I decided to maybe check out a link that was in the comment to test it on VirusTotal et cetera but I either accidentally clicked on it or I decided to take a risk oddly / stupidly and click on it.

Either way I clicked on the link in the comment and it went to a website, it looked like a small blurry advertisement, then it slowly opened another pop-up ad, it was adware / malvertising and it was hijacking my browser by forming a partially dark transparent box over the tab exit buttons so that I could not close the new tabs that it was slowly opening as pop-up ads in the browser, and so it had my browser locked as it slowly opened more pop-up ads in new tabs in the Mozilla Firefox browser that I was using.

I felt stupid as I tried to exit out of the pop-up ads as I mumbled to my brother GC about this, and how this was an example of what not to do with suspicious links.

Some of the later ads were pornographic, eventually I had to CTRL + ALT + Delete to access the task manager (I was using the Windows 10 operating system I assume) so that I could exit out of Firefox, and then I went to immediately clear my cookies / history / cache / et cetera in Firefox before then running anti-malware scans with Norton Power Eraser and Windows Defender and Malwarebytes AdwCleaner.

I also went to see if Firefox had a built-in anti-malware scanner like Google Chrome does, but I woke up as I did all of this hoping that my computer was not infected with malware et cetera.

The end,

-John Jr


An Unstable George Clooney

Unfortunately I only recorded barely part of the end of my last dream that took place mostly outside, some of it probably took place inside, but most of the dream is forgotten now.

The inside parts of the dream are mostly forgotten and unclear now, but I do remember going outside a Walmart or a Walmart-like store.

In the parking lot and along the sidewalk I would see and hear people who seemed like they needed help, and most of these people seemed to be unstable with issues like: mental disorders, being high or drunk, feeling depressed and / or angry and / or nervous et cetera, having mental breakdowns, et cetera.

An increasing amount of these people were celebrities, I would see and hear how they were saying and how they were acting, and sometimes I was possibly able to see what they were thinking and maybe somewhat feel what they were feeling; and I possibly would see some of their memories / flashbacks.

I am not sure if the was there and / or just in someone’s thoughts / memories / flashbacks but I remember seeing and hearing Anthony Bourdain at some point, but I can not remember the details.

Some people would accept my help and let me talk with them on my first approach, but with most it took one or two or three tries to get them to talk with me and accept some help; but some refused my help even after three tries.

The person who rejected my help the hardest and the most was the actor George Clooney who was causing the biggest scene of everyone, and he seemed drunk and / or high and / or mentally unstable.

Mr. Clooney was talking to himself, ranting at people and just out-loud, et cetera; he was angry, maybe slightly depressed, he needed a shave, his hair was a bit wild, he looked and was dressed rough and acted rough, he was possibly somewhat slurring his words sometimes, and he was basically a mess like someone having a breakdown and who had lost something and / or stress and / or some other problems had gotten to him.

I approached him at least three times but he angrily refused help and to talk with me each time, each time I got a bit closer to reaching him though, but he kept getting angry and moving away from me each time until I stopped.

After my last attempt Mr. Clooney walked around walking up to people ranting, ranting to himself, somewhat stumbling around the parking lot and sidewalk, et cetera.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Kicking Competition

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

This dream involved my brother CC who was younger again and was possibly back in high school leaving to visit his fictional girlfriend who had light-color skin, and our brother TDC and KDC who were younger again (maybe 4th or 5th grade) went with him in his automobile.

Later in the dream they returned late at night later than they were supposed to, we were inside a fictional house and I was there with our mom, and our mom was not happy about them getting back so late so she told them so.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the morning and I was talking to my mom on the front porch, and two women with light-color skin were talking outside in the yard of The B House.

In this dream one of the women was probably the mother of my brother CC’s fictional girlfriend from the previous dream and I assume that she lived at The B House, and I assume that the woman with her was probably a family member or friend of hers.

The assumed mother of my brother CC’s girlfriend called my mom over to talk, and so my mom walked over to talk to them either in front of our yard or in front of theirs.

The mother sounded and acted a bit drunk so she was slurring her speech, talking loud, was very close to my mom, was making a lot of physical contact, was laughing a lot, being annoying, talking too much, et cetera.

Eventually my mom managed to escape back to our yard after saying goodbye, and the two women started walking back to their house.

My mom did something that is not like her and she started talking to me about how uncomfortable that was and how she wanted to leave the entire time, and she started talking about how annoying the mother was.

This surprised me because that is not like my mom to talk about someone like that especially when they are still close enough to possibly hear, and it seemed that the two women possibly slightly heard us because they turned around and looked for a moment before going inside their house.

After seeing this I said something to distract my mom for a moment until the women were inside their house, but I woke up.

Dream 3

This dream took place inside a large dark windowless indoor / outdoor place that also felt like it could have been underground, it was like being inside and outside (grass, dirt, maybe even a small river (stream), water well, shack, et cetera) and underground at the same time, and there were even pillars et cetera going up to the tall ceiling or cave or whatever it was.

There was a large television or screen to my right that was playing what was possibly a French movie that possibly reminded me of the movie Brotherhood Of The Wolf or it was that movie, and there were various people sitting in chairs watching the movie and my male cousin ME was there with his fictional girlfriend who had light-color skin and they walked over to greet me.

My cousin ME asked me to take part in a kicking competition so I accepted, and the goal was to kick a soccer ball at certain locations and whoever was the most accurate and completed the most successful kicks would win.

At some point it was my turn and I had to make a pretty far kick and a pillar and some other stuff was in my way, and I had to kick past all of that stuff and over a man sitting next to a water well next to a shack.

To make the kick I would have to kick by running from the right side instead of a straight kick and I needed to curve the ball around the obstacles which was more difficult in this situation because I kick with my left foot even though I am right-handed, it was dark and the screen was making things worse, and I had to worry about not hitting the man.

I waited and eventually I kicked the ball without being able to see clearly when I kicked it (because of the light of the screen and various other things) so I kicked the ball high and not as strongly as I wanted to, it went at the right angle but it was not going to go far enough, but something or someone who was about to attack something or someone jumped through the air to attack the soccer ball instead.

The soccer ball hit whatever or whoever it was causing the ball to bounce closer to or directly to where I was supposed to kick it, and whoever or whatever exploded after crashing and / or from the ball hitting them / it.

The people there started to cheer because of my amazing kick and the crazy action.

Eventually it was my turn for my next kick, which was an easier and shorter kick to the left side this time, and I had to kick a television with the ball.

There were some difficulties, but I still made the kick successfully and it hit the television screen and bounced off so I was winning the competition or I won, I remember my cousin ME and maybe his fictional girlfriend and a boy walking over to talk to me about the kick et cetera but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr



A Soon To Be Attack / Invasion And Drunk Family Members

Source: Wikimedia Commons

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that I was outside during the day near some houses and a street in a small neighborhood that had some small fields around it.

I remember my parent’s and my brother GC being there as well, unfortunately I can not remember the dream before this point, and at some point a young man with light or light-medium color skin with short hair with a forehead that poked out further than normal walked out the front door of a house that was probably not far from the house that my family and I were near.

The young man had guns, ammunition, et cetera but I am not sure if this happened before or after my family and I heard a news announcement either over the radio or over a mobile phone.

When the young man walked out with the guns we were concerned at first, but it seemed that he was just checking them and cleaning them and loading ammunition in the magazines et cetera.

The news report mentioned that the government predicted that there would be an attack soon, I assumed that maybe another country was going to attack and / or invade, but the news report possibly did not say what kind of attack or by who but I can not remember.

We assumed that the young man was getting his guns ready just in case for him and his family and friends et cetera, and my family and I stopped to talk about this and about what we should do.

My brothers TD and KD walked over, I asked them if they knew the young man because he looked somewhat familiar, and they knew the young man so they walked over to talk with him and look at his guns.

I remember seeing them talking and looking at the guns and handling some of the guns, and I walked in the field to my left where there was an abandoned house that reminded me of The E House.

Around the corner of the house across the field I saw two men approaching, one of them looked like my male cousin JE, and they were moving like they were drunk.

I hid to avoid being seen but I looked around the corner again to see who they were, and it was my male cousin JE and the other man was my former uncle CE (CS) who is the father of my cousin JE.

Unfortunately they saw me, I walked to the other side of the house, but it was too late so I walked out in the open as they called to me loudly in drunken voices.

They were very happy and they were smiling and stumbling, and they had to help hold each other up sometimes because they were so drunk.

They walked over to greet me and then they walked over to greet the rest of my family, and they started talking to us happily and loudly and drunkenly.

They were so drunk that it was like a scene from a comedy and they even fell a few times, it was awkward and a bit sad, but at least they were in a good mood I thought to myself as I braced myself as they drunkenly talked to us loudly and happily while stumbling around.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


My Former Classmate JC Gets Drunk And Attacks My Former Classmate DH And I

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day on a college campus, I was at a college dorm that looked like The E House, and I was there with my former male classmates DH and JC.

One or more of us were probably students at the college and probably staying at the dorms, my former male classmate JC was drunk, and he attacked my former classmate DH and I for no reason.