A French Nobleman | The Queen’s Palace | A Super Agent

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

This dream possibly took place in an area that reminded me of the D Junior High School, it took place outside and maybe inside, and I was talking to several of my female coworkers like maybe J and KE and MA.

One of them was in a bad mood so we were trying to cheer her up, one of them was being positive, and the other was sharing advice.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day during a disaster of some kind, I remember being in what looked like the yard of The E House, and me and a male French nobleman with light-color skin who looked like he was possibly from an older time period were trying to rescue people and get them to climb with us to the top of a structure in the yard that was hopefully high enough to avoid the disaster.

I can not remember what the disaster was, maybe flooding was part of it and maybe some kind of attack as well, but I can not remember.

Dream 3

This dream seemed or was movie like, it probably involved a movie being made and moments of real events, and it involved a movie and possibly real events of maybe The Queen Of England Elizabeth II or another queen.

It was about maybe the palace (maybe Buckingham Palace) that the new queen was going to move into, and she went to inspect the palace with some other people and the focus was on an upper floor in an area where you walked along a hallway that went through a small area with booth seating with windows on the right side and indoor windows on the left side with a view of the next hallway.

I assume that the film crew and the actors and actresses were filming some scenes and touring the set, and maybe I was there.

There were some flashbacks and / or video of possibly the real queen’s visit to this assumed palace, and the area we toured looked like some other countries et cetera had copied some of its style that had a nice royal simple but ornate wooden style to it.

Dream 4

This dream was possibly connected with the previous dream and it also involved a movie, and The Queen Of England in the movie called up a super secret agent for a mission who was played by Colin Firth who seemed to be playing a superpowered character similar to his character Harry Hart from the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service.

The movie jumped to a room with a glass wall and glass door at the front that was next to a sidewalk that was next to a street, and it was evening.

There were people in the room and a group of armed men led by a maybe bald man with light-color skin raided the room, and Mr. Firth’s character entered the room wearing some kind of strange leather headgear and he was smiling and he somehow quickly filled the room with water or something and he went around the room defeating the armed men having fun while moving very fast and possibly teleporting.

But some of the men shot the glass walls / windows which let the water out, and they all fell and then Mr. Firth adjusted his appearance slightly and pretended to be a hostage and I was there too.

His plan was to wait for an opening to take down the hostage-takers, and I was going to help.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A River In My Parents Yard | The British Royal Family | A Girl With Superpowers

I lost some of my dreams last night including one that I remembered clearly enough to record, but I failed to record it before going back to sleep so now I can only barely remember part of several dreams.

Dream 1

This dream is super unclear but it possibly involved a woman who was possibly my girlfriend or wife, I was in the dream too, and the two of us were together.


Getting A Job Handling Security For Prince Harry

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was inspired by last night’s episode of the television series Homeland, I had some documents that I was going to possibly give to a newspaper, but I was possibly still going over/studying/researching the information in the documents first before giving it to them.

There was a someone/some group trying to stop me from finding hidden information in those documents and trying to stop those documents from getting out so that no one could find that hidden information, I possibly did not even know that this person/group was trying to stop me, and at first I did not even realize that there was some important hidden information that someone/some group had hidden among the documents.

Whatever that hidden information was about, it was important to them, and they were probably willing to kill to stop it from being found and revealed; but first they were probably trying to get the documents from me before I could figure out that there was hidden information among the documents, and they wanted to do this before I could share the documents with the newspaper.

They were secretly doing various things to distract me, to steal the documents, and to stop me from giving them to the newspaper; and they probably would have killed me if I had tried to give the newspaper the documents, I was looking over the documents first so that probably saved my life because it gave them time to try to steal the documents quietly without killing anyone because I was the only person with the documents and I did not know about the hidden information yet, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that my brother GC wanted/needed to go to another city for some reason, maybe a job interview and/or a medical/dentist appointment, and so we left to a LC-like city and we arrived during the evening or night; and at some point we were going to eat at a buffet restaurant, and maybe we did but my memory is too unclear now because I did not voice record or think about this dream this morning.

My brother GC ended up getting a job and they probably wanted him to start immediately so he did, I can not remember what happened, but at some point I ended up meeting and saving or helping the fictional son of the actor Al Pacino with/from something; and I was invited to his house and thanked by Al Pacino, and he gave me a job working in the background helping his son around the house and handling security at the house.

I started this job immediately working quietly in the background at the house cleaning, doing security, giving advice to the son, et cetera; and at some point the son had a party or something like that at the house, and I met Prince Harry at the party and somehow I ended up getting a job helping him and with handling some of his security in the background.

