Abby Martin Versus Rachel Maddow | Going Back Into A Dream To Talk With A Woman

Dream 1

Amazingly I somehow remembered part of two dreams (I voice recorded the first dream after I woke up to use the bathroom, and then I went back to sleep after thinking about the dream; and later I had another dream), even though I was busy this morning and not able to think about my dreams much or at all really, and the first dream took place during the day in my grandfather’s yard in front of his boat-port/boat.

The journalist Abby Martin had challenged/called out Rachel Maddow on her YouTube channel Breaking The Set, and somehow Mrs. Maddow found out about Mrs. Martin’s challenge or was told about it; and Mrs. Maddow accepted Mrs. Martin’s challenge, and two other female journalists and/or two women with a YouTube Channel with whitish colored skin with shoulder length blond colored hair & one with brownish/dark-colored hair were hosting the debate/challenge/whatever.