A Repeating Or Déjà Vu Dream With A Detective?

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I do not really feel like typing my dreams today, and so I will try to keep this short.

This was possibly a repeating and / or déjà vu type dream where maybe I dreamed about this in the past or earlier in the dream or earlier during the night and then it either repeated or I dreamed of something very similar and the same in some ways.

The dream probably took place during the day in what looked like a fictional version of the city of D near where B Electric and a gas station should be, and in this area was maybe a gas station (that possibly had a diner) with a field to the right of it.

I was possibly at the gas station when I noticed a somewhat tall man with light-color skin wearing a tan trench coat who seemed to be a detective working on an investigation, and he had his two children with him (a girl and a boy with light-color skin who were still young enough to hold, and one of them was slightly older than the other).

Something happened that I can not remember that led to a woman with light-color skin with long yellow hair and I helping the assumed detective and his children, maybe he got attacked or something, but I am not sure if this happened before after we went to the field.

The woman was good with kids and she could fight and she seemed to have some kind of possible law enforcement experience, the detective probably did not notice this and took her for granted, and something happened to the woman that I can not remember where either she left with the children to take them to someone to keep them safe until the detective could pick them up and / or she died trying to protect them and / or the detective.

My memory is too unclear but more things happened during this like the detective pouring some white powder (possibly lye) on a long crack on the ground, and this caused an earthquake or something and the crack got longer and separated forming a hole in the ground and it split the ground in that area.

There was more but that is all that I can remember, and the next part is possibly a repeat or something very similar and the same in some ways.

Things happened almost the same this time except the woman was not there so I had to hold and help the children until they could be given to someone who drove them somewhere for safety, and this time my dad and my brother GC were in the field with some other people.

I felt that these things had possibly happened before and I somehow knew some of the things that would happen, and I noticed some of the differences.

I remember warning the detective about this to help prepare us for certain things, and so I was able to help things go smoother this time and I reminded him about the woman and how he had not realized how helpful she was the previous time.

At some point the detective somehow got the lye-like stuff and was pouring it on the crack in the ground when I was not looking, I turned and saw him, and I tried to warn him but it was too late.

The earthquake or whatever started and the ground started to tear and the land started to split, and so I had to pick the man up and jump over the crack and take him to safety, the man was taller than me and was probably heavier than me, and so that was interesting.

Everyone was running and driving away in different directions, my dad and my brother GC drove away in my dad’s truck to the right, and so we ran after them or I was still carrying the man.

We caught up with them and they gave us a ride to a street on the left side, down this street there was a small business on the left side of the street that was owned by a woman with light-color skin with brown hair, and it was basically a rough simple extended stand that you could walk inside of and it was semi-indoors / outdoors.

The woman sold food, various other things, and a customer told me that you could rent movies and books like a library except you had to pay like a video / book rental store.

I thought that it was cool having a small business like this and located along the street, and I was surprised that I had never heard of it before.

But I woke up as we shopped.

The end,

-John Jr


A Truck Causes A Tunnel Collapse? | A Living Doll | Strange Weather?

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I was inside my parent’s house in the living room, and I heard a loud sound outside and so I looked out of the window.

I saw a tan extended cab full-sized pickup truck driving backward toward the back of the semi-abandoned house, and it hit the house causing part of the skirting(?) around the bottom of the house to break and then it started driving straight back toward our yard and then it went underground to my confusion.

The truck then drove up from underground in our back yard like there was a secret illegal tunnel going from the semi-abandoned house to our yard, the dirt and grass pushed up when it drove from underground, and I watched in shock and confusion as it drove to the middle of our backyard and then made a right turn and started driving toward the field.

The truck then went underground so that it could get past our fence, and it drove up from underground in the field heading toward the street by MZ Church.

The ground possibly started to shake like an earthquake or something, and then the ground that the truck had driven under started to collapse like a sinkhole like the assumed illegal tunnels had collapsed.

My brother GC walked toward the living room and I told him what happened and what was going on, but then I noticed that the ground in the middle of our back yard started to tear apart in a straight like all the way to the semi-abandoned house along the straight path of the assumed illegal tunnel.

The split spread wider and there was shaking and rumbling like an earthquake or something and I felt the house moving toward the hole where the split was spreading, and I saw us moving closer to it so I warned my brother GC that we needed to get out of the house now.

We had no time to grab anything and we ran as the house started to tilt as it started to fall in the hole, and we barely managed to jumped through the window screen in my brothers TDC’s and KDC’s room before the entire house fell in the hole sideways.

No one else was in the house I assume, we stood there in shock as the house sat vertically in the hole or split, and there was water in it and I remember finding my desktop computer in the water so I took it out and I tried to drain the water out.

Our dad entered the yard through the main gates and we started telling him what happened, but he was acting like things were normal and he would not look in the direction where the house was now.

I kept telling him to look for himself, and I turned to look and I possibly briefly saw what he saw which was everything looked normal but I can not remember.

I was confused and maybe I looked back and it was back in the hole, and I wondered what was going on.