Maybe I was recommended by Al Pacino and his son and/or maybe I helped or saved Prince Harry at the party with/from something, I possibly met and was given the job by Queen Elizabeth II, but I can not remember; either way I immediately started my job with Prince Harry, and he was a cool and easy person to work with.

He was a pretty relaxed type of person and he made me feel like a friend instead of just a random worker in the background, so I got to hang out with him and have fun, and so it did not feel that much like work; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


A Dream Inspired By Queen Nazi Salute Film

Dream 1

This dream is actually several short dreams from last night that I had that were inspired by Gopher’s Lets Play Skyrim (Chapter 2) : Orc Warlock, most of them involved him experimenting with his followers and summons trying different ones and adjusting their equipment, and I was watching this hoping that he would try more of his summon spells and that he would improve their equipment; but that is all that I can remember of these dreams.

Dream 2

This dream was probably partly inspired by a news article that I read last night about some of the British Royal Family doing the Nazi salute, including Elizabeth II when she was a kid, in a recently released video clip with images printed in a magazine; I do not have the original article but here is a BBC article that seems more sympathetic toward the Royal Family compared to the original article that I read which was more negative toward them: Queen Nazi Salute Film: Palace ‘Disappointed’ At Use.


The Google Cover-Up And John Jr Is A Member Of The Royal Family?

I almost forgot all of my dreams from last night except part of my last dream, which was interesting & a bit strange, and it took place at a fictional mansion that is sometimes in my dreams; but it looked a bit different, sometimes the mansion looks slightly different.

I think that I was working with a large company that I think was Google, and this mansion was owned by them and some of us employees & some of the high level people at the company were staying at the mansion for maybe a special retreat/vacation/or something that the company was having; and there were various activities, food, drink, but I can not remember these parts of the dream.

I just remember it being night-time at some point and I went to sleep in one of the many rooms on one of the upper floors that had a bunk bed and a twin or full-sized bed across the room from the bunk bed, I laid on the top bunk (bed), and a stereotypical weak looking/nerdy looking employee who was probably a computer programmer came into the room to sleep on the twin or full-sized bed across the room from me; and later a high level person from the company came into the room, and got into the bottom bunk (bed) below me.

I think that the high level person from the company was a man at first, but later he was a woman, or he was a man and later he was temporarily replaced by a woman; I am not sure which is correct, the dream gets confusing at this point, but I think that the high level person was a man.

I just remember the high level person from the company having a mental/emotional breakdown and/or a drug induced crazy moment, where he or she started moving around the room in a rage talking to him or herself and attacking things, it was dark in the room; and the other employee and I woke up, and we were a bit freaked out by the high level person’s behavior.

The other employee was across the room were there was more light and he was very afraid, and at some point the high level person noticed him; but fortunately I was in a darker part of the room and I was being still so that the high level person would not see me.

The high level person started yelling and talking crazily at the man, and tried to attack him; and so I started yelling for security or for someone to come help, and then I tried to distract the high level person and I tried to calm him or her down.

I managed to distract the high level person long enough to avoid anyone getting hurt, but the room was a mess now; and security or help arrived to deal with the situation.

Another high level person with the company, probably a woman, came to cover up the situation; and since only the man and I had witnessed the incident, she offered us a deal to keep quiet about what happened.

She said that they would try to get the high level person some help, he or she was too important to fire, and she would temporarily replace the high level person until he or she was well enough to help lead the company again; and until then they would keep that person away from the public, and this incident was to never be talked about.

The woman offered the man a deal where he got a huge bonus ($500,000 – one or more million dollars), a higher position in the company, and a guaranteed job with the company where he could not get fired; in exchange for his silence on the incident, and he agreed to the terms of the deal.

The woman must have did a quick investigation on the man and I, because she told me some shocking news before she offered me a deal; she told me that she discovered or someone discovered that I was a member of the Royal Family & one of the people in line for the throne & that the Queen wanted me to move into her castle/house immediately.

I was shocked and I told the woman that she must have me confused with someone else, but she said that they were sure; and that I was to pack immediately, because the Queen was sending a helicopter and/or plane to pick me up.

I guess that the Queen wanted to meet me for herself and to have me prepared/trained as a member of the Royal Family or something like that.

The woman offered me a deal for my silence about the incident which was a huge bonus and I would get lifetime retirement like I had done 20 or more years at the company & my contract with the company was to be instantly ended like I had worked 20 or more years, and I agreed to the terms of the deal; and I started packing my stuff, and at some point a helicopter and/or plane came to pick me up outside to take me to the Queen’s house/castle.

The next morning we arrived in whatever country that the Queen lived at her house/castle next to a sea with a dock with her huge yacht/boat next to it, and the Queen and her son or grandson (a Prince) greeted me.

The Queen was an old woman with whitish colored skin with grayish/whitish colored hair and she might have looked a bit like Queen Elizabeth II or maybe she was Queen Elizabeth II, but I am not sure; and her son or grandson (a Prince) had whitish colored skin with blondish colored hair.

The Queen told me that they were preparing for a trip to another country on her yacht/boat, I forgot the details about the trip, and so a butler & maybe a few other workers were assigned to me to help me move some of my stuff in the house/castle and the rest of my stuff in the yacht.

I am used to doing things myself usually and so I told the workers and the butler thank you but I can move my stuff myself (in a nice way, to show them some respect), which surprised them, but the butler still helped me anyway; and we talked as we moved my stuff, and the butler was explaining things to me that I needed to know.

On the ship and around the property I was getting along well with many of the workers such as the ship captain & his crew, security, and various other workers, and I would ask them if they needed help with anything; and I was interested in helping get the ship supplies and everything ready for the trip.

At some point while I was on the ship, the butler gave me a smart phone/mobile phone that every member of the Royal Family gets that probably had encryption & other security features, and it had a data plan so I could use various internet related services (I never had a data plan in real life for a mobile phone, yet).

I was excited about all that was happening, it was amazing, and at some point while I was helping on the ship I got an email or message on my new mobile phone; and I thought that it was just an email or message welcoming me to the Royal Mobile Phone Service/or whatever it is called, and so I tried to open the email or message but my phone froze for a few seconds.

I then felt that the message probably contained malware that was probably trying to infect the operating system of my mobile phone to allow a hacker to gain access and/or to send files to the hacker, I felt stupid for not reading who the email was from first, but then a message appeared on the screen that said that malware was blocked & that there was an attempt to remove the malware and that I should restart my phone to finish the malware removal process; it seemed that the Royal Mobile Phone Service and/or the phone had anti-malware software installed on it, but I was not sure, and I wondered if the malware was trying to trick me into restarting my phone so that it could infect the boot-sector (MBR) and so I decided not to restart my phone.

I told the butler what happened and I asked him if there was someone who worked on/in communication(s) security on the ship, he said yes & told me where they were, and so I decided that I would tell them about the situation; but first I wanted to connect the mobile phone to the USB port on my computer so that I could scan the phone for malware with several anti-malware scanners, and then I would go talk with the communication(s) security experts on the ship.

I think that my scans found no malware, so the Royal Mobile Phone Service anti-malware software had removed the malware successfully it seemed, but I was still going to report the situation & have them check the operating system to make sure that it was not damaged or compromised.

I was a bit surprised that someone had tried to attack/gain access to the Royal Mobile Phone Service and/or my phone so fast, since I had just gotten my phone, but it was a reminder that their phone service was a high value target that was under almost constant attack(s) probably; and so I would have to be more cautious, which I usually am, but I was caught in the excitement of all that was happening & everything was happening so fast. 😉

Before I could do that the butler told me that the Queen wanted to see me on the deck of the ship, and I went outside to see what she wanted; and the Queen and the Prince were on the deck waiting for me.

The Queen told me more details about the yacht trip that we were going to be taking soon, she told me about a few other things, and she told me that we would be making a trip to France in a few months; which made me even more excited, and I started wondering if I could get a tutor to help me improve my French language skills for the next few months so that I could be able to understand & use French more effectively.

I looked forward to learning more French, and maybe learning some other languages in the future.

I also looked forward to traveling around the World, exercising & training in hand-to-hand combat/mêlée combat/ranged combat with the security team, training with the communication(s) security/computer/networking/electronics team, and more.

The Queen and the Prince then walked down to the area near the docks for a morning routine that they would probably do each morning with a few members of the security team/the Royal Guard, who wore dark-colored uniforms and they looked pretty tough, but I decided to just watch them from the deck while I talked with the butler.

Part of the morning routine was like a silly stretch/warm-up exercise where the Queen and the Prince each had a Royal Guard holding them in the air a bit while they helped them twirl a black umbrella or black object around in circles; and it was funny watching this and the butler & I laughed a bit while we watched them. 😀

They looked so serious and stiff as they did this routine, it was funny, but I woke up as the butler and I talked & laughed a bit while watching them.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