My brother GC and I both saw it so I doubted that it was a hallucination, was the house really in the hole or was everything normal, I tried to think about this and maybe when I went to look again I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was probably not in the dream, but I was somehow seeing things.

The dream took place during the day at a two-story house, something strange happened there that I can not remember, and what ever happened possibly led to a doll coming to life.

I can not remember if the doll was male or female, I think that it possibly had light-color skin with medium-to-long hair, and maybe it had a male voice once it came to life but I am not sure.

There were some adults in the house but I am not sure if the doll attacked them or not or where they went, I just remember the doll going to the second floor, and it went inside the bedroom of a girl with light-color skin with maybe long yellow hair.

The doll started talking to the girl, the doll was evil and up to no good, but I can not remember what the doll was telling the girl other than that it was negative and it was telling her how things were going to be now and it was basically trying to order her around and scare her and probably warning her not to tell anyone.

The doll was overconfident and it turned its back to her as it talked to her as it looked out of an open window that had no screen, the girl was afraid and shocked and confused, but she knew that she had to stop the doll so she decided to push it out of the window as it talked to her with its back facing her as it stood in front of the window.

The girl pushed the doll out of the window, but when she looked out of the window the doll was not on the ground like it fell and ran away somewhere (probably back inside the house).

The girl feared the worst, and she knew that she had to find the doll and destroy it before it kills her and other people.

I think that what the girl did was smart and brave, but she made the mistake of pushing a doll out of the window that was made of softer plastic that could survive a fall like that so she was going to have to burn it or destroy it some other way and I wanted to help her.

I am not sure if I tried to enter the dream or if it worked or not if I did try, but I do know that I was going to congratulate the girl but tell her what she did wrong and let her know that I would help her destroy the doll and how.

The doll reminded me think of Chucky, who I have a dream rivalry with (I used to be afraid of him and he used to haunt my dreams until I finally stood up to him and killed him in a dream, and since then I usually try to kill him when he appears in my dreams), and so I really wanted to destroy this evil doll just like I try to destroy Chucky in my dreams when I get a chance.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream before waking up.

Dream 3

This dream possibly involved a strange weather situation, but I can not remember.

Something strange involving the weather possibly happened or was happening or was going to happen, and at the end of the dream I remember it looking dark outside maybe during a time that it should not be dark.

There was something else strange about how things looked, and I remember going to work at The BP Library.

Something was going on outside the library and possibly even partly in our employee parking lot, possibly connected to the storm (disaster relief or something) and / or an event of some kind (possibly a holiday event), but I can not remember.

I remember seeing some of my coworkers when I arrived outside like my coworker Mrs. PH and several others, I greeted them, and I think that my parent’s went to whatever was going on near the library.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream even though I know that there was more.

The end,

-John Jr


Walking Around A Mall And Clearing Buildings With Justin Long

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I did not get much sleep last night and I woke up early to take my brother GC to prepare for his college graduation and we just got back from his college graduation, so I have been gone for most of the day, but amazingly I barely remember part of two dreams.

Dream 1

In the first dream I remember walking around a familiar fictional mall going around the entire mall several times through each section of the mall but I am not sure if anyone was with me or not, but I know that I talked to one or more people including maybe a few people I knew like one or more of my former classmates.

At some point I came across the actor Justin Long and he greeted me like we were old friends and we both knew each other, he mentioned that we both were trained/taught by the same person, and that we both used to be a good team as we practiced/trained in whatever it was we were being taught/trained in.

I had memories from the past about this but I can not remember the details and we both briefly talked like old friends, and Mr. Long tried to convince me to maybe join him in clearing out one or more buildings near the mall that maybe had zombies and/or other scary things inside of it.

I turned down the offer saying that it has been years since I have done that and that it is too dangerous but he convinced me to join him, and then we walked outside the mall on a catwalk to one or more separate metal buildings.

We then went inside the building(s) and I guess we explored it/them and probably cleared them of zombies and/or other threats, and afterward I remember telling Mr. Long that he still got it (his skills at clearing/fighting zombies/threats); and we congratulated each other saying how it was like old times (back when we were being trained by the same person in fighting zombies/threats I guess).

We briefly talked about our former teacher/trainer probably wondering if he was still alive and/or he was dead and we talked about our memories of him, eventually we said goodbye, but that is all that I can remember of this dream even though I know that there was more that happened in this dream before all that I typed above.

Dream 2

The second dream was short and interesting but I forgot almost all of it unfortunately, I remember being inside a windowless building possibly in the same area as the mall from the first dream and possibly part of the same mall from the first dream, and I remember maybe a human and maybe a non-human with the human who could talk.

Maybe the human and the non-human worked together and there was a conflict I think and I was trying to stop them maybe from taking over the city/world, and at some point I must have been winning and this forced them to use their secret weapon.

They walked me outside the side of the building to a courtyard or parking lot area probably where deliveries are made and where trash dumpsters are to see their secret weapon that they were going to use to take over the city/world, and one of them pushed a button and I heard a sound.

Everything started to rumble/shake like a small earthquake and in the distance I saw maybe a giant robot (taller than anything in the city) rise from underground, they laughed and they told me that nothing could stop them from taking over the city/world now, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr